There is a massive amount of information now gathered on the Bostom bombing atrocity see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2310200/Boston-Marathon-pressure-cooker-bomb-lid-6th-floor-hotel-rooftop-35-yards-away.html


Biut the answers are not coming and cannot come because the answers lie in political analysis of the whole world situation.


I will give you just one example of this. When Israel signed up to the so-called OSLO Accords in 1993 (Rabin signed with Arafat overlooked by Clinton) Arafat said one thing in English and another in Arab. In Arab Arafat called on the Jihad to attack and to weaken the Israeli state. Arafat had NO intention of making peace and to the Arabs it was all just a tactic. What followed was years of suicide bombing where suicide  vests were filled with BALL BEARINGS AND NAILS DIPPED IN RAT POISON which prevents blood from clotting.

Yet in relation to Bostom the Israeli suffering at the hands of these very same bombs is never mentioned. I listened to a 2 hour programme on Talk Radio Europe and this was not mentioned ONCE. And the leader of that programme is a conspiracy theorist (Steven Gilmour)

So there is a bias right there or why would the parallel with the actions of terrorists in Israel not be drawn out for listeners?

Now what is needed are facts and not the speculators. Everything has to be checked and double checked.

Mr Netanyahu has given an interview to a Lyse Doucet of the BBC. Number one this is a betrayal of Jews by Netanyahu who should never NEVER give an interview to the lying BBC. Number two Netanyahu was making nice with Doucet.

Number Three and this is the big one, Netanyahu refused to defend Assad from the Jihad just as he and other Jewish elites refused to defend Ben Ali, Mubarak and Gadhafi from the Jihad.

In the interview with Israel hating BBC and Doucet Netanyahu said it was (meaning the choice) between bad and bad in Syria. This is the deadly moral equivalence which will cause great danger to Israel.

Netanyahu continues to snuggle up to US Imperialism, to kiss the backside of Obama, even though he knows Obama is his bitterest enemy.

Many Jews do not take this position. Note that Pamela Geller is taking in effect the position of defence of Assad against the Jihad, and Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch has also moved in that way. Caroline Glick too effectively called for defence of Gadhafi despite strong differences with Gadhafi (we know that)

And this is the real issue.

Jones of infowars will never defend Americans against the forces of Jihad and Islam.

And the so called left are supporters of Islam. The do gooders Christian elite are also supporters of Islam.

That is the real issue on the Bostom Bombs. The Marxist Blog appeals to Pamela Geller and others to take the lead in broadcasting every single fact in this issue and to work to tie the whole picture world wide together.


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