An unidentified Boston Marathon runner leaves the course crying near Copley Square following an explosion in Boston.Police clear the bleachers after two explosions went off near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon.Police officers react to a second explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston.



An unidentified Boston Marathon runner leaves the course crying following an explosion in Boston.

Let us get a few things straight here:

  1. The bombs in Boston are the result of the Jihad
  2. This is the Jihad as supported by Bush, Obama, Clinton, Thatcher, Blair, Cameron et al in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya
  3. It is just that the violent Jihad has come to sport and to the Marathon in Boston
  4. Obama and Cameron in supporting the Jihad against Mubarak prepared the way for Boston
  5. This is going to effect all sporting events.
  6. It is one thing to have Christian Copts in Egypt murdered by the Jihad, it is another entirely to have Boston citizens
  7. QED..the West love of Islam is responsible
  8. QED…the west love of Palestinian Arab Jihad is responsable

Then there is the crisis in the capitalist system, the poverty, the unemployment

The way forward for the capitalist system is to créate a system of Fascism, where we are not free to speak our minds, and where workers are not allowed to mobilise in their free trade unions.

The rights to free speech are being threatened today. The Marxist Blog is opposed to all attacks on free speech.

The way to tackle and fight against the Antisemitism of the TUI in Ireland is to build a leadership which will go out among the people and fight to expose the Antisemites in Ireland. It is quite simple.

As we speak the BBC and Enemedia is hiding what has happened in Boston. Poison words. Too early to say. Crude bombs etc.

But then the same BBC has hidden the rreality of the Palestinian Arab Jihad against Israel too.

While Bostonian victims struggle for life this love message sent to Pamela Geller from the Jihad…What say you TUI teachers of Ireland to this message:

One of the many love letters I have received from jihad supporters:

Private Eye <elite_ansaar@hotmail.com> 7:00 PM (4 hours ago)
Dear Pamela
I notice you seem to be getting ecstatic and excited at the prospect of the boston attacker being a Muslim. You have claimed about 30 minutes ago that a muslim saudi jihadi is in custody. Its ludicrous of you to claim anyone is in custody, let alone them being “jihadi”, how the hell did you figure that out? You havent, you have simply made it up. Its pathetic that in an event like this, you are prepared to actually make things up. You have currently on your site a lead story saying 12 people have been killed. Thats nonsense. Only two have died. Stop making bullshit up, you lying, dishonest, dispicable zionist bitch. You fukng whore. Its sad to see two innocent people killed. We mourn their loss. Its a shame YOU and Robert Spencer were not the two victims instead. now go fk off you lying dispicable sad excuse of a human being.


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