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The position of the great Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is mirrored in the latest summary by the Israeli Zionist writer Caroline Glick. Let us pause for a momento to digest what Glick says about the realities facing Israel today. She ends her latest article like this:

To a degree, all of Netanyahu’s seemingly unjustifiable actions can be justified when weighed against the need to avoid a confrontation with America.
But by now, after five years, with Iran having passed Israel’s red line, and with chemical weapons already in play in Syria, the jig is up.
Obama does not have Israel’s back.
Contrary to the constant, grinding rhetorical prattle of American and Israeli politicos, Obama will not lift a finger to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. He will not lift a finger to prevent chemical weapons from being transferred to the likes of al-Qaida and Hezbollah, and their colleagues in Syria, or used by the Syrian regime.
From Benghazi to Boston, from Tehran to Damascus, Obama’s policy is to not fight forces of jihad, whether they are individuals, organizations or states. And his obsession with Palestinian statehood shows that he would rather coerce Israel to make concessions to Palestinian Jew-haters and terrorists than devote his time and energy into preventing Iran from becoming the jihadist North Korea or from keeping sarin, VX and mustard gas out of the hands of Iran’s terrorist underlings and their Sunni competitors.
No, Israel doesn’t want a confrontation with Washington. But we don’t have any choice anymore.
The time has come to take matters into our own hands on Syria and Iran. In Syria, either Israel takes care of the chemical weapons, or if we can’t, Netanyahu must go before the cameras and tell the world everything we know about Syria’s chemical weapons and pointedly demand world – that is US – action to secure them.
As for Iran, either Israel must launch an attack without delay, or if we can’t, then Netanyahu has to publicly state that the time for diplomacy is over. Either Iran is attacked or it gets the bomb.
Originally published in The Jerusalem Post. 

Posted on April 26, 2013

themarxistblog is at variance with Glick over her position on Syria. Let us pause first to try to elucidate the respective positions on Syria.

themarxistblog says that it is a principle that Israel lines up with Assad against the Jihadist Muslims who are backed by Cameron and Obama, that is the Jihad as backed by US and British Imperialisms.

We say furthermore that this does not imply for a second that Israel does not strike against Assad, and against the forces of Assad, if it sees Assad engaging in attacks against Israel. In other words Israel acts if necessary in whatever way but acts always from a position of Independence.

Glick cannot for whatever reason take this position. This leaves her in a position of ambivalence in relation to the Imperialist backed Jihad against Assad.

I think this is fatal for Jews.

Contrary to this we say there can be no ambivalence. No matter about the Antisemitism of Assad, whatever about that, in this war he must be defended.

We say furthermore that the issue of Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah is separate and must be kept separate. Israel must immediately quite apart from Assad (defence of Assad) strike with full available forcé to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb. That is an existential issue for Israel and is urgent.

Things are not as they seem. By NOT defending Assad against the Jihad Glick is sort of saying that there is still some mileage in being on the side of Obama and Cameron against Assad.

So having said STILL AND ALL BECAUSE OF THE DEMANDS OF OBJECTIVE REALITY in the above words by Glick there is an acceptance that Israel acts immediately and independently.

Glick is saying this why? Because it is true. There is no other position to take.

The truth and reality is that Obama will enver attack Iran and if Iran is not stopped Iran will stop Israel, meaning it will continue the Nazi Holocaust, in which the Arabs and Islam world were fully involved through the well known role of Muftí Husseini.

Israel is really at war right now. Obama is sighing in the ear of Israel “No you are not really at war at all. You are delusional for thinking you are at war”.

What Obama is therefore saying is that Iran is really a peaceful teddy bear and that it is NOT pursuing the Nuclear Bomb, and even if it is do not worry.

The great majority of Israeli people now realice this and they realise that Netanyahu will either fight now or Israel will lose.

It reminds me very much of the situation in Russia in the middle of 1916. The workers KNEW that if its leadership, the Bolsheviks, did not ACT then it that objective situation would rapidly change against them the workers.

The pressure being placed by the workers in Russia in those months on their leadership, the Bolshevik Party, so much so that the Bolshevik Party split on what to do. There developed a compromiso section around Stalin and Kamenev who wished to hold back from the struggle for state power.

In those conditions the struggle to ACT became key. The struggle to ACT and against those who would allow the situation to DRIFT became all consuming.

This is what Caroline Glick is saying in her last sentence above. The time for f..king with Obama is over.

It is horrible to have to say it but Israel once more just has to fight with all it has got. As a gentile I wish that was not so, but unfortunately it is so 

So somehow the concept that Trotsky was fighting for…to not believe in force is like not believing in gravity…is the key concept that has to enter into the soul of every Jew and every Jewish supporter, so many years later.

Of course there may be some immature Jews who on hearing the name of Trotsky in this argument become all hateful to us and all I can say to them is for goodness sake grow up! themarxistblog is not going away.

themarxistblog in these pages is closer to the Jews tan anybody on the planet. This is what lies behind the booing by Jewish patriots of the compromiser Alan Dershowitz yesterday. Dershowitz is scared witless at jewish acting independently…


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