The most serious and amazing developments happening right now in the Med area, which endanger Israel, and is partly the fault of Israeli leaders, who do not defend secular leaders against the Jihad and Sharia

debkafiles military sources: The new permanent deployment is the next Russian step for safeguarding Bashar Assad’s regime in Damascus and deterring military attacks on his Hizballah allies and Iranian interests in their three-way bloc.

Moscow is also announcing loud and clear that Russia is finally restoring its military presence to the Middle East in 2013 after the last Soviet squadron exited the Mediterranean in 1992.

Debka´s information is often correct.

themarxistblog was right on the ball in that we highlighted the article by Aaron Kline in which he suggested that there really was coordination with the worst Antisemites in the world when Israel attacked the arms in Syria destined for Hamas. He showed that even before the planes took off that the Syrian Rebels Fascists were attacking Assad positions, in other words somebody had tipped them off. My bet is on Qatar and Turkey, both Hitler type states in their hatred for Jews and Israel. THE BIG PROBLEM IS THAT NETANYAHU ASSOCIATES WITH THESE FASCISTS.


The problem is that Israel is not independent and can not take independent positions.


Israel should have followed our policy which was to defend Assad against the Jihad of Obama and Turkey, but reserve the right to defend itself.


It did not do so and Russia sees only Israel supporting the Jihad against Assad.


Remember that Israel took no position in defence of Assad or in defence of Gadhafi among others. It is this lack of Independence which is so damaging to Jews and Israel. Netanyahu snuggles up to NATO and the West.


Thus Russia takes over the area and either Israel takes on Russia in a nuclear war situation or it is finished anyway, because it cannot afford to do nothing against weapons of mass destruction reaching Hizbullah or Hamas.


These kinds of leaders in Israel are a big danger to the lives of millions of Jews.


please read the full article on


The url for the valuable Aaron Kline article was on yesterday


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