Italiano: Il presidente egiziano Hosni Mubarak...

Italiano: Il presidente egiziano Hosni Mubarak durante una visita al Quirinale, Roma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This high up Israeli leader in this interview disagrees with Yamit82 because Yamit argued that Israel should not under any condition defend Mubarak against Obama

Recently the Georgian freedom activist Joseph Zaalishvili interviewed the Israeli Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs, Knesset Member Mrs. Faina Kirshenbaum.

Joseph Zaalishvili: Do you think that the wave of protests that rose in Egypt could bring to power more extremist forces than came to the fore after the “Arab Spring,” or will the Egyptian military be able to keep the situation under control?

Faina Kirshenbaum: At first I can say that Israelis did not want to interfere in this situation. This is an internal affair of Egypt, a question of who will rule the country. As the saying goes, we are seeing the excitement of the processes that are taking place in that country.

We are very concerned about this situation because we have a long border with Egypt, we have for the last 25 years since the treaty was signed not a full-fledged accord, but there is silence and peace — a stable relationship. And for us that is very important.

We watch with excitement, for if more radical forces come to power in Egypt, they will not honor that agreement which was signed with Israel. And of course it is all connected with the axis of evil, which begins and ends with Iran in Syria. We see Hezbollah, which sided with Assad. And the number of people killed in Syria is over a hundred thousand. We are very concerned about why the international community does not take up this subject. Why not take measures to protect the civilian population? This week in Israel a 13-year-old girl who was wounded in Syria received treatment. Israel is helping the wounded, because it is humane.

Interview with Faina Kirshenbaum

This explains many things. One is that Israel cannot sit on the fence in these massive struggles around her as is advocated by Yamit and mates on Israpundit. That is the total bankruptcy of Yamit proved time and time again.

He leads Jews continually into traps.. BEWARE!

There was only ONE policy in Egypt and that was to defend Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood backed by Cameron and Obama from MINUTE ONE.

Bankrupt and useless for the Jewish people! These kind of people like Yamit talk big but at crucial points of crisis run like startled rabbits.

The only correct policy was a true Trotskyist policy and held only by our blogs www.4international.me and www.themarxistblog.com

Of course we have disagreements with MUBARAK but in that situation he had to be defended.

In fact the group wsws.org also refused to defend Mubarak. On the left we were totally alone in defending Mubarak.

There is no sitting on the fence as this top Israeli politician NOW realizes. But Yamit and others still do not get it. They never will.


At first I can say that Israelis did not want to interfere in this situation.

Of course not! She wanted life to be pleasant.

But there are times when you have no option. Because now the situation wants to interfere with her and with Israel.

You could say that www.themarxistblog.com did not want to defend Mubarak either but it was not a matter of likes and dislikes, but a matter of necessity, and it was surely necessary to defend Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood, and it would have been the same all those years ago…we would have defended Nasser in his decisión to hang Qutb, that leader of the Muslim Brotherhood whose ideas led on to Bin Laden.

Yamit covered up his political bankruptcy by making childish and ignorant attacks on “Trotskyism” but time always proves the truth.

We win! Trotskyism wins! Yamit loses!



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