A number of things have happened in recent years:


* Today there is no left or socialist alternative (or socialist leadership)

* The left has betrayed by joining in a defence of the reactionary religión of Islam

* The fight against Islam and its Jihad has been taken up by people like Pamela Geller. That is good.

* But Geller is attacking also Socialism and Marxism



And therein lies a great problem because Geller is a representative of capitalism and is hiding OTHER aspects of the capitalist crisis such as UNEMPLOYMENT


Who to blame for this woeful state of affairs? You cannot really blame Geller. She represents the capitalist system and that is that. You have to blame the left which has betrayed socialism.



  1. One thing is raised immediately…who IS the left?

    I do not mean the BBC! Some of the modern capitalists think of the BBC as being left. No I mean the socialist groups or groups/individuals who call themselves socialists, communists or whatever.

    That is whom I concéntrate on.

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