Margaret Thatcher is buried today. She has been out of power for a long time yet even in death she is dividing the nation of Britain. Why is this?


The reason for this is as Marx and Engels observed all (in England) of the political processes of class formation were very far advanced and the country was divided into two great camps, the camp of the working class oppressed, and the camp of the ruling capitalist class.


But they also remarked on how there developed in Britain a very large middle class, which would swing one way, then another, it was unstable. It was out of that milieu that Thatcher came and she was groomed by the ruling capitalist class to wage class war on their behalf to an intense level.


In periods of crisis capitalism moves towards Fascism, dictatorial forms of rule, in which the trade unions (as happened in Germany 1933) are totally destroyed.


Thatcher cannot be said to be a Fascist, but she certainly carried the seeds of a Fascist state in Britain within her political thoughts and praxis.


Scargill and the Miners NUM ran up against this incipient Fascism in Britain and sadly Scargill being a syndicalist and essentially a Stalinist (like Jimmy Reid and co in an earlier struggle on the Clyde) was unable to plan successfully and to defeat Thatcher.


Scargill was loud enough, but essentially it was a struggle for STATE power between the Miners and Thatcher.


The Miners Struggle was the equivalent of the General Strike in Britain of 1926 where the issue of workers power to replace capitalist power was directly posed.


Scargill was brave and militant but the situation needed something of an entirely different and qualitative nature, a Leininist Workers Party.


The Miners and their brave struggle was grasping spontaneously towards that end but they had the weight of the trade unión bureaucracy on their shoulders, and the Stalinists in Britain had a big imput into the situation, holding the workers back from revolution. Also on the same theme it was the Miners Strike and struggle which began the break-up of the strongest Trotskyist alternative to the Stalinistts, the WRP of Healy, which had also like the Stalinists by that time also betrayed Trotskyism, the method of Trotsky. In the end Healy and that party were not Trotskyist and like all of this milieu had become Antisemites and full of hatred for Israel, that is they had become part of the Muslim Jihad in essence, some end (tragic) for a party claiming to be socialist!


These were the conditions that created the scab “trade union” in Nottingham, who were miners who did not abide by the NUM NATIONAL decisión to go on strike, and who became the scabs on a massive scale of this historical workers struggle.


The miners in Nottingham were led by total class traitors who thought that if they were “nice” to Mrs Thatcher, the Iron Lady, that she would save their Jobs. In those conditions it was necessary first and foremost and above all other considerations to defend Scargill against this incipient Fascism. In any case those miners in Nottingham lost their Jobs also in the end


They were nice to Thatcher, she was nice to them, but in the end they lost their Jobs anyway because all of the Nottingham mines are now covered in grass! There is a lesson in there somewhere!


Do not forget that Hitler and the Nazis also had their trade unions, that is after Hitler had destroyed the real trade unión movement. It was like that with Thatcher, the Tories and the Labour Traitors like Blair and Brown. Trade Unions yes, but Trade Unions which are the servants of the capitalist state.


Two other things about Thatcher. First Ireland. Second the Jews.


Ireland: Rightly ahted by every Irish person, including the Protestants in the North.


There was no need for Sands and co to die. What they were asking for was minimal (after all they were in jail) and aftet they died needlessly Thatcher more or less gave them political status (organising freely in jail, wearing their own clothes etc.)


There were aspects of this in the actions of the Belgrano Butcher also. What was THAT for, a couple of scraggy islands millions of miles away!


In essence Thatcher was all shout and some are now posing the question: If Thatcher was such a GREAT leader why is Britain the piss hole of the world today.


Second the Jews. In every respect as far as The Marxist Blog is concerned both Thatcher and her buddy Reagan were Antisemites. Thatcher was continually making nice with the murderer of Jews and relative of the Muftí Husseini Arafat, and she was continually forcing the Jews to withdraw from Judea.


One final nail in the coffin of Thatcher. Powell was right. If a nation cannot defend its borders then it is not a nation. Thatcher lined up all the time with Ted Heath in the decisión of Heath to expel Powell from the Tory Party. Powell actually was a pussy cat, and simply slunk away. But Thatcher with her great friends in the Jihad, the Saudis et al., was responsable for the Muslim Jihadists to enter Britain, so much so that after Boston no sporting event in Britain today is not plagued byJihadist murderers. Some legacy. Britain today cannot address a single one of these questions. Britain is finished. The British working class have to go forward to their own power, British working class power, the suppression of the British capitalist class, and the British Soviet. The best and only answer to the crimes of Thatcherism.


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