13 June 2013


The following Exchange happened between me and a guy called Nathan Thomas, an ex-American journalist, on a radio talk show on Talk Radio Europe


Me: The reason so many people are so mad about this issue is that they had no clue that this was going on


Nathan Thomas: Of course they didn´t, it was top secret  (!!!)


That seemed to sum up the circular argument people get into,  without the discussion on dictatorship and Sharia being founded on class and defence of liberty.


To the “journalist” Nathan Thomas it appears that no matter what happens to our liberty slap a “top secret” on it and we relax.


Nice one there Mr Thomas. But many are not one bit relaxed. Remember that before the Military Dictatorship rounded up the workers, trade unionists, rebellious youth and students in Chile, and before they shot the Stalinist Pacifist Allende in his “Palace”, THEY HAD THE NAMES. Before Internment in Northern Ireland THEY HAD THE NAMES!


It is very, very worthwhile to look at this situation closely.


As of yesterday that “great fighter for liberty” Pamela Geller and her Atlas Shrugs has managed ONE article.


This was fairly prompt, on the 6th of June, but ONE article from the great “beacon” of liberty. Whoaaa there, something stinks in the Atlas Shrugs operation. This great “fighter” for liberty against Sharia can produce ONE and NON-COMMITTED article on the greatest attack and threat to basic democratic rights IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND.


Hence I predict this is the end of Geller and Spencer.


At the same time (they are all in severe shock and crisis but why the shock!) I have sent this message to the Gates of Vienna which Dymphna and her husband runs:


“This Prism issue has Split the anti Sharia movement through the middle. You go ahead Dymphna, along with Spencer and Geller,  and trade your rights to privacy away to Obama and Bush but leave me out of your plans on that score OK”


Robert Spencer, that other great “fighter” for liberty, got an article together and Spencer makes two points, one that people who break the Official Secrets should be prosecuted, but this latest guy is different to Assange and Manning, because this latest guy is better described as a “whistle blower”. But if he is, then so is Assange and Manning. Conclusion Spencer is still tied to Obama!


I can also tell you that the website Israpundit chaired by Jewish Canadian in Israel Ted Belman has gone even better. Ted has ignored it. Very well done Ted! Always safety first! But remember how that slogan Safety First went down so well with the Nazis. Shame Ted!


(On Israpundit there is a Jewish guy called “Yamit82” and sometimes he tells the world he cares not a whit about the rest of the world, but the world is constructed in such a way that it will not leave him in peace, so like a hedgehog emerging from hibernation occasionally he crawls out of his Negev nest and notices that the world is still there, and still as Antisemitic as ever. That is the thing, Jews cannot afford to go into hibernation)


And so we go on the unhappy merry go round, and staring in the face of all of these people are the strident words of one Andrew McCarthy.


According to McCarthy Obama is just a right on guy doing his duty by organising the biggest invasion of all our liberties, since mankind first came on the earth 4 million years ago.


And this is the reality. If Belman, Geller and Spencer do not take on McCarthy and the NeoCons lead on Prism in in the most serious and far-reaching way, then all is lost for them. And they are all losing it as I speak. Debbie Schlussel is meeting opposition on her blog, open opposition, which was unthinkable months ago. This opposition is not from fascist Leftists like the wsws, it is from real opposers of Sharia, real active opposers of Sharia.


I can now predict that the anti-theory Tommy Robinson will take NO position on this Prism issue, because he places his relations with people like Geller before the truth. Result…end also of the EDL, for all practical purposes…they will linger on but are now really and truly finished. You cannot sit such an issue as Prism out.


In many ways they are all an echo of the Left Fascists such as on the wsws and on Indymedia Ireland, they are in support of the Jihad in a very particular way.




To understand how they are it is necessary to understand two factors.


  1. 1.       There is a very serious crisis in the capitalist system and in order for capitalism to survive it has to go the road of Chile (murder of Allende and dictatorship) or capitalism will be swept aside by a resurgent and undefeated working class
  2. 2.       Islam is imposing its grip on vast sections of the world through a clerical fascist dictatorship under Sharia Law, and threatens the rest of the world where Muslims are in a minority of 5% or so, where it mobilises to create pockets of Sharia Law.


It is therefore a useful hypothesis to advance that our rulers in the western world are playing around with number (2) above to advance (1)


In other words our capitalist rulers are preparing for us in the western world dictatorship and are looking for Sharia to keep the poor (such as Nigeria) countries in subjection.


And nice touch…they are using Islamic atrocities like Boston and Woolwich (remember that blood covered meat cleaver) to advance the conditions for dictatorship.


And what are those best conditions for dictatorship


  1. 1.       Spying on us…know who are the leaders
  2. 2.       Make people think that spying on us is OK


It is all a big bluff by Hague and co.




The above plot is blown wide open when we recall that they HAD the killers of Boston and Woolwich in their very hands many times.


Our rulers in the capitalist world have shown time and time again that they are on the side of Islam. They argue Islam is a religion of peace. They even have the people through mass media propaganda elect Obama, who is either a Muslim, or a Christian who sympathises with the Jihad against Israel, possibly a CIA operative if you follow the track with Ayers, certainly somebody who has facilitated the Muslim Brotherhood taking state power in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.


Keith B. Alexander is a colourless army man and today the Obama junta is wheeling out this nonentity who tells the people that the mass invasion of our liberties had stopped thousands of attacks on us.


From Geller and Spencer…not a murmur on Alexander and the lies of Obama now coming out hourly on Prism


Finally a word to Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. Let us start to discuss this issue, really discuss it. Your political credentials are now totally under question and we are watching closely.


Let us break this cabal apart and let the clear sunlight of the truth get into the cobwebs of the Neocons!


On the other hand the working class does not have leaders. These pernicious groups like SWP and WSWS are totally pro Islam along the lines of the reactionary Counterpunch and Indymedia, with Antisemitism and Israel hatred at their centre.


No advance is possible without new leadership.


Felix Quigley editor of themarxistblog 13 June, 2013




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