The weekly discussion programme on Talk Radio Europe yesterday Tuesday was completely off the mark, an evasión of reality, these people are way behind reality.


One caller in, a Richard Tinsely (spelt phonetically) called in and stated (what is) our position that the Syrian Government must be defended against Jihadists.


This shows up our position (that of themarxistblog). We say that but more because we also say that Israel must act in its own interests against Assad, against Jihadists, and above all against the Iran bomb.


And that is what divides themarxistblog from all on that radio station. We state clearly that Israel must take the initiative to defend itself and the only way to do that is not to wait for a Holocaust but to go on the attack and eliminate the Nuclear Bomb threat from Iran, and the chemical danger from Syria.


To do so indepenently.

ACT Israel!


On Thursday an Israeli warplane shot a drone into the Mediterranean just west of the Haifa shoreline. The drone came from Lebanon, and Israeli media immediately reported that it was sent by Hizballah—even though the prime minister and the IDF spokesman, in their public statements on the incident, made no such claim.

Amos Harel, military analyst for Haaretz, reports that the reason for that omission is probably that it wasn’t Hizballah that sent the plane but, rather, Iran—specifically its Revolutionary Guards contingent in Lebanon.

The UK’s Telegraph reports that “according to Syrian rebels and Israeli intelligence, Tehran has poured Revolutionary Guard soldiers into Syria and Lebanon to support its Shiite allies.” The Revolutionary Guards are also believed to have been behind another drone sent from Lebanon in October. That one entered Israeli airspace and was shot down not far from Israel’s nuclear plant in the Negev.
That sort of material is left out completely by this radio station Talk Radio Europe.
The Jihad is being waged against Assad and Obama is behind this, just as Clinton was behind the Jihad in Bosnia, and Bush was acting as a supporter of Jihad against Saddam, and now Obama.
It is not just Obama. It is all those who cover for Obama and there are plenty on this radio station above who are covering for Obama.
So Talk Radio Europe should discuss and face up to the reality of the Iran Nuclear Bomb. Where does the Jewish owner Matin Nathan stand on this, where does Jewish speaker Barrie Nathan stand on this, and where do Steven Gilmour and others stand on the Iranian Nuclear Bomb?
Should Israel wait until they have it or should Israel attack now?
That is also the question that the caller up to the discussion yesterday Richard Tinsely did not even mention.
This is a crime against journalism.
Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs, a site they never mention, has two pictures of the incredibly intense situation facing Jews living in the part of Israel next to Syria, with Pamela´s response to the danger, urging Israel to act…same position exactly as our position:

Go Israel.

Israeli Defense Forces held surprise military drills today near the Lebanon border with over 2,000 soldiers. Gateway Pundit (hat tip Joel)

Israel Hatzolah posted a photo from the control room. israel exercise room

Israeli Jets reportedly entered Syrian airspace and bombed a chemical weapons compound near Damascus this morning. The UPI reported:

The Free Syrian Army says Israeli air force jets flew  over President Bashar Assad’s palace and bombed a chemical weapons site  near Damascus, Maariv reported.

The report said Israeli jets entered Syrian airspace close to 6 a.m  Saturday and flew over Assad’s palace in Damascus and other security  facilities before striking a chemical weapons compound near the city.

The Hebrew language daily said a Syrian army air defense battery  positioned in the city fired at the Israeli jets, but the aircraft left  Syrian airspace unscathed. FSA rebels posted a video showing smoke  rising from the headquarters for chemical weapons.

There were no reports of the extent of damage or casualties.

Neither Damascus nor Jerusalem responded to the report.

Here’s another photo from the IDF drills near the Lebanon border today. israel drill border




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