themarxistblog is fearless and is going to be fearless in telling the truth of what is happening in the world. We stand unconditionally for the defence of Israel, but because the Israeli Jewish elite are tied in totally with the US ruling elite Imperialists, then this Jewish elite continually betray Jews.


This seems to be a major turn:

“These steps were registered by the joint counter-chemical warfare center set up between the US, Israel, Turkey and Jordan when President Barack Obama visited their capitals in the third week of March. In the last few days, Israeli troops were asked by this center to start handing out atropine injections or IV drips to Syrian rebels fighting Syrian troops on the Golan. Extracted from deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna), Jimson weed (Datura stramonium) and mandrake (Mandragora officinarum), atropine is highly effective for blocking such nerve agents as sarin, VX,  soman and tabun and counteracting the effects of poisoning, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping and low heart rate.

The IDF’s distribution of a chemical weapon antidote to Syrian rebels may be regarded as the first Israeli intervention in the Syrian conflict, a small step past administering medical treatment to Syrians wounded in battle.

The Syrian high command will have noted this, or been tipped off by its Iranian, Russian or Hizballah intelligence comrades. And, say debkafile’s military sources, this may account for the Syrian decision for the first time in 34 years to direct shell fire at an IDF Golani patrol on duty Friday night, April 12, in the northern Golani area of Kibbutz El-Rom. No one was hurt. But in order to deter the Syrians from making this attack a precedent, Israeli artillery and a Tamuz rocket returned the fire, achieving a direct hit on the Syrian outpost.

The British disclosure April 12 in the Times of London of soil samples smuggled out of Syria provided forensic evidence of the use of chemical weapons but carefully avoided assigning responsibility.

themarxistblog has placed a comment on Israpundit where Ted Belman the editor of that organ is fussing over áreas a b and c


But Belman is silent on this alarming news carried by, which is that Netanyahu has landed Israel on the side of the Jihad against Syria



This is the key to what Ted Belman is talking about. He is talking about areas a b and c but this is dwarfed by events outside the borders of Israel! Because Israel is totally tied to the coat tail of US Imperialism, that is Obama at present, then it is taking the side of the Jihadists and Muslim Brotherhood directed by Obama and Cameron.

If this information by debka is correct, and it should be checked out, then this represents the greatest ever betrayal of the Jewish people by the Jewish Israeli elite ever.

 Everything depends on leadership. What is the situation facing Israel and facing Jews in Israel if its leaders are taking the side of the Muslim Brotherhood against Assad in Syria?


This is a question which simply has to be answered with great urgency.


It was bad enough that the Israeli Government was sitting on the fence and doing nothing re. Mubarak so allowing the Muslim Brotherhood of Morsi to take power, aided by Obama, as Netanyahu remained in Alliance with Obama…yes it is complicated but people have to follow these things closely


But that is not the case in Syria. Here the Israeli Government is joining in with the Jihad. HAVE WE SOMEHOW GOT THIS WRONG?


As a note of interest the debka report came out on April 13 and as far as I know the editor of Israpundit Ted Belman has been sitting on this for a week as today is April 20


Are Jews being taken for a ride by these Jewish leaders?



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