The crisis in the world capitalist system grows worse by the month.

Many states in the world now ungovernable: Somalia, Nigeria (North), Egypt, Libya and many more

Unemployment in Europe: In Spain the unemployment among youth may be 70 per cent and even more

Obama is stirring up racism using black against white syndrome and he calls Martin his own son…George Zimmerman clearly an innocent man totally being framed by Obama and his Government of Democrats…Democrats becoming very dangerous entity in US politics

Morsi was heading towards Sharia dictatorship, stopped by millions on the streets, the army have their own agenda but they did STOP Morsi as he headed towards (where else could he?) SHARIA DICTATORSHIP

Erdogan wants Sharia in Turkey

Britain, a slave to Islam, bans Jihad opponents Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, and Britain persecutes the EDL

Fracking for oil threatens Nature and our Land, Shell threatens Arctic, the monoculture Palm Oil in Sumatra threatens man’s nearest relative the Orangutan

Some of the issues we cover…Help us! Help us grow!


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