The recent news on which has the US fingering Israel over the Israeli rightful bombing of Russian weapons in the hands of Assad (read also Hizbullah and Iran)…must be studied thoroughly

1. Israel must be defended right down the line in all such actions

2. Socialists, and here I mean the only true representatives of Trotskyism which is themarxistblog, will defend the right of Israel to blow to smidereens every weapon that is directed against Israel’

3. If is right and they very often are then Netanyahu has met Putin lately and has told him that Israel would defend itself with everything

Now this raises a very, very important issue for me as a Trotskyist.

Despite our differences with Netanyahu we do defend Netanyahu unconditionally against the threats of Putin, and we defend the right of Israel to take whatever actions are necesary to defend the Jews.

Who is Putin? First of all he has links to STALINISM and to the road of PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE WITH IMPERIALISM

Also, in this sense of Stalinism, Putin and his Stalinist history is linked also with Antisemitism. In the period of 1926 to 27 Stalin used Antisemitism rather furtively in the fight to defeat the LEFT OPPOSITION to the growing Stalinisation in Russia. Later during the Moscow Trials Stalin was more open in his use of Antisemitism against his opponents.

So our defence (as a socialist movement) is UNCONDITIONAL of Netanyahu against Putin.

There are times also when we will defend Putin against US and British Imperialism such as his defence against the US war criminals to extract Ed Snowden from Moscow. In that situation we would defend Putin unconditionally against the US persecution of Snowden, who should in fact be given a medal by all freedom lovers, something indeed which Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch supports, a big and principled move by Spencer.

This time, too, after a few days’ pause, Washington again broke the story.  This step coincided with US President Barack Obama’s early Saturday phone call to Saudi King Abdullah to discuss the Syrian crisis. They may have discussed a potential Russian or Syrian reprisal for the Israeli air strike.

In their rough, acerbic encounter at the Black Sea resort of Sochi on May 14, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned President Vladimir Putin that if Russia sends advanced weaponry to Syria, such as S-300 anti-aircraft missiles or sophisticated radar for upgrading the Yakhont missiles, Israel would destroy them. Putin retorted that if Israel did this, Moscow would hit back.

In other words the situation is very serious and every person connected has to state their position.

Over the issue of our unconditional defence of Netanyahu against Putin then we make our position most clearly.

We defend Netanuahu against Putin in this situation as stated by unconditionally



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