The evidence that Hezbollah and Iran carried out the bombing of the bus carrying Jews in airport of Bulgaria



Report: EU Backing Away from Blacklisting Hezbollah Algemeiner, June 7, 2013

and posted in Atlas Shrugs where Pamela Geller has this to say:

On July 18, 2012, a bus carrying Israeli tourists in  Bulgaria exploded, killing six Jews. The culprit was the jihad terror group Hizb’Allah. But the European Union will not designate Hizb’Allah a terrorist group. This shows yet again: Europe never had a moral compass. Europe lives free  thanks to the blood and treasure of America. They are in no position of  moral authority. And they should have nothing to say, especially where slaughtered Jews are concerned.

(comment by themarxistblog…this goes along with the efforts of Eamon Gilmore of the Irish Government to have the EU call for a boycott of Israel…boycott of Israel by Irish = protect Hezbollah and Iran)

The European Union in reneging on its plan to label Hezbollah a  terrorist organization, diplomatic sources in Jerusalem have told  Israel’s Maariv newspaper.

As recently as two weeks ago the EU was planning to name Hezbollah’s  military wing a terrorist organization following reports of its  involvement in Syria. However, a meeting held this week quickly became  political, and the plan was met with strong opposition from both Ireland and Sweden, as well as several other countries, the diplomatic sources  said.

The official reason given for retracting the move is a fear of  instability in Lebanon, but the diplomatic sources say it was a matter  of Ireland and Sweden fearing for the safety of a UN peacekeeping  mission in the region.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that another main concern is the clarity of evidence linking Hezbollah  to   the Burgas bus bombing last year. Officials from member states in   favor of the blacklisting have admitted that the evidence appears   circumstantial. The new Bulgarian  government’s hesitation in fingering  Hezbollah has also weighed on discussions, several diplomats said,   according to the WSJ.

Several EU diplomats told the WSJ that the discussions were  inconclusive, though further talks are likely to be held later in the  month.

All 27 EU member states must agree in order for Hezbollah to be added to the  list.

“My guess is it’s going to take some time” to reach a decision, one   EU diplomat briefed on the discussions told the WSJ. “There is no  unanimity yet” on  blacklisting Hezbollah, the person added.


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