Hezbollah is now in Syria across border from Jews and Israel


Hezbollah and Iran today, Husseini with Nazis yesterday


The Russian Government is emerging along with Obama as the worst enemy of Israel.


It is thanks to Russia that Iranian Hezbollah Fascists and Antisemites are looking across the fence at Jews once more, thus bringing the world back to the massacre of the Jews in the Holocaust under Hitler and the Arab Palestinian Muftí Husseini.


What is Russia today? Is Russia Stalinist? Yes the remnants of Stalinism are surely there but also Russia is still a deeply Antisemitic country, as it was under the Czars and under the Stalinists.


Also Russia and China as well as India are endangered by US Imperialism, and even by the Alliance of Imperialism with Islam.


But directly in Syria Russia is threatening Israel and the Jewish state. Thus in everything it does Russia prepares the ground for a massacre of the Jews.


The situation for Jews is most serious because the Israeli leaders and Israeli blogs took a position towards the Arab Spring of lofty abstention.


They did not defend Mubarak AGAINST FASCISM and on sites like Israpundit writers said that Mubarak was no different than Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. You cannot win or even progress an inch with that type of bankrupt approach.


Again the website Debka has got it. It tells of the serious situation facing Jews without equivocation like these others:


START QUOTE from debka

Israel has four major concerns in this matter:

1. The presence of Russian troops on the Syrian side of the Golan would inhibit Israeli cross-border military action should it become necessary for its security.

2.  It would upset the relations the IDF has developed with certain Syrian rebel units, manifested by their war wounded receiving treatment at the military field hospital set up especially at the Tel Hazaka post on the Golan and transferred in severe case to hospitals in Haifa and Safed. Last week, US military released data with pictures showing the movements of Israeli special forces in and out of Syria.

3.  The possibility of Russian officers in blue helmets interfering with Israeli military movements on the Israeli side of the Golan as well cannot be ruled out.

4.   Some of the Russian contingent may be assigned to gather intelligence on Israeli military movements in the north of the country. There is no way to stop them handing those secrets over to the Syrian and Hizballah.

In the event, the UN thanked Moscow but explained that the Syrian-Israeli 1974 disengagement accord did not allow permament UN Security Council members with veto power to serve in UNDOF.

The most serious situation now facing Israel. Will Israel survive as a state?



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