The following has appeared on a website in Ireland. But this is not a personal attack on myself. It is much deeper. I will try to explain how it has to be answered. First the attack which is mild in comparision with others:



no platform F. Quigley racist troll

                        by JoeMc Mon May 06, 2013 17:09


Felix Quigley is a zionist bigot and, as the above quote from his website shows , a vocal supporter of the fascist English Defence League . He has a record of posting islamophobic racist comments to this and other sites .Indymedia should implement its policy of not allowing known racist provocateurs to spam the site .END QUOTE


By the way the Indymedia platform is anarchist in inspiration, at least originally. It would have stood for free discussion to a certain extent. The proving ground for Anarchism was the Spanish Civil War where it was exposed as totally ineffective, but that is for another time. There is much literature on the Spanish Civil War available.


Even to the most casual but open minded observer the EDL is an interesting phenomenon. An English organization from out of the working class areas of England which has some interest in the history of the Jews. Setting up a Jewish section is unique.


In fact the EDL is an organization based initially on spontaneity. It has little theory to base itself on. It works on activism. We know that this can only carry people so far and then they lose heart, or lose energy, or become depressed at lack of progress.


But the EDL did highlight this issue of Islam and why the ruling classes did not want to criticise in any way Islam.


Why did George Bush state that Islam was a religion of peace, even as he stood on the very cinders of 9-11, and literally on the ashes of many fellow Americans murdered by that very Islam. That was a remarkable performance still not understood fully.


I have indeed met many people like George Bush on websites. I must say that many Jews have been among them. Bush himself was very religious. (However, can I insert this. The Jewish people as opposed to the leaders in Israel have no illusions in Islam. This raises another vital issue. Islam is The Palestinians. I think that is the issue that more tan anything else has to be fought out)


I therefore present a hypothesis never discussed on your site, or on Jihadwatch or on Atlas. The main religions are unable to criticise each other at a fundamental level and are providing a cover for each other.


This is why NO Christian organizations are at present setting up a POLITICAL defence of the poorest of the poor Christians who are being driven out of Muslim countries, on a colossal scale yet these Christian Churches are silent.


As for the Jewish religion and the Jewish people well I think they are all over the place.


Because I support and defend the Jews so strongly I do expect better but it is not forthcoming. So there is no real coverage on sites such as Israpundit or Atlas of the work of Aaron Kline, in general, but specifically in one of his latest articles in which he is claiming that Israel in attacking the arms which were destine for Hizbullah, was coordinating with Turkey and presumably others like Qatar, in the attack, so that as Kline claims no sooner were the Israeli jets in the air that the Islamists were already coordinating their attacks on the
ground against Assad.


Why would the Israeli Government coordinate with Turkey, led by Erdogan, who is as bad an Antisemite as Adolf Hitler?


I do not mind if Jews do not have the answer to that. But what gets me is that they are not raising the question and it is being left to one person, Aaron Kline.


I have no hatred of religion. I do hate the effects though of religion in so far as it stops people from raising obvious questions. And leads away from reality.


(I placed this on the Gates of Vienna and other websites)

My hypothesis based on what I experience is that these religions are unable to face the reality of the present and future of a system in terminal decline, and that they are backing each other up. Covering for each other.


But a big component in this is the present left, which also operates on the basis of a dogma, which is where I started. I have asked “JoeMc” (that is the guy on Indymedia who is setting me up) to state where he stands on the issue of Islam?


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