Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Karl Marx (1818-1883) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Woolwich Prison in London the man called Adebolajo who beheaded the English soldier Rigby had 2 of his teeth knocked out.

Would you not think that this is a total non event. But in Sharia pliant and ultra cautious Britain it is not a non event, but a very big event indeed, and the Tory Government and its prison service follows the rule that suspension of the prison warders is in order while an investigation of the incident takes place.

The warders have said that they were restraining the killer of Rigby.

The question which asks is why was that not enough for Cameron, and if they were restraining this maniacal killer (rather proven don’t you think!) then why were the 5 wardens not rewarded immediately by say a grant each of 1000 pounds sterling for service rendered.

“No guts Cameron” a new name for this political whore right!

The same really with George Zimmerman. George was a guy who was performing the very useful service to society of Neighbourhood Watch. Martin who he happened to encounter in the course of his duties was not only a member of what Marx called the LUMPEN proletariat, and was such a drug user that the drugs he was using had altered seriously his mind in a very violent direction. In Martin the drugs altered his mind and it also had altered his BRAIN according to the autopsy. George Zimmerman had the bad luck to meet an explosive cocktail of lumpen proletariat and very dangerous and violence inducing drugs.


Instead the cronies of Obama (with Obama prompting and very directly involved) put poor George Zimmerman on trial.


Yes indeed are indeed Marxists but we are not doctrinaires and we can see what is happening in the world.

Help us to grow



The recent news on which has the US fingering Israel over the Israeli rightful bombing of Russian weapons in the hands of Assad (read also Hizbullah and Iran)…must be studied thoroughly

1. Israel must be defended right down the line in all such actions

2. Socialists, and here I mean the only true representatives of Trotskyism which is themarxistblog, will defend the right of Israel to blow to smidereens every weapon that is directed against Israel’

3. If is right and they very often are then Netanyahu has met Putin lately and has told him that Israel would defend itself with everything

Now this raises a very, very important issue for me as a Trotskyist.

Despite our differences with Netanyahu we do defend Netanyahu unconditionally against the threats of Putin, and we defend the right of Israel to take whatever actions are necesary to defend the Jews.

Who is Putin? First of all he has links to STALINISM and to the road of PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE WITH IMPERIALISM

Also, in this sense of Stalinism, Putin and his Stalinist history is linked also with Antisemitism. In the period of 1926 to 27 Stalin used Antisemitism rather furtively in the fight to defeat the LEFT OPPOSITION to the growing Stalinisation in Russia. Later during the Moscow Trials Stalin was more open in his use of Antisemitism against his opponents.

So our defence (as a socialist movement) is UNCONDITIONAL of Netanyahu against Putin.

There are times also when we will defend Putin against US and British Imperialism such as his defence against the US war criminals to extract Ed Snowden from Moscow. In that situation we would defend Putin unconditionally against the US persecution of Snowden, who should in fact be given a medal by all freedom lovers, something indeed which Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch supports, a big and principled move by Spencer.

This time, too, after a few days’ pause, Washington again broke the story.  This step coincided with US President Barack Obama’s early Saturday phone call to Saudi King Abdullah to discuss the Syrian crisis. They may have discussed a potential Russian or Syrian reprisal for the Israeli air strike.

In their rough, acerbic encounter at the Black Sea resort of Sochi on May 14, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned President Vladimir Putin that if Russia sends advanced weaponry to Syria, such as S-300 anti-aircraft missiles or sophisticated radar for upgrading the Yakhont missiles, Israel would destroy them. Putin retorted that if Israel did this, Moscow would hit back.

In other words the situation is very serious and every person connected has to state their position.

Over the issue of our unconditional defence of Netanyahu against Putin then we make our position most clearly.

We defend Netanuahu against Putin in this situation as stated by unconditionally



The Weather Underground

The Weather Underground (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

May 8, 2013




Bill Ayers and his media groupies



By Cliff Kincaid

Bill Ayers’ recent claim that the Weather Underground bombed property, not people, in order to protest the Vietnam War, is two lies in one. First, they specialized in anti-personnel bombs using heavy metal staples. Second, Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn were not opposed to the war, only to a U.S. victory.

As reported by Jim Mackinnon of the Akron Beacon Journal, Ayers maintained, during a speaking appearance, “No one died in the Weather Underground bombings.” He was trying to claim that the Weather Underground was different from the Islamic terrorists in the Boston bombings case.

Of all the media covering Ayers’ newest charges, only Fox News interviewed Larry Grathwohl, an FBI informant in the Weather Underground, who said “Ayers told him personally that fellow Weather Underground member and future wife Bernadine Dohrn set the bomb that killed San Francisco Park Police Sergeant Brian McDonnell in 1970.”

“Bill Ayers told me in Buffalo that we weren’t doing enough bombings and strategic sabotages,” Grathwohl told “He complained that it was a sad situation when [Dohrn] had to plan and place the bomb at the San Francisco Park Police station.”

The story went on: “Grathwohl said the bomb used in San Francisco, and the ones that killed the three Weather Underground members, when it exploded prematurely, were all packed with roofing nails and fence staples and designed to kill as many people as possible.”

Five years ago we began our campaign to tell the truth about the Weather Underground’s bombing campaign against police and civilians with our article Tribune Covers for Obama’s Terrorist Friends, about the failure of the Chicago Tribune to report evidence that the Weather Underground planted the bomb that killed Sergeant McDonnell. This was during the 2008 presidential campaign when Obama tried to distance himself from Ayers and Dohrn, who had sponsored his political career.

Over the years we at AIM have reported these facts while the media continued to look the other way. Former FBI informant Larry Grathwohl has consistently testified about Bernardine Dohrn’s role in that bombing. His new and updated book Bringing Down America has that testimony. I confronted Dohrn about her reported role in planting the bomb that killed McDonnell. Our media ignore all of this.

On the claim about Ayers being opposed to the Vietnam War, Grathwohl notes, “The Weather Underground was not an anti-war group. They saw themselves as part of an international revolution with connections in Cuba, China and North Vietnam. They believed they were going to be part of a revolution that would cause the collapse of the United States. Plans for the creation of camps for ‘re-educating’ Americans – and the elimination of 25 million people – were discussed with the belief that protecting the NEW order from a counter-revolution justified wholesale murder.”

If Ayers was opposed to killing people, why were his fingerprints found in a bomb factory in San Francisco that included C-4, and stabbing weapons made to look like pens? Why did the Weather Underground kill police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell? Why were Ayers’ comrades building anti-personnel bombs to be used at an officers’ dance at Fort Dix? They were the Weather Underground members who died in the bomb blast in a Greenwich Village townhouse, where they were constructing bombs.

Mark Rudd, another member of the Weather Underground, revealed in his book Underground: My Life with SDS and the Weathermen that he was in favor of planting that bomb, saying that he wanted “this country to have a taste of what it had been dishing out daily in Southeast Asia….” What the U.S. had been trying to do was prevent a Communist takeover of South Vietnam.

Ayers spouts his lies because he knows he can get away with them. The media won’t report the truth because they know it would besmirch the reputation of President Obama, whose political career was launched in the Ayers/Dohrn home.

The sins of the press are bad enough. But then we have the Southern Poverty Law Center, which inspired the terrorist attack on the Family Research Council, portraying Ayers as a respected academic. This is a group that is used as an objective resource on “hate groups” by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

This is the problem we face today – the U.S. government is run by associates of these terrorists and lunatics.

The FBI’s designation of one of the Weather Underground’s favorite criminal terrorist associates, fugitive cop-killer Joanne Chesimard, as one of the Most Wanted Terrorists, is a potential game-changer. Law enforcement can now investigate her support networks here in the U.S.

Joel Gilbert, director of the film “Dreams from My Real Father,” says it is likely that Barack Obama, when he was a student at Columbia, attended meetings of the May 19 Communist Organization, a support group for the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army. Two of their members are still on another FBI wanted list. “I had one source who ID’d Obama as having attended May 19 public meetings,” he tells me. He adds that Obama, in his book Dreams from My Father, describes attending several events in New York City (such as a Malcolm X movie screening) that are identical to documented May 19 events.

Obama’s Marxist background and connections are the story of a lifetime. It’s a story the media “forgot” to cover in their rush to make him President. But the whitewashing of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn is equally odious.

Yet, we see the same tendency in the failure of publications like Politico even to hint that there is anything wrong with going to work for Al Jazeera, the mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. Politico’s Dylan Byers has served as a bulletin board for anything Al Jazeera feeds him, such as his “Al Jazeera is Hiring” story.

We have a media that will not or cannot recognize the nature of the terrorism that claims the lives of Americans here and abroad. It doesn’t seem to matter if the terrorists are communists or Islamists. And when the terrorism occurs, such as in Boston, CNN contributor Juliette Kayyem, a former Obama Administration official, balks at designating the Islamists in the case as Islamic terrorists.

Kayyem has now weighed in on the subject of the State Department’s apparent decision to keep Cuba on its list of state sponsors of terrorism. “We ought to reserve that term for nations that actually use the apparatus of statehood to support targeting of U.S. interests and civilians,” she told the Los Angeles Times, in an effort to whitewash the Castro dictatorship and its support for terrorists like Chesimard.

The Times reporter, Carol J. Williams, also insisted Cuba was out of the terrorism business. She did not mention Chesimard, except for a reference to the Castro brothers giving “refuge to a few fugitive radicals from the Black Panthers….” Nothing was said about Chesimard murdering a New Jersey State Trooper and fleeing to Cuba with the help of the Weather Underground.

This is par for the course for a media that want to play down or distort threats to our safety and security.

© Cliff Kincaid




But this article by Kincaid does not really answer and indeed it hides who exactly was Ayers, and if we know that it will bring us much closer to understanding the murky background of Obama



(extract from article by Jared Israel)


(EXTRACT STARTS HERE)Notice the repetition verging on self-parody, an effect enhanced by Obama’s complaint, made on ABC Television, that he has had to repeat his ‘I was only eight in 1969 when the Weathermen were active’ mantra “many times.” [6]

The problem is, it’s a lie. Not a straightforward lie, but a tricky or ‘cute’ lie. Because, while the two component clauses are true if taken separately – Obama was eight in 1969, and Ayers and the Weathermen were active that year – once connected by the conjunction ‘when,’ the clauses communicate the lie that Ayers and the Weatherman were inactive after 1969.

The truth? In 1969 the Weathermen bolted from SDS and then conducted some violent demonstrations in Chicago (“Days of Rage”), and a slew of bizarre and violent attacks on ordinary people around the U.S., attacks justified on the grounds that, as Bill Ayers, Mark Rudd and other Weathermen publicly argued, a) while white people are essentially the enemy, nevertheless, b) if put “up against the wall” by physically violent Weathermen, many white working class youth, respecting only violence (i.e., being thugs) would accept the (thuggish) Weathermen’s political positions and join the Revolution, because “fighting knows winning.”

Ironically sloganized as “Power to the People,” not only did these attacks manifest the Weathermen’s signature contempt for working people, but they constituted terror: violence and the tension of threatened violence to coerce the acceptance of their political stance based on fear.  However, it was only after 1969 that the Weathermen began their decade and a half campaign of bombings, complete with much-publicized communiqués, and armed robberies.

So Obama’s defense is a lie. Such a lie is interesting. For one thing, if the crafters are shrewd, the construction of the lie may reveal the liars’ goals, and Obama and his advisors – including the infamous Zbigniew Brzezinski, a leading theoretician of subterfuge – are nothing if not shrewd. [7]

The point of the I-was-only-eight-when-they-were-active lie is:

‘Hey, this Weatherman stuff has no personal meaning for Obama. In 1969 he was just a kid and totally unaware. It’s ancient history for him and should be for you too.’

Notice that while telling us the Weathermen did “despicable” [8] things only in 1969 (thus lying about the Weathermen) Obama also tells us that he was too young to be aware when they were active. This is also a lie. A lie within a lie.


Sleeping through the storm?


Not only did the Weathermen in fact commit some of their ugliest crimes when Obama was a thinking adult, long after 1969, but their crimes hit him right where he has written he cared the most – the issue of black-white relations. Not to mention that they committed the crimes in his own back yard. And, of special relevance to Obama’s “I-was-only-eight” statement, since he made it to refute the charge that he was and is close to Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn: Ms. Dohrn was implicated.

According to Obama’s New York Times bio, he transferred to Columbia University in Manhattan in August 1981, when he was twenty-years old, and lived in New York until some time in 1984. [9] So he was in New York during his early twenties.

On October 20, 1981, shortly after Obama started the fall term at Columbia, a gang composed of Weathermen and members of the so-called Black Liberation Army staged a Brink’s armored car robbery and vicious triple killing, one of a series of such crimes, dating back to 1976.

Three of the Weathermen (Kathy Boudin, Judith Clark and David Gilbert) were seized fleeing the crime. A media drama followed that lasted several years and that, given how Obama describes himself in his autobiographical book, Dreams from my father, should have horrified him.

Obama’s only possible defense for not mentioning any of this during the months when he was under attack for his alleged ties to Ayers and Dohrn is that he didn’t notice the Weatherman-caused storm that raged in New York during the years he lived there.

Is that believable?

Let us look at the record.




The above is from a 4 part series by Jared Israel on

The opening Kincaid article is one of many by that writer and is on

Why Jared Israel is offering evidence about Obama in conflict with Kincaid is this:

Ayers and his girlfriend were never prosecuted for murder, even for second degree murder. That is very suspicious.

Could Ayers have been a CIA/FBI recruit?

Kincaid leaves out this possibility. Why would he do that?

The whole manner in how Obama has been promoted is most strange and the key to all of this may lie in Bill Ayers, and in the background of Bill Ayers.

I find personally that where Jared Israel is illuminating the situation, Kincaid is doing the very opposite, and the question is why?

It is worth examining what Kincaid is up to in American and world politics today.




Jared Israel Points to the “cute” lie by Obama in his famous autobiography


  1. Obama was only eight years of age
  2. The Weathermen terrorists were active in 1969


Both indeed are bald and true statements. The President was once eight. The weathermen were active in 69 in that year when he was indeed eight.


But when they put the word “when” in the middle everything changes in the meaning. What the harmless little word “when” says is that the Weathermen were active only in 1969. That was their year it is suggested or stated to us. Not the case, they were active much later in say 79 when Obama was a student. And later in his young adulthood.


There are many truths in Kincaid´s piece but there are also many lies, “cute” lies as Jared says. We will come to the key paragraph by Kincaid that encapsulates the “cute” lies later.


First though about 1969. This was when there was a big radicalisation among students and young workers internationally. It was not just in America, it was also France against De Gaulle and in the north of Ireland in the movement against Britain and its northern state. There it was the Civil Rights Movement and a particularly student movement called “Peoples Democracy”.


All are important but it is in America that we have a written record of what happened. The students in New York (Civil Rights pro Black) with Jared Israel in the leadership promoting the new policy decided that on their own as students they could do nothing but be isolated by the state, and that they had to reach out to the working class in America. You can readily see how this would not be very bad and even dangerous for the American capitalist class, which does exist, despite what Kincaid seems to think. Kincaid never mentions the American capitalist class or the American working class.


Keeping on top of the story…why Ayers and the Weathermen are SO suspicious is because at the very point where Jared and friends won the leadership of the students to turn to the American working class was when Ayers and co. stormed out to split the student movement.


But they did not just split, they set up a terrorist organization, it being well known that terrorist organisations are particularly harmful for the American working class, and that workers know the harmful implications, and that workers have always eschewed terror tactics, and protected themselves against the agent provocateur. Agents provocateurs flock to such terrorist organizations like bees to honey!


Jared in this particular article is concentrating on the reality that Obama knew ALL about the terrorists in the FIFTEEN years they were active in HIS area after 1969, so the maths says 8 and 15 … until he was 23!


But there is another more important aspect to this in relation to Kincaid. It is contained in this paragraph from the above which I extract to highlight:


The truth? In 1969 the Weathermen bolted from SDS and then conducted some violent demonstrations in Chicago (“Days of Rage”), and a slew of bizarre and violent attacks on ordinary people around the U.S., attacks justified on the grounds that, as Bill Ayers, Mark Rudd and other Weathermen publicly argued, a) while white people are essentially the enemy, nevertheless, b) if put “up against the wall” by physically violent Weathermen, many white working class youth, respecting only violence (i.e., being thugs) would accept the (thuggish) Weathermen’s political positions and join the Revolution, because “fighting knows winning.”


Bolting from the SDS means the effort to stop the students turning to the American working class


Violent demonstrations, bizarre and violent attacks all serve to blacken the name of the student´s movement and to prevent the students making their turn to the American working class.


Working class youth respecting only violence being the “philosophy” of those like Ayers who were splitting the student movement.


Ask he question: In whose interests was all that taking place – in the interests of the students making their turn to the American working class, or in the interests of the American workers who needed and welcomed the alliance with students.


No certainly not! It was all in the interests of the American capitalist class.


THAT is what Kincaid is hiding from us about those days.


If the American Media has either not reported any of these origins of Ayers or Obama then it is because the American Media represents the interests of the American capitalist class, after all surely that is what they are essentially, selling “news” to make a profit.


Let me add that the idea of workers needing to be goaded though terrorist provocation to fight against the capitalist system is pure Bukharin, the historical promoter of Anarchism, and Marxism has done nothing but fight against those concepts ALL of its history.


Now then, consider this paragraph, not from Jared this time, but from Kincaid:


We have a media that will not or cannot recognize the nature of the terrorism that claims the lives of Americans here and abroad. It doesn’t seem to matter if the terrorists are communists or Islamists. And when the terrorism occurs, such as in Boston, CNN contributor Juliette Kayyem, a former Obama Administration official, balks at designating the Islamists in the case as Islamic terrorists.


There he says it! The terrorists are “communists”.


But even better The terrorists are “communists or Islamists”


But Ayers was the opposite of communism. And communism an Islam are polar opposites. In reality they are enemies, totally.


So Ayers you will remember was splitting the students movement on which Jared Israel was a leader. To blacken the movement of students to the working class.


Now Kincaid is calling communists or marxists even terrorists or “islamists” straight after the Boston Bombings.


This is psy-ops, deliberate blackening the name of Marxism by telling lies, saying that Marxism is linked to terror, or to Islam. Which just after Boston and Woolwich is the same thing!


Prompting the question: Who is Cliff Kincaid and who does he work for?




Caroline Glick who is a patriotic Israeli Zionist writer, and is quite different to some of the jewish Neocons, has pointed out that Obama goes on the attack when he is being cornered.


This may be happening over the Syria issue.



The US is saying two contradictory things:


  1. That the Assad regime used Sarin to poison 150
  2. That they and he have no actual physical evidence, meaning no evidence


And my goodness, THAT is the pretext for war by America on Assad.


It is even more threadbare than the excuse or rationale for the bombing of Serbia for near 60 days by NATO which was the Racak massacre, which was easy to prove was a totally concocted affair


Remember that Prism was spying on billions of private transactions and if it was not for Brewster we would know nothing.


That is the great danger to us all


We do not know how the Syrian issue will proceed but it is certain that Russia must oppose this and we are very close into a Cuba missile situation.


It seems to me very unlikely that Assad would have used Sarin…ask who benefits? Assad has proved to be quite astute in all areas up to now.


Is the position of Obama becoming so exposed over Benghazi, over IRS and over Prism that he is becoming quite reckless?


If so, we have a situation racing quite out of control which will impact greatly on all of our lives


Felix Quigley


Ayr Hawkins on Breitbart has notification all should heed that the Taliban are NOW sure that they are on the way to the defeat of America.

In every way the fascist fake and pro-Islam left is on the side of the Taliban.

Thus they are on the side of Obama. Thus they are on the side of all who want to downplay the importance of the Woolwich beheading for the British people. One man a dhimmi Jew in Marbella said the beheading in Woolwich was “OLD HAT”

At the same time Eamon Gilmore of the Irish Labour Party takes the side of the Palestinian Arab Antisemitism in pushing for Israel to be boycotted by Europe. (THE SAME BARBARISM AS THE TALIBAN…NO DIFFERENCE)

All these things hang together.


Obama and Cameron pull out of Afghanistan and this is a small taste of what happens         


An article in the Taliban magazine Azan compares Barack Obama at this point with Michel Gorbachev in 1989–saying both lost in Afghanistan and both lost their own countries. 

The article opens by describing Afghanistan as “the graveyard of empires” which is “bearing witness to the fall of another self-proclaimed ‘Super Power,’ i.e. the U.S.A.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute has provided excerpts of the article in which various examples of Muslim military victories throughout the centuries are highlighted. The article then turns toward contemporary wars, making the point that just as the Soviets left Afghanistan in defeat so too: 

The world is seeing as a handful of mujahideen under the leadership of Mullah Omar are defeating one of the most powerful super powers in the history of the world. …When the U.S. attacked Afghanistan [in October 2001], the people of intellect were wondering how long it would take for America to suffer its inevitable defeat and who would be leading its army when it would eventually drag its defeated tail out of Afghanistan.


The excerpts also show a juxtaposition between the rise of poverty and want in the Soviet Union under Gorbachev in the 1980s and the rise of traditional poverty indicators under Obama during this time in office. Whereas Gorbachev had to introduce a “war-food system of food distribution for his citizens,” America has witnessed a poverty increase from 37.3 million in 2007 to 46.9 million in 2010, according to Azan. 

Moreover, the article touches on the “severe public discontent” under Gorbachev and the movements calling for “separation” which erupted in parts of the Soviet Union at that time. In the same way, the article claims there are “various movements” likewise calling for separation in the U.S. now. According to Azan, “around 30 states [are] calling for separation.”

Although the figure of “30 states” is wrong, the overarching goal of the article may still prove successful–that goal is to show that Obama, like Gorbachev before him, is a weak man who’s losing his grip on this own country while simultaneously facing defeat abroad. 

The tagline is simple–Obama is weak like Gorbachev, the U.S. is being defeated like the U.S.S.R.


The weekly discussion programme on Talk Radio Europe yesterday Tuesday was completely off the mark, an evasión of reality, these people are way behind reality.


One caller in, a Richard Tinsely (spelt phonetically) called in and stated (what is) our position that the Syrian Government must be defended against Jihadists.


This shows up our position (that of themarxistblog). We say that but more because we also say that Israel must act in its own interests against Assad, against Jihadists, and above all against the Iran bomb.


And that is what divides themarxistblog from all on that radio station. We state clearly that Israel must take the initiative to defend itself and the only way to do that is not to wait for a Holocaust but to go on the attack and eliminate the Nuclear Bomb threat from Iran, and the chemical danger from Syria.


To do so indepenently.

ACT Israel!


On Thursday an Israeli warplane shot a drone into the Mediterranean just west of the Haifa shoreline. The drone came from Lebanon, and Israeli media immediately reported that it was sent by Hizballah—even though the prime minister and the IDF spokesman, in their public statements on the incident, made no such claim.

Amos Harel, military analyst for Haaretz, reports that the reason for that omission is probably that it wasn’t Hizballah that sent the plane but, rather, Iran—specifically its Revolutionary Guards contingent in Lebanon.

The UK’s Telegraph reports that “according to Syrian rebels and Israeli intelligence, Tehran has poured Revolutionary Guard soldiers into Syria and Lebanon to support its Shiite allies.” The Revolutionary Guards are also believed to have been behind another drone sent from Lebanon in October. That one entered Israeli airspace and was shot down not far from Israel’s nuclear plant in the Negev.
That sort of material is left out completely by this radio station Talk Radio Europe.
The Jihad is being waged against Assad and Obama is behind this, just as Clinton was behind the Jihad in Bosnia, and Bush was acting as a supporter of Jihad against Saddam, and now Obama.
It is not just Obama. It is all those who cover for Obama and there are plenty on this radio station above who are covering for Obama.
So Talk Radio Europe should discuss and face up to the reality of the Iran Nuclear Bomb. Where does the Jewish owner Matin Nathan stand on this, where does Jewish speaker Barrie Nathan stand on this, and where do Steven Gilmour and others stand on the Iranian Nuclear Bomb?
Should Israel wait until they have it or should Israel attack now?
That is also the question that the caller up to the discussion yesterday Richard Tinsely did not even mention.
This is a crime against journalism.
Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs, a site they never mention, has two pictures of the incredibly intense situation facing Jews living in the part of Israel next to Syria, with Pamela´s response to the danger, urging Israel to act…same position exactly as our position:

Go Israel.

Israeli Defense Forces held surprise military drills today near the Lebanon border with over 2,000 soldiers. Gateway Pundit (hat tip Joel)

Israel Hatzolah posted a photo from the control room. israel exercise room

Israeli Jets reportedly entered Syrian airspace and bombed a chemical weapons compound near Damascus this morning. The UPI reported:

The Free Syrian Army says Israeli air force jets flew  over President Bashar Assad’s palace and bombed a chemical weapons site  near Damascus, Maariv reported.

The report said Israeli jets entered Syrian airspace close to 6 a.m  Saturday and flew over Assad’s palace in Damascus and other security  facilities before striking a chemical weapons compound near the city.

The Hebrew language daily said a Syrian army air defense battery  positioned in the city fired at the Israeli jets, but the aircraft left  Syrian airspace unscathed. FSA rebels posted a video showing smoke  rising from the headquarters for chemical weapons.

There were no reports of the extent of damage or casualties.

Neither Damascus nor Jerusalem responded to the report.

Here’s another photo from the IDF drills near the Lebanon border today. israel drill border




From I read the following

The position of the great Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is mirrored in the latest summary by the Israeli Zionist writer Caroline Glick. Let us pause for a momento to digest what Glick says about the realities facing Israel today. She ends her latest article like this:

To a degree, all of Netanyahu’s seemingly unjustifiable actions can be justified when weighed against the need to avoid a confrontation with America.
But by now, after five years, with Iran having passed Israel’s red line, and with chemical weapons already in play in Syria, the jig is up.
Obama does not have Israel’s back.
Contrary to the constant, grinding rhetorical prattle of American and Israeli politicos, Obama will not lift a finger to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power. He will not lift a finger to prevent chemical weapons from being transferred to the likes of al-Qaida and Hezbollah, and their colleagues in Syria, or used by the Syrian regime.
From Benghazi to Boston, from Tehran to Damascus, Obama’s policy is to not fight forces of jihad, whether they are individuals, organizations or states. And his obsession with Palestinian statehood shows that he would rather coerce Israel to make concessions to Palestinian Jew-haters and terrorists than devote his time and energy into preventing Iran from becoming the jihadist North Korea or from keeping sarin, VX and mustard gas out of the hands of Iran’s terrorist underlings and their Sunni competitors.
No, Israel doesn’t want a confrontation with Washington. But we don’t have any choice anymore.
The time has come to take matters into our own hands on Syria and Iran. In Syria, either Israel takes care of the chemical weapons, or if we can’t, Netanyahu must go before the cameras and tell the world everything we know about Syria’s chemical weapons and pointedly demand world – that is US – action to secure them.
As for Iran, either Israel must launch an attack without delay, or if we can’t, then Netanyahu has to publicly state that the time for diplomacy is over. Either Iran is attacked or it gets the bomb.
Originally published in The Jerusalem Post. 

Posted on April 26, 2013

themarxistblog is at variance with Glick over her position on Syria. Let us pause first to try to elucidate the respective positions on Syria.

themarxistblog says that it is a principle that Israel lines up with Assad against the Jihadist Muslims who are backed by Cameron and Obama, that is the Jihad as backed by US and British Imperialisms.

We say furthermore that this does not imply for a second that Israel does not strike against Assad, and against the forces of Assad, if it sees Assad engaging in attacks against Israel. In other words Israel acts if necessary in whatever way but acts always from a position of Independence.

Glick cannot for whatever reason take this position. This leaves her in a position of ambivalence in relation to the Imperialist backed Jihad against Assad.

I think this is fatal for Jews.

Contrary to this we say there can be no ambivalence. No matter about the Antisemitism of Assad, whatever about that, in this war he must be defended.

We say furthermore that the issue of Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah is separate and must be kept separate. Israel must immediately quite apart from Assad (defence of Assad) strike with full available forcé to destroy the Iranian Nuclear Bomb. That is an existential issue for Israel and is urgent.

Things are not as they seem. By NOT defending Assad against the Jihad Glick is sort of saying that there is still some mileage in being on the side of Obama and Cameron against Assad.

So having said STILL AND ALL BECAUSE OF THE DEMANDS OF OBJECTIVE REALITY in the above words by Glick there is an acceptance that Israel acts immediately and independently.

Glick is saying this why? Because it is true. There is no other position to take.

The truth and reality is that Obama will enver attack Iran and if Iran is not stopped Iran will stop Israel, meaning it will continue the Nazi Holocaust, in which the Arabs and Islam world were fully involved through the well known role of Muftí Husseini.

Israel is really at war right now. Obama is sighing in the ear of Israel “No you are not really at war at all. You are delusional for thinking you are at war”.

What Obama is therefore saying is that Iran is really a peaceful teddy bear and that it is NOT pursuing the Nuclear Bomb, and even if it is do not worry.

The great majority of Israeli people now realice this and they realise that Netanyahu will either fight now or Israel will lose.

It reminds me very much of the situation in Russia in the middle of 1916. The workers KNEW that if its leadership, the Bolsheviks, did not ACT then it that objective situation would rapidly change against them the workers.

The pressure being placed by the workers in Russia in those months on their leadership, the Bolshevik Party, so much so that the Bolshevik Party split on what to do. There developed a compromiso section around Stalin and Kamenev who wished to hold back from the struggle for state power.

In those conditions the struggle to ACT became key. The struggle to ACT and against those who would allow the situation to DRIFT became all consuming.

This is what Caroline Glick is saying in her last sentence above. The time for f..king with Obama is over.

It is horrible to have to say it but Israel once more just has to fight with all it has got. As a gentile I wish that was not so, but unfortunately it is so 

So somehow the concept that Trotsky was fighting for…to not believe in force is like not believing in gravity…is the key concept that has to enter into the soul of every Jew and every Jewish supporter, so many years later.

Of course there may be some immature Jews who on hearing the name of Trotsky in this argument become all hateful to us and all I can say to them is for goodness sake grow up! themarxistblog is not going away.

themarxistblog in these pages is closer to the Jews tan anybody on the planet. This is what lies behind the booing by Jewish patriots of the compromiser Alan Dershowitz yesterday. Dershowitz is scared witless at jewish acting independently…