Caroline Glick who is a patriotic Israeli Zionist writer, and is quite different to some of the jewish Neocons, has pointed out that Obama goes on the attack when he is being cornered.


This may be happening over the Syria issue.



The US is saying two contradictory things:


  1. That the Assad regime used Sarin to poison 150
  2. That they and he have no actual physical evidence, meaning no evidence


And my goodness, THAT is the pretext for war by America on Assad.


It is even more threadbare than the excuse or rationale for the bombing of Serbia for near 60 days by NATO which was the Racak massacre, which was easy to prove was a totally concocted affair


Remember that Prism was spying on billions of private transactions and if it was not for Brewster we would know nothing.


That is the great danger to us all


We do not know how the Syrian issue will proceed but it is certain that Russia must oppose this and we are very close into a Cuba missile situation.


It seems to me very unlikely that Assad would have used Sarin…ask who benefits? Assad has proved to be quite astute in all areas up to now.


Is the position of Obama becoming so exposed over Benghazi, over IRS and over Prism that he is becoming quite reckless?


If so, we have a situation racing quite out of control which will impact greatly on all of our lives


Felix Quigley


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