the essence of the problema is this. Iran and Hizbullah are totally involved in Syria because they want to have Israel eliminated, and having their forces on the borders of Israel is a win.


The Fascist left as on Indymedia is defending Assad/Hizbullah/Iran because of their hatred of Israel. The Fascist left too want Israel destroyed.


But the biggest problema of all is that Israel has not broken from US and  British Imperialism, and so was unable to take a position to oppose the Jihad of the Arab Spring.


And then there is Israeli leadership in general. themarxistblog gives its own opinión and it is totally independent of any other forcé on the planet.


We defend Israel unconditionally but in saying that everything, literally everything, depends on leadership…


Putin did not say how, but he did announce he had ordered the acceleration of highly advanced Russian weapons supplies to Syria.

DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose that the Russian leader was referring to S-300 anti-air systems and the nuclear-capable 9K720 Iskander (NATO named SS-26 Stone) surface missiles, which are precise enough to hit a target within a 5-7 meter radius at a distance of 280 kilometers. In his phone call to Netanyahu, the Russian leader made no bones about his determination not to permit the US, Israel or any other regional force (e.g. Turkey and Qatar) overthrow President Bashar Assad. He advised the prime minister to make sure to keep this in mind.

7 metres at 280 kilometers, I am no military expert but that seems dangerous to me.</blockquote>

Debka here is reporting the total bankruptcy of Netanyahu and the present Israeli elite. It also totally condemns the politics of Yamit82 and Ross and Donelan also. Let me explain:


Israel should have said to the world “We are opposed to the Obama/Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaida led Jihad on Syria, and we defend Assad against this Jihad. At the same time we are not dropping our guard against Assad, in particular with his alliance with our worst enemies iran and its proxies Hizbullah and Hamas, and we reserve all rights to stop Syrian arms reaching our enemies.”

WHAT ISRAEL HAS DONE Israel has said nothing to the world. It has treated the Jihad against Assad as of none of its concern. But in the real world it is impossible to do just that. Israel was not able to opt out, to sit on the proverbial fence as it were. Sitting on the proverbial fence in this case is an endorsement of the Obama/Al Qaida Jihad on Syria. So when Israel strikes against convoys on their way to Hizbullah, which it is fully entitled under all rules of war to do, then it is seen in the context of its snuggling up to Obama, which Netanyahu and his ruling Government of Israel has been doing, even though the great majority of Israelis have nothing but hatred for Obama. That is a real problem right there for Jews in Israel as a direct result of a weak Jewish leadership in Israel.


These are nations which are Antisemitic as a result of Stalinist influences, and also are Antisemitic in the same sense that the countries of Europe such as Britain, France and Ireland to name but three, are Antisemitic in their pro-Palestinianism, and their backing of Iran in its pursuit of the Nuclear Bomb is absolutely obvious. Another point here though which must be grasped. Russia and China fear, and have every right to fear the Imperialism of the United States Governments and Elites, and they have learned the bitter lessons from the murder by the Obama and Cameron backed Jihad of Muammar Gadhafi. And so the US Government and Obama in particular, but this applies to all of them, not least the George Bush/Condoleeza Rice combo when in power, has landed Israel right in the middle of the deepest crisis of its history bar none, because with iran continuing to get its hands on the Nuclear Bomb, it is totally and without the slightest question or doubt, an existentialist for all Jews.


As Iran piles its Jihadist killers into the critical south of Syria and as these killers stare across the border fence at the Israeli soldiers, and as Russia and China are telling Netanyahu that Russia will intervene, supply Assad with S-300 Air Defence Systems, thus at a stroke making any defence of Israel against the massive arming of Hizbullah inoperable, not forgetting that Hizbullah is already heavily armed by iran, then only the one option is open to Israel, which we will put in these points:

1. Israel must break definitively from Obama and his Jihad and must in an independent manner state that it Israel defends Assad against the Obama/Al Qaida Jihad 2. Israel must state that it defends its right to protect its people, and this means stopping by force any attempt by Assad in alliance with the Fascist Mullahs of Iran to arm the enemies of Israel, which are on the borders of Israel, and are a direct threat to Jewish lives. 3. Israel must state clearly to Russia and China, to Obama, to the EU, and to anybody interested that if Russia supplies Assad with S-300 Air Defence Systems that it Israel will take them out by whatever method is necessary, and that this is an existentialist issue for Israel and for the Jews. Furthermore Israel must explain in a systematic manner to the world, and to anybody interested, the danger to Israel from Hizbullah and other enemies, especially Iran. On that basis people must chose where they stand. This is not an appeal in any sense for assistance, this is rather a statement OF REALITY.

Now let us go back and look closely a the politics of Yamit82 and others on this very site.

Yamit82 said what happens between Mubarak and Obama/Muslim Brotherhood was of no concern of his. The result was that the Muslim Brotherhood took state power in its hands and the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaida is given a great boost. The Muslim Brotherhood is thus going for the grand sweep.

How has that been in the interests of Israel!? Israel is now threatened as never before.

Now as Debka so clearly outlines in this article tiny Israel has run up against the big boys, and there are none bigger than China and Russia.

In theory Israel could follow the advice of Yamit and Ross and just sit back and wait, then zap whatever arms are heading from this hell hole which is Syria and which as Yamit82 pointed out correctly has been created by the US. In this regard Jared Israel had a theory of the US ruling by means of chaos. Is that what we have here?

So according to Debka Israel is now ham-tied and the lives of Israelis are threatened as never before. And Ross has been arguing that Israel is in a stronger position than it was before the downfall of Mubarak, Gadhafi et al.

I really cannot see it and I doubt if one in ten thousands of Israelis could see it like Ross either.

Now I can see or begin to see why Ross was attacking me as a Trotskyist and say I was jumping on the back of the Jewish movement for my own advantage. He wants to silence the discussion and carry on with his bankrupt political method which is throwing the lives of millions of Jews into greater and greater danger. Thank goodness I spoke up. I am proud to have spoken up.


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