In April 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick published their conclusion that
the structure of DNA was a double hélix
James Watson
James D Watson.jpg James Dewey Watson

James Dewey Watson (1928-04-06) April 6, 1928 (age 85) Chicago, Illinois, U.S. (picture Wikipedia)

Their paper was published in Nature on April 25, 1953 however the structure was discovered about 6 weeks earlier in the beginning of March.

The discovery of the doublé hélix as the “carrier” of DNA was the great discovery of our times, and equals with that in evolution of Charles Darwin, and in the pioneering work of Marx and Engels, who also examined in a new and above all scientific manner human society, especially the nature of capitalism, WHICH WAS BUT ONE ASPECT OF THIS MATTER IN MOTION.

We are in a period of deepening crisis of capitalism and yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the publication of the famou Crick/Watson paper. the anniversary is almost simultaneous with the Jihadist attack on defenceless people at the Boston Marathon.

The deepening and insoluble crisis in capitalism has led to a movement in the social sphere against science, which is represented by conspiracy theorising, about people on radio stations talking about angels, about the soul existing independent of many bodies, of the corruption of the thought of Einstein’s work and theory, who actually never said that everything was energy, rather that energy was one of the qualities of matter, and that the only constant and truth is matter in continual motion.

Our thoughts are a product of the material world, and before human beings appeared on this earth, there was matter in continual motion. Before there was thinking there was matter in motion. THOUGHT IS A PRODUCT OF MATTER AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

What is happening today is a corruption of science and of the scientific method. Crick and Watson did not impose their ideas onto reality, they rather studied reality and thereby advanced a hypothesis, that of the double helix. This was the same method of Darwin and Marx. It is also the method of materialism (dialectical). We start with the reality of matter in motion, and an understanding that our thoughts are a reflection of that matter in motion, at all times an imperfect understanding of that matter in motion. The key to that is that along this road we as humans can AND DO gain moments of absolute knowledge, and such a moment was that of Watson and Crick, made 60 years ago and published precisely 60 years ago yesterday. This method is totally opposed to the method of idealism, of relativism, whereby any old conspiracy theorist can spout off any old idealist rubbish that comes into his or her head.

The capitalist system internationally is rapidly driving towards Fascism as a method of their rule. In Spain one in three of men and women are unemployed and the capitalist system of Spain is unable totally to alter this reality. The return to Fascism is not necessarily as is often thought a return to Franco, why should it be, the crisis is far more insoluble, it can be a return to something far, far more extreme.

In this period we need a scientific method to guide what we think and do.

We honour the work of Crick and Watson.



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