Benghazi stevens

Susan Rice to be appointed national security adviser NBC News, June 4, 2013


All those who follow the political scene in America are talking about this.


The situation was this. News was coming in to the White House team with Obama very much present that the American Ambassador in Libya was in severe danger because the Embassy was under attack.


Now here is the thing about this.


This Embassy was NOT isolated. There were teams of American soldiers and Special Forces with the ability to get there inside a couple of hours in order to ward off the attack from Jihadists. What Obama did is not clear; there are those who are saying Obama went to bed and handed the situation over to others, such as to Hilary Clinton. That is uncertain. What is NOT uncertain is that no order was given to intervene and try to save the life of the Ambassador. THAT is the responsibility of Obama. The buck stopped there.


But where does Susan Rice come in to this? She comes in because on the weekend shows and for a good week Rice went round the studios telling a lie…that it was all the result of a video…and that the maker of the video had caused all the trouble. In fact there was no protest in Ben Ghazi over the video at all. But it was the terrorists of Al Qaeda who had acted against Stephens and his Embassy.


Everybody in America who follows politics knows that Rice was lying, we think to cover the ass of Obama. Repeat…there was no protest over the video, Rice was lying, she was covering one for Obama and two for the Jihadists.


Ask the question therefore why was Rice (Obama) covering for the Jihadists? Answer…because Obama and his Democratic Government along with Cameron and Hague had been telling the world that the war against Gadhafi was national liberation.


Now Obama promotes Susan Rice


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