The anti-Jihadist blogger Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs summed it up best

More of that moderate Islam that the West can’t seem to get enough of…


The essence of the situation is that the Sharia Fatwa was issued not by any old big-mouthed Iman but by The Supreme Ulema Council of Morocco, and this Supreme Council is headed by the King himself, with which the nearby King of Spain has the closest and friendlies relations. What will the Spanish do now? Perhaps cowardly silence!



Morocco Fatwa Demands Death Sentence For Christian Converts BOS News (thanks to Andrew Bostom) 


RABAT,MOROCCO (BosNewsLife)– Christian converts in Morocco feared for their future Thursday, April 25, after the country’s highest Islamic institute issued a fatwa demanding the death penalty for Muslims who renounce their religion.


The Supreme Ulema Council of Morocco (CSO), a body of Islamic scholars headed by King Mohammed VI, said that Muslims who reject their faith “should be condemned to death.”  CSO is the only institution entitled to issue ‘fatwas’, or religious decrees, in Morocco.

The ministry of Islamic affairs declined to comment on the issue.



The fatwa dates back to April 2012 when a legal report was prepared by the government, but it wasn’t published at the time, according to local media.


Mahjoub El Hiba, a senior human rights official in the Moroccan government, denied to reporters that the government received a fatwa on “apostasy” — the word used for abandoning Islam — as the Arabic-language daily Akhbar al-Youm had claimed.



The different statements could not be immediately reconciled, but local Christians expressed concern about the situation, saying it could lead to a new crackdown on the country’s tiny Christian community of some 22,000 people.


“There’s a lot of confusion and discussion in Morocco right now about the fatwa,” said a pastor near the city of Marrakech in a statement distributed by advocacy group International Christian Concern (ICC). “We fear that if the fatwa is approved, the government will use it to harass us and even arrest us during our meetings,” the church leader added, speaking on condition of anonymity.


“The [Islamic] fundamentalists will have an excuse to harm us,” the pastor reportedly said.

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I remember having an argument with Jewish man Maurice Boland then of Talk Radio Europe on this very issue, where I argued against Boland who said that the King of Morocco was a “great guy”, and Boland called me on air a “radical”, which could mean anything. In any case I argued whatever about the King being “liberal” the issue was the hold which Islam had over the Arab people as a whole. That is what was and is decisive.


Now in Morocco we have a new twist which is bound to have a major effect of life in Morocco, and directly on next-door Spain, which has within its population great numbers of Arabs, and especially of Moroccans, and it is open to question just how many of these are Salafists.


The Spanish people as a majority hate the Moroccans and keep their distance from the Arabs in general. The Spanish elites, or ruling capitalist classes, especially and above all the pro-Islam PSOE who are Labour Party types, and the IU who are part of the historical Stalinist movement with so many crimes associated with its history, block this rightful hatred of the Spanish towards the Arabs.


But there is no way forward for the Spanish through all of these ruling elites, because even the conservative PP, which would be the equivalent of Cameron´s Tories, are also part of the embrace of Islam, and embrace of the Arabs, because they the Spanih elite above all else in the world worship Arab money.


There are actually outstanding and ever-present examples of this, in their face every day of the week, of the role of Arab money. Spain is football mad, and on the shirts of the Barcelona players, like the famous Messi, is written in large capitals “Qatar Foundation”, while a Qatar Sheikh owns outright the Spanish club Malaga. I have watched over the past year or so as the radio station owned by a Jewish man Martin Nathan, and run by a Steven Gilmour, has struck a close relationship with the Malaga Football Club. The radio station is called “Talk Radio Europe” and is a commercial station.


This latest piece of Sharia in nearby Morocco is going to have a dramatic effect on Christians in Morocco. As Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer among others are continually pointing out the penalty for a Muslim leaving Islam and joining another Faith, say becoming a Christian, is death by beheading. But this Fatwa bad and all that it is has a habit of morphing into beheading of Christians and Jews who are just that and never were Muslims.


Now consider for a moment how this influential radio station Talk Radio Europe deals with Islam and Sharia. It has a continual guest on a discussion programme chaired by Gilmour, an American woman and ex-cop, a certain Mrs Thomas, who tells the world that Islam means “Peace”, and that Islam is really really a religion of peace, echoing that idiot Bush Junior who said just that as he stood in the cinders of 9-11.


There is more, though. On the radio station is a television clerical combo, called the “Two Revs” (No I am not making this up!)


These two revs guys belong to something called the Elim Pentecostal Church and they have an hour long programme, and it feels it, every Sunday in which they do two things: they ignore the great persecution of Christians in the world at the hand of Sharia; they propose only faith in Jesus Christ. In other words the “two revs” ignore the world and advance dogma…very convincing!


One of these “two revs” a man called David Hodgson also runs a programme every afternoon of a couple of hours per day. This character dave from Derby is noted for wanting to publicise only good stories on his interminable show, and very quickly reduces to the banal.


In any case I digress a little, but not really, because remember that Spain is within spitting distance of Morocco, and do not forget for a moment that a large Arab Moroccan clientele who thanks to Zapatero and the PSOE are full Spanish citizens, clamouring more and more for the building of a network of mosques in the land of flamenco and gypsy music. The Spanish natives will hate this and fight against this, but short of a revolution they cannot win against the Spanish Arab-loving conservative class rulers, while the Stalinist IU and the Labourist PSOE are conclusively in bed with Islam, Zapatero once incidentally showing this by wearing the Palestinian Arab Jihadist and Jew Hating scarf at a function. Idiot!


Very interested to know what Gilmour and TRE say about the Moroccan Fatwa against Christians. Gilmour is a Christian Catholic himself from Scotland. Perhaps, who knows,  very little. By the presenters that he chooses on his and Martin Nathan´s station it is clear that Gilmour aims for a vacuous, anti-political and anti-theoretical agenda.

Will keep you informed…


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