Barrie Nathan on Talk Radio Europe yesterday argued that there is nothing to worry about in the Prism spying programme.


The discussion took place over 2 hours yesterday on the portal Talk Radio Europe radio station.


The callers in were a cross section of British people and they were divided over the issue. One a supporter of Portsmouth Football Team argued that the people need this type of surveillance, and more, and the more spying on us according to this “Gary” the better.

(But when people like Gary call for more and more state spying on the population and states that he does not mind because “he has nothing to hide” then he forgets that the jews in 1930s Europe were the most law abiding people on earth, but that did them no good against the Nazis.

It is exactly the same here. We do not know in politics how things are going to develop and whether all of our democratic rights will be taken away by a dictatorship.

Already the two completely law abiding citizens of America, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, have been banned by the British Foreign Secretary from attending a meeting in Woolwich in two weeks time, and the reason for this is political, that they are opposed to the method and practice of Islam as contained in the Koran.

Thus gone, at the stroke of a pen, is the right to free speech, the pen wielded by the present elected government of Britain.)


Barrie Nathan also called Snowden a traitor. Nathan was the very centre and pivot of the discussion.


Why is what Barrie Nathan claims important?


The most important reason is that Nathan is Jewish and well known as Jewish, so he is linking this horrific spying to Jewish people. Is that not grand!!! The people who suffered most of all because of spying persecution by the Nazis namely the Jews here argues for it. Or at least Nathan is.


Before the Nazis rounded up the Jews and put them in holding centres prior to deportation to the death camps there was massive espionage on the Jews so that when the time came for them to be rounded up they were already identified precisely.


Barrie Nathan is not either intelligent or well read, especially about what is happening in current affairs. The big question about this massive spying by Obama and Cameron is that it is directed not at all against Islamic terrorists, but against ordinary people. Why do I say this?


I will limit myself to three things


  1. The US army major called Hasan who murdered his colleagues
  2. The Boston bombings
  3. The beheading in broad daylight of young Lee Risby

In the case of the major who murdered his colleagues in the American Army (mowed down 13 US soldiers while screaming allahu akbar on the Fort Hood military base in Texas in November 2009.)


Obama insisted that this not be called a Jihadist murder, but a “work-place murder”. Obama and Mrs Hilary Clinton have used this technique of whitewashing Islam from day one


In the case of the Boston murderers (the two Tsarnaev brothers) and maimers of good Americans the same pattern emerges… The information about these threats to life was already in the hands of the Obama regime. It did not come from the snooping. It came from two sources. First of all the Russian Government WARNED the US that they were Jihadists. Then the  Saudis did exactly the same BY LETTER. (Yes the Saudis do worry about Jihadists) But the US Government would not listen, would not hear of the threat from Jihad


Nip over the pond and look at the Woolwich killers. Here a soldier based at the nearby Woolwich barracks was beheaded by two machete-wielding assailants. Again they were so well known to the British that the British police actually had these Jihadists in their very hands and they were already spouting their hatred and plans to kill in the mosque, but that is exactly where the police in Britain are not allowed to spy inside. We do also know about Ken Livingstone and his support for Jihad in the form of support for Jihadist Qaradawi. Then Boris Johnson stopped any investigation of Islam and Jihad in its tracks. Cameron did the exact same.


All this information about these Jihadist murders was on the record, there to be acted upon.


It was not acted upon. Instead we are all investigated through spying techniques.


Keep in mind in all of this that although it is new technology there is nothing different to the Chile Coup, or the Nazi Holocaust. Before they acted they had the names and addresses.


They are covering for the Jihadists. The state covers for Islam which is a deadly and bloodthirsty ideology.


But as never before in human history…They are spying on us!


Those are the issues that Barrie Nathan did not raise in the Talk Radio Europe discussion. A copy of this article will be forwarded to Barrie Nathan. We will print his reply to us.


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