Yesterday I rang the radio station Talk Radio Europe as it was live on air. It was 5past8 and it had begun transmission for the day. The Egyptian Revolution was in the air all over the world. But not in the studios of Talk Radio Europe. I asked Hannah Murray the presenter and Rob Humphries (son of BBC John Humphries) were they ignoring the Revolutionary Events in Egypt. They said they were ignoring it. Hannah Murray explained on air that the reason they were ignoring it was because her programme was “Entertainment”. Does this not sum up where we are at with the Media and with the discussion of what is happening in this sad and truly dangerous world. If you are an intelligent person male of female why listen to Talk Radio Europe? Why would you listen to the likes of Murray?


Themarxistblog makes these points about the revolutionary events in Egypt over the past few days. We will cover these issues:


  1. Obama promotes the Muslim Brotherhood
  2. What Hosni Mubarak represented in relation to the Muslim Brotherhood
  3. The role of Obama in the overthrow of Mubarak and thereby the promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt
  4. The trap of parliamentary democracy
  5. The connection with Iran, Antisemitism and the Nuclear Bomb aimed at murdering all Jews
  6. The grave weakness and mistake of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller in relation to these events in Egypt
  7. The reactionary use of the word “left” to describe groups like the wsws, SWP, Stalinist Communist Parties etc. since a better word is simply “groups claiming to be left but are in reality pro-fascist Islam”, Ken Livingstone also comes to mind
  8. The power of the Revolution among workers, youth and young women
  9. Build themarxistblog as the Trotskyist Alternative


No 1…Obama


It was Obama who set this in motion in a big way. But a word first about Clinton aiding the Fascist Islam in Bosnia, and Bush removing the secular Saddam Hussein in Iraq thus greatly strengthening the Iranian Mullah Fascists. But Obama was qualitatively worse even. Obama travelled to Cairo University the very centre of Sunni Islam in June 2009, and insisted that the BANNED Muslim Brotherhood attend with all rights. Obama was the Muslim Brotherhood man. Obama was the Morsi sponsor. No doubt! The youth and women of Egypt know it now!


No 2…Mubarak and Nasser

Mubarak stood in the same tradition as Nasser, both Army. OK they were a dictatorship but also a dictatorship aimed against Fundamentalist Islam. In that aspect of their politics despite being dictators THEY HAD TO BE DEFENDED AND SUPPORTED BY SOCIALISTS. Nasser tried to talk to Qutb, realised eventually after much discussion and cups of teas that he was really talking to Allah, and bravely executed Qutb the Fascist Ideologue.


No. 3 The dominant role of the US in field of utter reaction

These revolutionary events in Egypt come exactly at the same time as a plane carrying the PRESIDENT of Bolivia is turned back from flying over France and Spain. Why? Because the French and Spanish are now the slaves of the US Empire in their hateful and ruthless pursuit of freedom fighter American youth (only 29) Ed Snowden.

These events in Egypt and the utter devotion and courage of young Egyptian youth and women have meant that the Saudis and Arab Emirates are breaking with Obama and Qatar.

The Israeli leaders meanwhile are weighed down by the ideology of Judaism, Francisco Gil White notwithstanding, and are unable to do a simple dammed thing in a situation where they should be acting along with the youth in Egypt.


No. 4

This is the big lesson of parliamentary democracy (farce of). The Muslim Brotherhood won a majority because of US Imperialist backing, and because the Egypt countryside is backward, therefore pro-Sharia

Having won their majority, just, the Muslim Brothers Fascists were steaming ahead towards Sharia Law, and enslavement.

Lesson do not listen to those like the BBC who spout reactionary rubbish about democracy.

The only real democracy in Egypt comes from stopping Sharia


No 5

All the time Iran is building its Nuclear Bombs. Do not listen to the Pro Islamist WSWS and SWP. They are Antisemites who are supporting the Iranian Antisemites, simple as that!


No. 6

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

On the surface they seem or appear to be strongly anti-Jihad. Beware! Be careful!


Precisely here Spencer says he does not agree with the suppression of the parties of the Muslim Brotherhood behind Morsi. Oh what a wimp is Spencer! What an utter fool is Spencer! And what a trap for Egyptian youth and women!


No Spencer you utter utter fool. This is not a jolly old battle of ideas that is going on. This is a war a physical war.


In total opposition to Spencer themarxistblog says that it is vitally necessary to throw into prison all of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, and in America a major campaign be launched for the IMPEACHMENT and imprisonment of Obama for aiding these Fascists, who can cause  the murder of the flower of Egyptian youth and women.


I wish the army would do exactly that. Will they? That is doubtful but thus necessitating a leadership to be built urgently that will do just that.


No. 7…a Mighty blow to pro-Fascist Islam! A mighty blow to Obama and Cameron!

In short the world has had a fantastic and important lesson in Islam. This is a Fascist ideology which Imperialism in its death agony uses. It uses soft talk and soapy words to win an election just as the Hitlerian Nazis, when they win the election they move to dictatorship. The women and youth of Egypt has stopped them and Obama and Cameron temporarily through the most stirring events of all our lives. But listen if you dare my dear Egyptian friends to the liberal crap of Robert Spencer and you will be in the same situation again. Do not listen to Spencer. Arrest the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, throw them in jail and throw away the key. No discussion with Fascists my dear Egyptian friends. No discussion got that!!!


And No. 8

The power of the Revolution and to build themarxistblog

Do not ever be dismayed about our smallness. We face fierce enemies in the capitalists. But we stand on principle and we are the only true representatives of Trotsky in today´s world..



  1. Obama is the as any American president who wants to secure their country’s interest no matter what. He saw that MB are willing to cooperate with Americans, so he decided to maintain the relations with Egypt as they were.
    Saddam Hussian is the only president in the middle east who actually throw rockets inside Isreal. He aimed to own a nuclear weapon and Mossad actually assassinated Egyptian nuclear scientist Yahya El Mashad.

    About Mubarak an Nasser

    Yes, both were dictators. But how the hell you can compare a guy who fought Israel three times to a guy who is widely considered in Egypt as an Israeli agent.

    You obviously don’t know what are you talking about.

  2. And yet by removing Saddam Iran was greatly strengthened. A secularist was removed. The situation for Israel worsened. Moreover the Israeli leaders especially Sharon knew this would happened and in private to Bush opposed the war against Saddam.

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