Discussion on Egypt has dried up on the Israpundit website.

I read the comments this morning on Jihadwatch on Egypt articles and what shallow comment.

Meanwhile if you turn to groups like the British SWP for comment on Egypt what can they say? They are called the left by Spencer and Geller but that is false and they know it.

As we said yesterday they are not socialist but Antisemites.

But why has Israpundit nothing to say about Egypt? Why are their collection of misfits posing as commenters suddenly dried up. It is because of the historic crisis of Jewish leadership.

Daniel Pipes is as Sharp an analyst as you find and here he is spot on. This crisis in Egypt points directly at Israel. Basically he says that as Hitler turned against the Jews using them at all times as a scapegoat so will the Arabs.

If so then why are these so called Jewish patriots on Israpundit suddenly not talking.

The answer to that is simple. People can talk and talk and talk and talk, But if they are filling their minds with totally bankrupt ideas when it comes to crunch time they have nothing of value to say.

that applies to all of these groups. Jihadwatch is now deeply affected by the crisis in Egypt. Spencer has no answer nor has Geller.

Meanwhile they continue to lie that these groups I have referred to, such as the SWP, are of the left. But that really is a lie.

This is one of the most grievous lies that there is on this planet today in political life. Spencer is either a fool or is a bit of a scoundrel. A few weeks ago Spencer made a claim that Lenin (who was a great leader in Russia) like the Islamists did not like music. You know, that kind of stuff. How could he get away with it throwing out such a lie? Really because on sites like Jihadwatch the people are either totally biased, not objective, or often just stupid in the sence of being ignorant. And they do not check up because if Spencer says Lenin is like Mohammed and hates music then that fits their bias.

But back to the present. As we said yesterday if the left is Antisemitic and not socialist or Marxist, then Spencer is in deep crisis re the events in the world, and getting more so.

EXTRACT DEBKA…Egypt’s Second Army armored vehicle in Cairo


A new Egyptian crisis arena:  the Egyptian and Israeli armies Friday, July 5, raised their alert levels on either side of the Sinai border after the Muslim Brotherhood declared Sinai its center of revolt and revenge for the Egyptian army’s ouster of Mohamed Morsi as president Wednesday, July 3.

Following a multiple Islamist attack in northern Sinai, the Egyptian army went on high alert in the Suez and North Sinai provinces. The Sinai border crossings to the Gaza Strip and Israel were closed. The army spokesman in Cairo denied declaring an emergency – only a heightened alert.

Israel has imposed a blackout on news from this tense region, but debkafile reports reinforcements were sent in Friday to boost the IDF units standing ready along the Egyptian border. Egyptian forces also shut down all three underground passages running from the mainland to Sinai  under the Suez Canal. Egypt’s Third Army was deployed to secure them, under the command of Maj. Gen. Osama Askar.

Further measures imposed for guarding Suez Canal cargo and oil shipping against possible rocket fire from central Sinai…

The above is debka analysis … the only thing worth reading today

The issue of Mubarak has been a total test of revolutionary politics and only we have come out with flying colours

In politics you have to defend each political position. You have to ask what if what you are doing will leave you in a worse position.

That happened totally with all of these Arab leaders called dictators, from Ben Ali, Mubarak, to Gadhafi.

If the position would be worse, do not proceed. You must actively defend  from the mob.

That was certainly the case with Mubarak, and it is also the case today of Assad.

It is not permissible to sit on the sidelines. You cannot sit on the fence.

Yet sitting on the fence is what the whole of the Israeli political life has done.

1. They did not defend Mubarak and they should have defended Mubarak to the very death

2. They slandered and attacked Gadhafi. Even Pamela Geller did this because I well remember his grizzly death by the Jihadists and Geller wrote “And good riddance too”.

A group which raises its voice is http://www.wsws.org.

But this is an Antisemitic grouping which flows from the Healy WRP.

The events in Egypt lead directly towards war with Israel. These Young people who overthrew Morsi are full of courage but rememeber that Egypt is still and will be a deeply Sharia country. Therefore what can the wsws say about anything, they are Antisemites.

The outstanding feeling in Egypt is war with Israel.

The central component is and will be Antisemitic.

The cement which holds this Antisemitism together is the Palestinian Narrative.

These Fascist Antisemites of SWP and WSWS etc. are for war against Israel

In relation to Spencer…Do not get us wrong on this. Spencer of Jihadwatch often has some important things to say, and he has great courage.

Spencer made such a good point a few days ago. He showed how many of those who talk about say the lies of El Dura (Richard Landes being one) said nothing at all about the lies in Yugoslavia against the Serbs, especially that Srebrenica was a massive hoax.

The whole situation is characterised by a total absence of clear leadership. Spencer can be insightful and courageous, but then how do you explain his lies and filth against Lenin, that Lenin was like Mohammed not liking music. That will follow Spencer to his grave. What a fool!

Back to Egypt! There was only the ONE policy direction from 2009 to 2011 and that was to defend Mubarak with everything.

That was NOT done and today we reap the consequences.


Now there is only ONE policy. Not to stand aside but for the Army in Egypt to arrest all of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and lock them up without trial. At the same time Obama needs to be removed and placed in jail to await trial because Obama is responsible for widespread war, and war directed against Israel is the certain outcome.

That is what all of this means for Spencer and Geller. The arrest and revolutionary trial of Obama is number one issue. But that would mean also the defence of Manning and Snowden and this they will not do. Despite their heavy breathing Geller and Spencer are no good at all.


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