Final Facebook post by Abullah Comert, the 22 year protester who was killed in Antakya today:
“In the last 3 days, I’ve slept for only 5 hours and I’ve escaped death 3 times. And you know what people say to me? ‘Why bother? Are you going to save the country by yourself?’ Yes, and if we can’t we’ll die trying. (I am so tired, I have gulped down 7 cans of energy drink, and I have taken 9 painkillers, my voice is gone, but I’ll be out on the street again at 6 AM for revolution’s sake)

                   Abdullah Comert Abdullah Comert

This Young Turkish man has given his life in fighting against the Turkish Erdogan Jihad. He stands in a long line of fighters against the Jihad, and these fighters against the Jihad include the English Defence League, and includes many others including the whole nation of the Jews of Israel, the Coptic Christian people of Egypt, the Berbers, and many others not forgetting the Kurds.

Erdogan is first and foremost a Jihadist against secularism and against the secular revolution against Islam of the 1920s.


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