The NY Times is reporting this: (hat tip George)

A few details about the explosives emerged on Tuesday. Representative  Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican who heads the House Homeland Security Committee, said the authorities believe the explosives were likely a  “pressure-cooker device,” similar to improvised explosive weapons used  against American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. McCaul, a  former federal prosecutor who received briefings Tuesday morning from  the F.B.I. and Homeland Security officials, said the authorities still  did not know whether the attack was a foreign or domestic plot. ’



I listened yesterday to a discussion programme lasting 2 hours mainly on the Boston tragedy.

It was on a local comercial station in Spain, speaking in English.

On the programme was a Jewish man called Barrie Nathan, and a Mr and Mrs Nathan both Americans.



The programme was chaired by a Scot called Stephen Gilmour who in the past has issued a writ against me for what is still not clear to me, but I issued an apology because I was not prepared to be involved in any dicy libel court. Sincé that time I have a lawyer standing by prepared to defend us on a pro bono basis because he agrees with us.



In a separate programme is a man called Stephen Ritson.


Now in that 3 hours of talk there was no real broadcasting of this material as is found in vivid form on the websites of Pamela Geller and of the website Jihadwatch.

Either they do not know or they are hiding it.

So the listeners, the poor unfortunate listeners, are not allowed to advance their knowledge.



The Jewish man in particular is notable. This Barrie Nathan is an out and out Thatcherite, full of praise at every opportunity for the Belgrano Butcher, and I ask are Israelis being judged by this man and the likes of this man, and if they are then that is a tragedy (for Jewish people).



No information at all on TRE. Remember that Gilmour who chaired is a conspiracy theorist and the role of conspiracy theorism as is practiced is to pin all the blame for everything in the world onto the American Government and to excuse the Jihad of Islam. Also Mrs Thomas and her husband who are American have a really soft spot for Islam, Mrs Thomas at one time arguing that Islam really means “peace”, but she is wrong on that, it actually means “submission” an entirely different thing totally!



For example this is clearly on view but not mentioned by TRE:



Abu Musab al-Suri, a modern jihad “theorist” for Al Qaeda, who is believed to have been involved with both the Madrid (2004) and London bombings (2006), and perhaps even an attack on the Paris metro in 1995, was reported to have been released from Syrian captivity in February 2012. After being captured by the CIA in 2005 Al-Suri had been transported to the country of his birth, Syria, and held there for 6-years. According to a February 4, 20012 report in The Telegraph of London,  by Jason Lewis


As I said




The result of this 2 hour programme on this comercial radio station is that listeners are kept in the dark.


But this is a very, very common problema…


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