Obama backed the savages against Mubarak, the savages against Gadhafi who sodomized Gadhafi, the savages against Gaghbo who is now in prison in the Hague, and now above all in Syria.


Behind Obama stands Cameron Haig and the whole of the EU.


themarxistblog is totally opposed to the war against Assad. Time and time again it becomes ever more clear that Assad is fighting against the worst elements of the Jihad.


No good can come out of backing the war against Assad.


Israel should have made a decisión to on no account lend itself to this war against Assad.


Assad himself and his Baathists form a threat against Israel and Jews but that could always be dealt with. What cannot be dealt with in any way are Jews and Israel joining in with the Jihad against Assad.


It represents a big challenge to the Alawites. The Alawites must be shown in the course of experiences that Jews and Israel do not form a threat to the Alawites as a minority.


In fact the Alawites must be backed just as much as say the Kurds.


The fly in the ointment all the time is the Alliance which Assad has struck up with the Iranian Clerical Fascists and the Clerical Fascists of Hizbollah.


The question must be posed how can Russia as an ex-socialist nation, and China, possibly support in any way either Iran or Hezbollah.


The leadership of Israel has never been so dismal. Imagine opening their borders and field hospital to support these Jihadists against Assad. Yes I am afraid that has actually happened.


Russia is right to be concerned about what happened to Gadhafi and to vow never to let that happen again.


That is why Russia is entirely right not to allow Assad to fall. But Russia must be told the Alliance with Iran is wrong, because Iran is very simply a Jew Hating Entity under the Mullahs.


Now there is this story about this poor Arab boy, murdered by these savages at 15.


Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs covers this story and although Geller does not say it the story of this poor boy is a complete condemnation of the Israeli leaders joining in with the war on Assad.


Assad has threatened Israel and Israel must threaten back and mean it, if Assad takes any action then Israel will strike its hardest against Assad. But not join the Jihad on Assad. That is unforgiveable.





The next time they execute someone for blasphemy, they can use the lethal weapons Obama wants to send them.

15 Yr Old Publicly Executed for Blasphemy in Aleppo Israel National News, June 10, 2013

Muhammad Qatta's coffee stand

Muhammad Qatta’s coffee stand
Photo: SOHR/Facebook

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Sunday  that Islamist rebels in the city executed 15-year-old Muhamma Qatta’ in  the Sha’ar neighborhood of Aleppo, before the horrifed eyes of  his parents. 

The punishment came after the boy was overheard by someone during an argument while he was working. “Even if Muhammad comes back to life, I won’t lend,” the boy reportedly said in his workplace, where he sold coffee and from where  he was detained at 10 p.m. Sunday. He was later returned by the rebels  to the area, his shirt covering his head and with his body marked from  torture and beating.

The men who escorted him then announced to the crowd in classical  Arabic that apostasy and cursing the prophet is a “terrible vice” and  that anyone who does so will face a similar fate. The SOHR reported the boy was then shot by the two men with an automatic rifle in front of the crowd – which included the boy’s mother and father — once in the neck and once in the head. The two men then drove away in their car, leaving the boy’s body behind.

An extremely graphic photo of the teen’s face, shot in the mouth and throat and covered in blood, is posted on the SOHR Facebook page.  “The SOHR demands that the killers of the child be brought to justice,”  said the Observatory in a statement on Facebook. “It is important to  note that the Shari’a court of Aleppo has a security branch in the area but did not stop the summary execution of the boy.

Meanwhile, Syrian government troops are preparing for a siege of  Aleppo, currently held by the rebel forces who plan to declare the  northern commercial hub a separatist Islamist state.

Troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are “deploying heavily in  the countryside near Aleppo in preparation for a battle that will be  fought inside the city and on its outskirts,” said Syria’s al-Watan  pro-government newspaper. 

Just days after Assad forces recaptured the town of Qusair with aid  of Lebanese Hizbullah guerrilla fighters, the government troops now plan to do the same in Aleppo “in the coming hours or days.” The report went on to say, “Beseiged areas will be freed in the first stages and troops which have been on the defensive will on the offensive. The Syrian army will take advantage of its experience in Qusair and Eastern Ghouta  (near Damascus) to advance in the provinces of Hama and Homs.”

A security source told the AFP news agency, “It is likely  the battle for Aleppo will start in the coming hours or days, and its  aim is to reclaim the towns and villages in the province.” Shi’ite  fighters from the Hizbullah terrorist organization and from Iraq have been reinforcing the Syrian Army soldiers in their  battles.  Last month, Hizbullah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah vowed to fight “to the end” to put down the uprising and to “defend Lebanon”  from “jihadist extremists.”





Muftí Husseini meets Himmler…there is really no gap between then and now…still the central aim is to kill Jews

There is a huge crisis in Jewish leadership. Sure there are plenty on the blogs who talk a good talk.

But we warned repeatedly on themarxistblog and on that Israel had to be proactive on every aspect of this Arab Spring.

It meant defending these secular leaders against the Muslim Brotherhood. But to do that meant an OPEN break with US Imperialism in all its forms, especially with Obama and the Democrats plus people like McCain

Very simply Israeli leaders could do that, could not make that break with Obama and hence could not do THE SECOND THING WE SAID ISRAEL MUST DO

What was this vital “second thing”? It was to act independently and strike where necessary to defend Israel.

It was necessary for Israel to defend Assad in public statements against the Jihad of Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. But it was also necessary for Israel to hit Iran and to hit the agents of Iran which are Hizbullah, and also in the final analysis also Hamas and Fatah.

Instead for months Israeli leaders were mucking about courting favor with Qatar and the Saudis.

Now basically Iran and Hizbullah have taken open control of Southern Syria…NOT ASSAD…and the next step of these Fascist Antisemites is Israel.


There is NO hope for Israel unles it breaks from US and from Western Imperialism.

That means NO hope unless a new leadership can take over from Netanyahu, not some time in the future, but right now.

The Israeli people are like a frog in warm wáter being slowly boiled…they are being disarmed because there is no leadership to not just talk but lead.

debka gets it:

The Syrian rebels’ defeat in the key town of al Qusayr, Wednesday, June 6, was also a major strategic debacle for the US, Israel and Western Europe, the price they paid for leaving allied Syrian-Hizballah troops orchestrated by Iranian officers a clear field to win the day. The Syrian-Hizballah machine is now ready to capitalize on its victory and roll into Aleppo and southern Syria to extinguish rebel resistance there too. Israel is next in its sights. Continue reading













In the following analysis by debka it is clear that Israel is very much on the defensive


themarxistblog does not accept this in any way. Israel has been put onto the defensive by a number of clearly identifiable factors. Much comes from Bush and Obama. Bush removed Saddam which greatly strengthened Iran. That was disastrous for Israel and was why Sharon DID NOT support the Bush war against Saddam, even though Israel had been much abused by Saddam. Seconly Obama was behind the Muslim Brotherhood defeating Mubarak and Gadhafi, both of whom were SECULAR leaders.


Now Iraq is a complete danger to Israel. Syria in every way is a complete danger to Israel.


It is a most dangerous situation for the Jews of Israel. Jews are being surrounded in a most dangerous way.


Israel has to defend itself with everything and themarxistblog alone on the left supports Israel in this with UNCONDITIONAL support.


But for Israel to go on the attack, to be proactive, demands something else, something extra, and that is leadership.


How can Israel go on the attack, that is the central question of the hour and is one in which there must be discussion…debka is useful indeed because debka does raise the issues and the problems in a truthful and objective way. But there is no solution from debka either….



“Syrian batteries are in a high state of operability, ready to fire at short notice,” said Israel Air Force Colonel Zvika Haimovich in special briefings to international media Friday. He disclosed that Israel tracks every missile fired in the Syrian civil war, since southward launches would give Israel mere seconds to determine it was not the true target. “All it would take is a few degrees’ change in the flight path to endanger us.”

Speaking at the Palmachim air and missile base south of Tel Aviv, Col. Haimovich explained that long-range radars feed real-time data on the barrages to the base command where officers are braced to activate Arrow II. The more threatening launches set off sirens in Palmachim. Warplanes there are also on standby to scramble. “We are looking at all aspects, from the performance of weaponry to the way the Syrians use it,” said the Israeli air force officer. “They have used everything that I am aware exists in their missile and rocket arsenal [against Syrian rebel forces]. They are improving all the time, and so are we… but we need to study and be prepared.”

Another Israeli expert, speaking on condition of anonymity, described a combination of split-second analysis of the strength of the launch with up-to-date intelligence on Bashar Assad’s intentions. He said Israel had beefed up its deployment to more than four nationwide batteries, to allow for repeated interception of any incoming missile. The intention is “to ensure that we have at least two opportunities to intercept. We have not yet been called into action on the northern front, but I believe that we will be,” said this officer.

In Washington, Pentagon sources reported that the United States was sending Patriot missile defense systems and F-16 fighter jets to Jordan for the annual joint Eager Lion exercise between the two armies. The sources did not say whether the Patriots and fighter jets would withdraw after the two-month exercise. The US officials pointed out that the Patriots would not shield Jordan from Syrian Scuds, but were a demonstration of US support for the Hashemite kingdom. At the same time, debkafile’s military sources report a high degree of operational coordination between the US Patriot deployments in Jordan and Turkey and the Israeli Arrow 2 preparedness for a potential missile attack which could come from Iran, Syria, Lebanon or the Gaza Strip.

Another component of this missile shield is the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System aboard US warships in the Mediterranean. Moscow, for its part, continues to sow confusion about the delivery of its S-300 anti-air missile batteries to Syria, but has shown its hand on another issue, by blocking a UN Security Council motion that would have condemned Hizballah. Tabled under the heading of “a declaration of alarm over Qusayr” the Council was asked to express “grave concern” over the dire events in that town since Hizballah forces fighting with the Syrian army captured most of its urban area. Our military sources report heavy fighting is raging in the northern sector of al Qusayr since the rebels brought in reinforcements for their last stand late last week.

A Hizballah siege force has cut off food and water supplies for the 10,000 civilians and 2,500 opposition fighters trapped in that corner of the town. At least 1.200 wounded people are without access to medical attention.

Moscow claimed it blocked a Security Council motion on al Qusayr because there was no UN condemnation when the Syrian rebels captured the town in 2012. For Israel, the Russian UN action is of great concern because it amounts to the extension of Moscow’s patronage not just to the Assad regime but also to Hizballah which spearheaded the al Qusayr offensive.  This is consistent with the pledges of support Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov gave Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah during their secret conversation in Beirut on April 27. When questioned on this score, Russian diplomats were evasive – in the same way as they are ambiguous about the S-300 missiles. However Moscow’s Security Council action leaves no room for doubt that Hizballah’s military intervention in the Syrian war has won a powerful champion in Moscow.


The most serious and amazing developments happening right now in the Med area, which endanger Israel, and is partly the fault of Israeli leaders, who do not defend secular leaders against the Jihad and Sharia

debkafiles military sources: The new permanent deployment is the next Russian step for safeguarding Bashar Assad’s regime in Damascus and deterring military attacks on his Hizballah allies and Iranian interests in their three-way bloc.

Moscow is also announcing loud and clear that Russia is finally restoring its military presence to the Middle East in 2013 after the last Soviet squadron exited the Mediterranean in 1992.

Debka´s information is often correct.

themarxistblog was right on the ball in that we highlighted the article by Aaron Kline in which he suggested that there really was coordination with the worst Antisemites in the world when Israel attacked the arms in Syria destined for Hamas. He showed that even before the planes took off that the Syrian Rebels Fascists were attacking Assad positions, in other words somebody had tipped them off. My bet is on Qatar and Turkey, both Hitler type states in their hatred for Jews and Israel. THE BIG PROBLEM IS THAT NETANYAHU ASSOCIATES WITH THESE FASCISTS.


The problem is that Israel is not independent and can not take independent positions.


Israel should have followed our policy which was to defend Assad against the Jihad of Obama and Turkey, but reserve the right to defend itself.


It did not do so and Russia sees only Israel supporting the Jihad against Assad.


Remember that Israel took no position in defence of Assad or in defence of Gadhafi among others. It is this lack of Independence which is so damaging to Jews and Israel. Netanyahu snuggles up to NATO and the West.


Thus Russia takes over the area and either Israel takes on Russia in a nuclear war situation or it is finished anyway, because it cannot afford to do nothing against weapons of mass destruction reaching Hizbullah or Hamas.


These kinds of leaders in Israel are a big danger to the lives of millions of Jews.


please read the full article on


The url for the valuable Aaron Kline article was on yesterday


the essence of the problema is this. Iran and Hizbullah are totally involved in Syria because they want to have Israel eliminated, and having their forces on the borders of Israel is a win.


The Fascist left as on Indymedia is defending Assad/Hizbullah/Iran because of their hatred of Israel. The Fascist left too want Israel destroyed.


But the biggest problema of all is that Israel has not broken from US and  British Imperialism, and so was unable to take a position to oppose the Jihad of the Arab Spring.


And then there is Israeli leadership in general. themarxistblog gives its own opinión and it is totally independent of any other forcé on the planet.


We defend Israel unconditionally but in saying that everything, literally everything, depends on leadership…


Putin did not say how, but he did announce he had ordered the acceleration of highly advanced Russian weapons supplies to Syria.

DEBKAfile’s military sources disclose that the Russian leader was referring to S-300 anti-air systems and the nuclear-capable 9K720 Iskander (NATO named SS-26 Stone) surface missiles, which are precise enough to hit a target within a 5-7 meter radius at a distance of 280 kilometers. In his phone call to Netanyahu, the Russian leader made no bones about his determination not to permit the US, Israel or any other regional force (e.g. Turkey and Qatar) overthrow President Bashar Assad. He advised the prime minister to make sure to keep this in mind.

7 metres at 280 kilometers, I am no military expert but that seems dangerous to me.</blockquote>

Debka here is reporting the total bankruptcy of Netanyahu and the present Israeli elite. It also totally condemns the politics of Yamit82 and Ross and Donelan also. Let me explain:


Israel should have said to the world “We are opposed to the Obama/Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaida led Jihad on Syria, and we defend Assad against this Jihad. At the same time we are not dropping our guard against Assad, in particular with his alliance with our worst enemies iran and its proxies Hizbullah and Hamas, and we reserve all rights to stop Syrian arms reaching our enemies.”

WHAT ISRAEL HAS DONE Israel has said nothing to the world. It has treated the Jihad against Assad as of none of its concern. But in the real world it is impossible to do just that. Israel was not able to opt out, to sit on the proverbial fence as it were. Sitting on the proverbial fence in this case is an endorsement of the Obama/Al Qaida Jihad on Syria. So when Israel strikes against convoys on their way to Hizbullah, which it is fully entitled under all rules of war to do, then it is seen in the context of its snuggling up to Obama, which Netanyahu and his ruling Government of Israel has been doing, even though the great majority of Israelis have nothing but hatred for Obama. That is a real problem right there for Jews in Israel as a direct result of a weak Jewish leadership in Israel.


These are nations which are Antisemitic as a result of Stalinist influences, and also are Antisemitic in the same sense that the countries of Europe such as Britain, France and Ireland to name but three, are Antisemitic in their pro-Palestinianism, and their backing of Iran in its pursuit of the Nuclear Bomb is absolutely obvious. Another point here though which must be grasped. Russia and China fear, and have every right to fear the Imperialism of the United States Governments and Elites, and they have learned the bitter lessons from the murder by the Obama and Cameron backed Jihad of Muammar Gadhafi. And so the US Government and Obama in particular, but this applies to all of them, not least the George Bush/Condoleeza Rice combo when in power, has landed Israel right in the middle of the deepest crisis of its history bar none, because with iran continuing to get its hands on the Nuclear Bomb, it is totally and without the slightest question or doubt, an existentialist for all Jews.


As Iran piles its Jihadist killers into the critical south of Syria and as these killers stare across the border fence at the Israeli soldiers, and as Russia and China are telling Netanyahu that Russia will intervene, supply Assad with S-300 Air Defence Systems, thus at a stroke making any defence of Israel against the massive arming of Hizbullah inoperable, not forgetting that Hizbullah is already heavily armed by iran, then only the one option is open to Israel, which we will put in these points:

1. Israel must break definitively from Obama and his Jihad and must in an independent manner state that it Israel defends Assad against the Obama/Al Qaida Jihad 2. Israel must state that it defends its right to protect its people, and this means stopping by force any attempt by Assad in alliance with the Fascist Mullahs of Iran to arm the enemies of Israel, which are on the borders of Israel, and are a direct threat to Jewish lives. 3. Israel must state clearly to Russia and China, to Obama, to the EU, and to anybody interested that if Russia supplies Assad with S-300 Air Defence Systems that it Israel will take them out by whatever method is necessary, and that this is an existentialist issue for Israel and for the Jews. Furthermore Israel must explain in a systematic manner to the world, and to anybody interested, the danger to Israel from Hizbullah and other enemies, especially Iran. On that basis people must chose where they stand. This is not an appeal in any sense for assistance, this is rather a statement OF REALITY.

Now let us go back and look closely a the politics of Yamit82 and others on this very site.

Yamit82 said what happens between Mubarak and Obama/Muslim Brotherhood was of no concern of his. The result was that the Muslim Brotherhood took state power in its hands and the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaida is given a great boost. The Muslim Brotherhood is thus going for the grand sweep.

How has that been in the interests of Israel!? Israel is now threatened as never before.

Now as Debka so clearly outlines in this article tiny Israel has run up against the big boys, and there are none bigger than China and Russia.

In theory Israel could follow the advice of Yamit and Ross and just sit back and wait, then zap whatever arms are heading from this hell hole which is Syria and which as Yamit82 pointed out correctly has been created by the US. In this regard Jared Israel had a theory of the US ruling by means of chaos. Is that what we have here?

So according to Debka Israel is now ham-tied and the lives of Israelis are threatened as never before. And Ross has been arguing that Israel is in a stronger position than it was before the downfall of Mubarak, Gadhafi et al.

I really cannot see it and I doubt if one in ten thousands of Israelis could see it like Ross either.

Now I can see or begin to see why Ross was attacking me as a Trotskyist and say I was jumping on the back of the Jewish movement for my own advantage. He wants to silence the discussion and carry on with his bankrupt political method which is throwing the lives of millions of Jews into greater and greater danger. Thank goodness I spoke up. I am proud to have spoken up.


The weekly discussion programme on Talk Radio Europe yesterday Tuesday was completely off the mark, an evasión of reality, these people are way behind reality.


One caller in, a Richard Tinsely (spelt phonetically) called in and stated (what is) our position that the Syrian Government must be defended against Jihadists.


This shows up our position (that of themarxistblog). We say that but more because we also say that Israel must act in its own interests against Assad, against Jihadists, and above all against the Iran bomb.


And that is what divides themarxistblog from all on that radio station. We state clearly that Israel must take the initiative to defend itself and the only way to do that is not to wait for a Holocaust but to go on the attack and eliminate the Nuclear Bomb threat from Iran, and the chemical danger from Syria.


To do so indepenently.

ACT Israel!


On Thursday an Israeli warplane shot a drone into the Mediterranean just west of the Haifa shoreline. The drone came from Lebanon, and Israeli media immediately reported that it was sent by Hizballah—even though the prime minister and the IDF spokesman, in their public statements on the incident, made no such claim.

Amos Harel, military analyst for Haaretz, reports that the reason for that omission is probably that it wasn’t Hizballah that sent the plane but, rather, Iran—specifically its Revolutionary Guards contingent in Lebanon.

The UK’s Telegraph reports that “according to Syrian rebels and Israeli intelligence, Tehran has poured Revolutionary Guard soldiers into Syria and Lebanon to support its Shiite allies.” The Revolutionary Guards are also believed to have been behind another drone sent from Lebanon in October. That one entered Israeli airspace and was shot down not far from Israel’s nuclear plant in the Negev.
That sort of material is left out completely by this radio station Talk Radio Europe.
The Jihad is being waged against Assad and Obama is behind this, just as Clinton was behind the Jihad in Bosnia, and Bush was acting as a supporter of Jihad against Saddam, and now Obama.
It is not just Obama. It is all those who cover for Obama and there are plenty on this radio station above who are covering for Obama.
So Talk Radio Europe should discuss and face up to the reality of the Iran Nuclear Bomb. Where does the Jewish owner Matin Nathan stand on this, where does Jewish speaker Barrie Nathan stand on this, and where do Steven Gilmour and others stand on the Iranian Nuclear Bomb?
Should Israel wait until they have it or should Israel attack now?
That is also the question that the caller up to the discussion yesterday Richard Tinsely did not even mention.
This is a crime against journalism.
Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs, a site they never mention, has two pictures of the incredibly intense situation facing Jews living in the part of Israel next to Syria, with Pamela´s response to the danger, urging Israel to act…same position exactly as our position:

Go Israel.

Israeli Defense Forces held surprise military drills today near the Lebanon border with over 2,000 soldiers. Gateway Pundit (hat tip Joel)

Israel Hatzolah posted a photo from the control room. israel exercise room

Israeli Jets reportedly entered Syrian airspace and bombed a chemical weapons compound near Damascus this morning. The UPI reported:

The Free Syrian Army says Israeli air force jets flew  over President Bashar Assad’s palace and bombed a chemical weapons site  near Damascus, Maariv reported.

The report said Israeli jets entered Syrian airspace close to 6 a.m  Saturday and flew over Assad’s palace in Damascus and other security  facilities before striking a chemical weapons compound near the city.

The Hebrew language daily said a Syrian army air defense battery  positioned in the city fired at the Israeli jets, but the aircraft left  Syrian airspace unscathed. FSA rebels posted a video showing smoke  rising from the headquarters for chemical weapons.

There were no reports of the extent of damage or casualties.

Neither Damascus nor Jerusalem responded to the report.

Here’s another photo from the IDF drills near the Lebanon border today. israel drill border




There was only the one strategic defence for Israel to take. That was for Israel to defend Assad against the Jihad backed by warmongerers like Obama and Cameron, for Israel to be independent of the US and be prepared to strike against Assad or Iran if they threaten Israel, BUT ACT INDEPENDENTLY, and act in defence of the Alawites and Christians of Syria, which is what Assad is all about.


In fact Israel did the opposite. Israel kept tied to the coat tails of Obama and the final and worst betrayal was that of a few days ago when the Israeli General stated that Assad was using chemical weapons, Sarin.


This treacherous action by this Israeli bureaucrat general has given the go ahead to Obama and Cameron to destroy Assad, destroy the Christians and Alawites who support Assad, and to place the worst Jihadists of all in power in Syria.


The policies of Israel can be summed up in two words, NO INDEPENDENCE


The very thing that Israel needs the most it lacks.


The present Israelí leadership is showing it cannot take a single step on its own. This places it in a most difficult situation as Obama, Cameron and the Jihad breaks up Syria.


The attacks on Syria goes hand in hand with the attacks on libertarians like Pamela Geller. The Muslim Brotherhood is crowing in delight at all of this.


The worst of it all is that Netanyahu and these leaders know very well the dangers the Jews are being thrown into but they are unable to act independently from Obama and Cameron.


So the following extract after the news that Israel having to down a Hizbullah drone yesterday shows he sees the dangers, but can and will do nothing.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said: “We take an extremely grave view of this attempt to violate our borders and will continue to guard them and keep our citizens safe.” He added, “We are watching events in Syria and Lebanon with extreme concern. Syria is breaking up and Lebanon is unstable. Both places pose not inconsiderable perils to Israel – two emanating directly from Syria. The first is the possible transfer of sophisticated weaponry to terrorist organizations and the second, attempts by terrorists to break through our borders and attack our towns and villages. Israel stands ready to counteract any threats from Syria or Lebanon by sea, air and land.”


In essence Netanyahu and the Israeli elite have thrown their lot in with the Jihadists in Syria, because they have thrown their lot in with Hagel, Obama and Cameron, AND AGAINST THE SECULAR ASSAD, and into the bargain they are betraying their Syrian Christian friends and potential friends in the Alawites. Iran is a totally separate issue. Israel has to urgently defend itself against the Iranian Facist Mullahs and their Nuclear Bomb aimed at Jews essentially. That means for Israel to declare war on the Iranian Fascists, not because we or Israel likes that, but because to survive as a people there is simply no alternative. But Netanyahu rather tan face that reality waits on Obama to help out. A long and fruitless wait!