The has an article on the Israeli strikes. It represents the most serious betrayal EVER of the Trotskyist heritage, which is to defend Jews from Holocaust and Killing by Fascists




The Israeli strikes on Syria


6 May 2013


WSWS WRITES…Israel’s bombing of Damascus International Airport Thursday night and Syrian army targets across Damascus yesterday morning are unprovoked and illegal acts of war, abetted by Washington and its European allies as part of their escalating campaign against Syria.


The wsws revisionist fake-Trotskyists here deliberately exclude the issue…should Israel just sit back, do nothing and allow Hizbullah take on board the most advanced rocketry from Syria which will be used to murder Jews inside Israel in huge numbers?



Russian media reported that 300 Syrian soldiers had been killed and hundreds more wounded in Sunday’s attacks alone.


That may or may not be true, we do not know, if it is true it is very regrettable, but in any case all countries have a right to defend their people from murder, in this case from certain murder by Hizbullah, and most fair minded Russians would agree. Israel should oppose the Obama/Sharia Jihad against Assad but must always be independent and strike if necessary anywhere to defend its people, the Jewish people. Praying int he face of Jihad is rarely effective.


Israeli forces effectively acted as air support for US-backed Islamist opposition militias around Damascus. The opposition Damascus Military Council issued a statement shortly after the bombings Sunday calling on its fighters to put aside their differences and mount focused attacks on Syrian troops.


It is quite possible that Sharia Fascists who are supported by Obama and Cameron would use the Israeli strikes, but the wsws revisionist fake-Trotskyists completely ignore the plight of Israel, and should Israel simply watch as Hizbullah arms itself with deadly Jew murdering weapons from Syria. Is that not of any concern to them! They betray Trotsky these people. Trotsky fought in the 1930s to defend Jews threatened with KILLING by the German Nazis. It is now necessary to defend Jews threatened with KILLING by the Hizbullah and Iranian Mullahs Nazis.


The attacks come amid a debate in Washington over how the Obama administration should escalate its war in Syria, given the failure of its proxy forces to topple the Syrian regime. The New York Times on Sunday described this as “the most urgent foreign policy issue of [Obama’s] second term.”


The methods being considered testify to the politically criminal character of the undertaking. They include either giving more weapons to the US-backed opposition, which is dominated by the Al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front, or initiating outright US hostilities. The latter option includes launching US attacks on Syrian aircraft and air defenses to set up a “no-fly zone” inside the country, or invading Syria with US troops based in Jordan or Turkey.


There is every indication that the Israeli strikes were a trial run for possible US air strikes on Syria. Though US and European officials have reportedly discussed launching attacks to start a no-fly zone, Washington has until now refrained from organizing them out of concern over Syria’s air defense systems.


Speaking on NBC News’s “Meet the Press,” US Senator Patrick Leahy (Democrat of Vermont) said the Israeli strikes were carried out with US-supplied F-16s, and that they proved the “Russian-supplied air defense systems are not as good as were said.” On the same program, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell said that after the Israeli attacks, a no-fly zone in Syria seemed more likely.


All of that may be true, or some of it may be true. But once again what do the wsws revisionist fake-Trotskyists expect Israel to do??? Every single country in the world, without the slightest teeny weeny exception, has the responsibility to defend its own people, and if Israel sees arms heading towards Hizbullah, or to any group of Fascists in Syria near to Israel, then IT HAS TO ACT with force, because praying is never an answer, and closing your eyes to reality is not either. It is clear that the is an Israel hating grouping, and certainly since the lives of Jews in Israel are being threatened big time by those very arms heading to Hizbullah and Israeli direction, a Jew hating organisation. As I said it is a fake Trotskyist and fake Marxist organisation


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