There was only the one strategic defence for Israel to take. That was for Israel to defend Assad against the Jihad backed by warmongerers like Obama and Cameron, for Israel to be independent of the US and be prepared to strike against Assad or Iran if they threaten Israel, BUT ACT INDEPENDENTLY, and act in defence of the Alawites and Christians of Syria, which is what Assad is all about.


In fact Israel did the opposite. Israel kept tied to the coat tails of Obama and the final and worst betrayal was that of a few days ago when the Israeli General stated that Assad was using chemical weapons, Sarin.


This treacherous action by this Israeli bureaucrat general has given the go ahead to Obama and Cameron to destroy Assad, destroy the Christians and Alawites who support Assad, and to place the worst Jihadists of all in power in Syria.


The policies of Israel can be summed up in two words, NO INDEPENDENCE


The very thing that Israel needs the most it lacks.


The present Israelí leadership is showing it cannot take a single step on its own. This places it in a most difficult situation as Obama, Cameron and the Jihad breaks up Syria.


The attacks on Syria goes hand in hand with the attacks on libertarians like Pamela Geller. The Muslim Brotherhood is crowing in delight at all of this.


The worst of it all is that Netanyahu and these leaders know very well the dangers the Jews are being thrown into but they are unable to act independently from Obama and Cameron.


So the following extract after the news that Israel having to down a Hizbullah drone yesterday shows he sees the dangers, but can and will do nothing.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said: “We take an extremely grave view of this attempt to violate our borders and will continue to guard them and keep our citizens safe.” He added, “We are watching events in Syria and Lebanon with extreme concern. Syria is breaking up and Lebanon is unstable. Both places pose not inconsiderable perils to Israel – two emanating directly from Syria. The first is the possible transfer of sophisticated weaponry to terrorist organizations and the second, attempts by terrorists to break through our borders and attack our towns and villages. Israel stands ready to counteract any threats from Syria or Lebanon by sea, air and land.”


In essence Netanyahu and the Israeli elite have thrown their lot in with the Jihadists in Syria, because they have thrown their lot in with Hagel, Obama and Cameron, AND AGAINST THE SECULAR ASSAD, and into the bargain they are betraying their Syrian Christian friends and potential friends in the Alawites. Iran is a totally separate issue. Israel has to urgently defend itself against the Iranian Facist Mullahs and their Nuclear Bomb aimed at Jews essentially. That means for Israel to declare war on the Iranian Fascists, not because we or Israel likes that, but because to survive as a people there is simply no alternative. But Netanyahu rather tan face that reality waits on Obama to help out. A long and fruitless wait!


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