Hajj Amin el Husseini became the voice of Antisemitism in the years from 1920 to 1950 aprox. He was a Palesinian Arab before there were “Palestinians”. He was of the same clan as Arafat, he shared the same name as Arafat, and is thought to be a close relative of Arafat. In anycase Arafat acknowledged the close connection.

It may be misleading to say that if the Mufti Husseini had not existed things may have taken a peaceful direction. In the end the Mufti Husseini was authentic, and was representing the real nature of Antisemitism.

It is very obviously wrong to say that the German Nazis created Hajj Amin el Husseini, or as some so falsely claim that the Nazis created Arab Antisemitism. Husseini emerges as the authentic representative of a thousand and half years long history of deep Antisemitism, meaning in this case Jew Hatred. The Nazis had nothing to teach that history.

The Nazis, meaning Fascism, emerged out of the crisis of capitalism. Fascism arises when the system is in crisis and to survive needs to mobilise the enraged and ruined middle class for use against the workers’ organizations.

Fascism will pick up (Scavenge) the most evil and reactionary former ideas of mankind. One of these is Antisemitism. It is an historical fact that one of the sources was the Whites who were in a fight against the Communist Revolution. In turn, Muslims like el Husseini drew on that in turn, as in his use of the Protocols of Zion, later adopted by Hamas.

Both the Nazis and Islam Jihad grew independently. But they were like two chemical substances who were attracted to each other by deep internal forces. The explosion they created was the Holocaust.

This is a true way of looking at history.

We live in a period of deep crisis in the capitalist system. Unable to face the future and to tell the truth about the crisis in its system we are in a period when false narratives tend to predominate.

Thus the Palestinian Arabs (the Palestinians) have been deliberately sold to humanity as “victims” and have emerged as “victims” in human consciousness.

The actual history, however, refutes that victim status which the Arabs are claiming.
















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