themarxistblog makes it very clear that we support albeit critically the action of the Egyptian Army in its attempt to put down the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It is very noticeable that one of the main planks of the Muslim Brothers is that the Army carried out a coup d’état. If that was a coup d’état it must be the strangest one in history. Something like ten millions of Egyptians were on the streets demanding that the Army take over power from Morsi. In fact the Army leaders were only following the precedent set by Nasser when he executed the Muslim Fascist and refounder of the Muslim Brotherhood Sayeed Qutb. What a lot of bother that then saved the world from!


The most important issue in Egypt was to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from continuing in power. Remember that the faulty leaders of the Revolution more or less handed power to the Muslim Brotherhood on a platter. That leadership was so bad they hardly understood what they were doing or what was the real danger, which was always from the Muslim Brotherhood.


Obama is backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the hilt and so is the EU.


But hey, wait  a minute, is the EU and the US also not backing the Muslim Brotherhood (Fatah/Hamas and the Palestinian State farce) in Israel, in that the term now used everywhere in the world “Palestinians” is just another name for the Jihad against Jews in the Middle East.


What are the “Palestinians” anyway? Up until 1948 if you said you were a Palestinian you would definitely have been taken for a Jew.


The “Palestinians” is a new phenomenon and those who have really studied history (but most haven’t) know that the “Palestinians” is not based on a nation but on opposition to the Jews getting a foothold in the lands of Islam.


In fact as we speak the Egyptians are showing the way to the Jews. The great masses of Egyptians who keep on fighting in Tahrir Square turning out in millions after millions are taking the fight to the Muslim Brothers.


But in contrast to that apart from a few the Jews in Israel have STOPPED FIGHTING and have done so long ago.


That is why the Jews in Israel have allowed the Fascist Antisemitic newspaper Haaretz go on publishing its Nazi type filth against the Jews.


Why does Gideon Levy and Amira Hass still have a job in Israel?


The reason is because the Jews of Israel have stopped fighting. If the Jews of Israel were fighting like the Egyptian people then Hass and Levy WOULD BE LONG GONE.


The Jews of Israel are led by a ruling class and a middle class which have grown fat and complacent. Above all they want the capitalist system to continue. They want the system of profit, which threatens the world, to continue, WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.


The brother of the PATRIOT who killed Rabin has learned to disavow Individual Terrorism, but these brothers now put their fingers on the problem in Israel.


These brothers have thrown down a challenge to the whole set-up in Israel. They maintain…


In Gaza there were too many of the settlers who were not prepared to fight. And they did not. They allowed the Rabbis to disarm them politically and it was the Rabbis and the leaders of the Settlers who persuaded the brave youth of Israel to give up, and allow the Police and IDF to expel the Jews from Gaza.


There is a link.


The Egyptians are fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood. The Jews of Israel are fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood too.


The reactionary Jewish leaders think that their struggle is unique. But it is not unique at all.


It is the very same struggle of the Egyptians against the Muslim Brotherhood.


This needs to be made conscious by building a new leadership to express this. To this concept of new leadership expect only hostility from the capitalist Jewish ruling class and most of its middle class. Only the poor Jews and youth will fight. They must learn and be inspired by the Egyptians fight against Morsi.



Tzipi Livni

Tzipi Livni (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





THE FOLLOWING IS A QUOTE FROM THE HORRIFIC WEBSITE CALLED “HARRY’S PLACE”…While there are many views on that website the following is supportive of the EU ban on Israel, and is making a link with the Israeli leader Tzipi Livni.

But note this very well it could have been the President Peres, or any one of many parties in Israel, who are called the “left” for confusing reasons.

I am saying there are people living in Israel who actually support this “March to the Death Camps” ban

Anyways read what Livni says:


the response to this proposal given by Tzipi Livni, who has said:

It saddens me that we have reached this point, but I hope that it will motivate all those who think we can live with the current stalemate

Livni is saying that she favours the Boycott because it will force Israel into the creation of a Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria.


Judea and Samaria is also called the “West Bank” (since about 1967)


Judea and Samaria is also called the Illegal and Occupied Territories


Judea and Samaria is also called the Disputed Territories



Well we call it JUDEA and Samaria. Note I place Judea in capitals because it has a special meaning for me as an Irish person. Judea signifies for me the land of the Jews.

I listened to a BBC programme in which the person on a panel was rubbishing the idea that there was a King David and rubbishing much more about the Hebrew Bible.

I am no expert on this subject but I do know that this man on that programme was a “relativist”. That means in layman’s language that a human being can never know the truth.


In fact this man on that panel was not JUST attacking history in the Bible, he was attacking the science of history itself. He was a relativist.


The important thing here is that the Jews have always looked on this area as their origins, their homeland.


I do not want to draw facile comparisions here but…How an Irish person may look on West Cork, or the Lakes of Killarney, or the GPO in Dublin, or the hills of Tyrone, or New Grange, or if you are Protestant perhaps Lough Neagh or Strangford Lough…that is the “Homeland”.

That to me is the meaning of what has happened to the Jews over this EU Boycott.

It concerns the nationality of the Jews


The Palestinian Narrative has been allowed to grow and expand like a huge monster and it is that, so that no matter what the Palestinians have done then it has been and is being glossed over…example the attack on the Munich Olympics.

I saw a film on this recently, the hunting down by Israeli avengers of those assasins, and the weird thing about that film was that it was the Palestinian killers of Munich who were the victims in that film.

No matter what the Palestinians have done they have been excused.

I am at a lost to understand this phenomenon except to think that this is the result of the telling and re-telling of a narrative, a particular narrative.

Take themarxistblog in this regard. it happens to believe that this Palestinian Narrative is based on many lies.

The difference with us and many Jews whom we meet is this. We disagree…this Palestinian Narrative did not get there by accident. the lies had to be spread.

It is no good at all moaning that the world is Antisemitic.

The world is as it is. In order to tellthe truth you have to combat the lies.

How can an individual do this on his or her own? No absolutely not.

This was the central point that Lenin made in all of his life. To combat lies and to spread the truth you need to organise inside an organisation devoted to combatting the lies.

THAT is the essence of themarxistblog.

It runs through everything we touch. Take Spain for example: Why are bulls being run through streets and then tortured in bull fights. Why are dogs being abandoned in Spanish heat? Why is Palm Oil taking over the whole of Sumatra and pushing the Orangutan to total extinction?


There is the difference right there. That is precisely what distinguishes themarxistblog. Indeed what distinguishes Trotskyism.


We maintain there IS an answer. There is a truth to find out.


THAT is the essential truth of this EU Boycott. Reader, do help our organization to prove this.



Barrie Nathan on Talk Radio Europe yesterday argued that there is nothing to worry about in the Prism spying programme.


The discussion took place over 2 hours yesterday on the portal Talk Radio Europe radio station.


The callers in were a cross section of British people and they were divided over the issue. One a supporter of Portsmouth Football Team argued that the people need this type of surveillance, and more, and the more spying on us according to this “Gary” the better.

(But when people like Gary call for more and more state spying on the population and states that he does not mind because “he has nothing to hide” then he forgets that the jews in 1930s Europe were the most law abiding people on earth, but that did them no good against the Nazis.

It is exactly the same here. We do not know in politics how things are going to develop and whether all of our democratic rights will be taken away by a dictatorship.

Already the two completely law abiding citizens of America, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, have been banned by the British Foreign Secretary from attending a meeting in Woolwich in two weeks time, and the reason for this is political, that they are opposed to the method and practice of Islam as contained in the Koran.

Thus gone, at the stroke of a pen, is the right to free speech, the pen wielded by the present elected government of Britain.)


Barrie Nathan also called Snowden a traitor. Nathan was the very centre and pivot of the discussion.


Why is what Barrie Nathan claims important?


The most important reason is that Nathan is Jewish and well known as Jewish, so he is linking this horrific spying to Jewish people. Is that not grand!!! The people who suffered most of all because of spying persecution by the Nazis namely the Jews here argues for it. Or at least Nathan is.


Before the Nazis rounded up the Jews and put them in holding centres prior to deportation to the death camps there was massive espionage on the Jews so that when the time came for them to be rounded up they were already identified precisely.


Barrie Nathan is not either intelligent or well read, especially about what is happening in current affairs. The big question about this massive spying by Obama and Cameron is that it is directed not at all against Islamic terrorists, but against ordinary people. Why do I say this?


I will limit myself to three things


  1. The US army major called Hasan who murdered his colleagues
  2. The Boston bombings
  3. The beheading in broad daylight of young Lee Risby

In the case of the major who murdered his colleagues in the American Army (mowed down 13 US soldiers while screaming allahu akbar on the Fort Hood military base in Texas in November 2009.)


Obama insisted that this not be called a Jihadist murder, but a “work-place murder”. Obama and Mrs Hilary Clinton have used this technique of whitewashing Islam from day one


In the case of the Boston murderers (the two Tsarnaev brothers) and maimers of good Americans the same pattern emerges… The information about these threats to life was already in the hands of the Obama regime. It did not come from the snooping. It came from two sources. First of all the Russian Government WARNED the US that they were Jihadists. Then the  Saudis did exactly the same BY LETTER. (Yes the Saudis do worry about Jihadists) But the US Government would not listen, would not hear of the threat from Jihad


Nip over the pond and look at the Woolwich killers. Here a soldier based at the nearby Woolwich barracks was beheaded by two machete-wielding assailants. Again they were so well known to the British that the British police actually had these Jihadists in their very hands and they were already spouting their hatred and plans to kill in the mosque, but that is exactly where the police in Britain are not allowed to spy inside. We do also know about Ken Livingstone and his support for Jihad in the form of support for Jihadist Qaradawi. Then Boris Johnson stopped any investigation of Islam and Jihad in its tracks. Cameron did the exact same.


All this information about these Jihadist murders was on the record, there to be acted upon.


It was not acted upon. Instead we are all investigated through spying techniques.


Keep in mind in all of this that although it is new technology there is nothing different to the Chile Coup, or the Nazi Holocaust. Before they acted they had the names and addresses.


They are covering for the Jihadists. The state covers for Islam which is a deadly and bloodthirsty ideology.


But as never before in human history…They are spying on us!


Those are the issues that Barrie Nathan did not raise in the Talk Radio Europe discussion. A copy of this article will be forwarded to Barrie Nathan. We will print his reply to us.


Final Facebook post by Abullah Comert, the 22 year protester who was killed in Antakya today:
“In the last 3 days, I’ve slept for only 5 hours and I’ve escaped death 3 times. And you know what people say to me? ‘Why bother? Are you going to save the country by yourself?’ Yes, and if we can’t we’ll die trying. (I am so tired, I have gulped down 7 cans of energy drink, and I have taken 9 painkillers, my voice is gone, but I’ll be out on the street again at 6 AM for revolution’s sake)

                   Abdullah Comert Abdullah Comert

This Young Turkish man has given his life in fighting against the Turkish Erdogan Jihad. He stands in a long line of fighters against the Jihad, and these fighters against the Jihad include the English Defence League, and includes many others including the whole nation of the Jews of Israel, the Coptic Christian people of Egypt, the Berbers, and many others not forgetting the Kurds.

Erdogan is first and foremost a Jihadist against secularism and against the secular revolution against Islam of the 1920s.




The has an article on the Israeli strikes. It represents the most serious betrayal EVER of the Trotskyist heritage, which is to defend Jews from Holocaust and Killing by Fascists




The Israeli strikes on Syria


6 May 2013


WSWS WRITES…Israel’s bombing of Damascus International Airport Thursday night and Syrian army targets across Damascus yesterday morning are unprovoked and illegal acts of war, abetted by Washington and its European allies as part of their escalating campaign against Syria.


The wsws revisionist fake-Trotskyists here deliberately exclude the issue…should Israel just sit back, do nothing and allow Hizbullah take on board the most advanced rocketry from Syria which will be used to murder Jews inside Israel in huge numbers?



Russian media reported that 300 Syrian soldiers had been killed and hundreds more wounded in Sunday’s attacks alone.


That may or may not be true, we do not know, if it is true it is very regrettable, but in any case all countries have a right to defend their people from murder, in this case from certain murder by Hizbullah, and most fair minded Russians would agree. Israel should oppose the Obama/Sharia Jihad against Assad but must always be independent and strike if necessary anywhere to defend its people, the Jewish people. Praying int he face of Jihad is rarely effective.


Israeli forces effectively acted as air support for US-backed Islamist opposition militias around Damascus. The opposition Damascus Military Council issued a statement shortly after the bombings Sunday calling on its fighters to put aside their differences and mount focused attacks on Syrian troops.


It is quite possible that Sharia Fascists who are supported by Obama and Cameron would use the Israeli strikes, but the wsws revisionist fake-Trotskyists completely ignore the plight of Israel, and should Israel simply watch as Hizbullah arms itself with deadly Jew murdering weapons from Syria. Is that not of any concern to them! They betray Trotsky these people. Trotsky fought in the 1930s to defend Jews threatened with KILLING by the German Nazis. It is now necessary to defend Jews threatened with KILLING by the Hizbullah and Iranian Mullahs Nazis.


The attacks come amid a debate in Washington over how the Obama administration should escalate its war in Syria, given the failure of its proxy forces to topple the Syrian regime. The New York Times on Sunday described this as “the most urgent foreign policy issue of [Obama’s] second term.”


The methods being considered testify to the politically criminal character of the undertaking. They include either giving more weapons to the US-backed opposition, which is dominated by the Al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front, or initiating outright US hostilities. The latter option includes launching US attacks on Syrian aircraft and air defenses to set up a “no-fly zone” inside the country, or invading Syria with US troops based in Jordan or Turkey.


There is every indication that the Israeli strikes were a trial run for possible US air strikes on Syria. Though US and European officials have reportedly discussed launching attacks to start a no-fly zone, Washington has until now refrained from organizing them out of concern over Syria’s air defense systems.


Speaking on NBC News’s “Meet the Press,” US Senator Patrick Leahy (Democrat of Vermont) said the Israeli strikes were carried out with US-supplied F-16s, and that they proved the “Russian-supplied air defense systems are not as good as were said.” On the same program, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell said that after the Israeli attacks, a no-fly zone in Syria seemed more likely.


All of that may be true, or some of it may be true. But once again what do the wsws revisionist fake-Trotskyists expect Israel to do??? Every single country in the world, without the slightest teeny weeny exception, has the responsibility to defend its own people, and if Israel sees arms heading towards Hizbullah, or to any group of Fascists in Syria near to Israel, then IT HAS TO ACT with force, because praying is never an answer, and closing your eyes to reality is not either. It is clear that the is an Israel hating grouping, and certainly since the lives of Jews in Israel are being threatened big time by those very arms heading to Hizbullah and Israeli direction, a Jew hating organisation. As I said it is a fake Trotskyist and fake Marxist organisation


The betrayal of the Jews by these bourgeois Zionist leaders is non stop. In our last article we have seen how Belman of Israpundit, Caroline Glick and debka are joining in with the Obama Jihad against Assad.

This is based on our opposition to the “evidence” of the IDF big Wheel General or Brigadier, or Brigadier General or whatever the hell he calls himself.

This Brun guy traitor to the Jews gave as his evidence against Assad the evidence of a PICTURE


Hey Brun remember the el Dura fraudery by the Arab Palestinian liars. You are doing just the same. the el Dura fraudery was based on the doctoring of a photograph as well. Did Obama and Hegel put you up to it? Are you an agent of Obama Brun?


So then if you are what about the position now of Belman, of Glick and of Debka!!!???


The bourgeois Zionist leadership of the Jews is rotten to the core. Note that we say “leadership”. Zionism is the national liberation of the Jewish people but it needs new and principled leadership.


It is possible that Assad used the nerve gas, just that Brun provided no evidence.


It is also posible that the Jihadists against Assad used it. There are 20 places where they could have got it, for example from Qatar.


Glick, Belman of Israpundit and debka, we cannot proceed in this manner. Quite simply you are liars and not prepared to look for evidence. Disgusting.


How the Israeli bourgeois leadership is getting ever deeper into bed with Obama is seen in the following from debka:


Israel and Turkey agreed last week to start pooling their incoming intelligence on the Syrian civil war, debkafile’s intelligence sources report exclusively. Exchanges will take place at the highest level between Mossad Director Tamir Pardo and Hakan Fidan, head of Turkey’s MIT.

The United States will also provide additional security for Syria’s southern neighbor by the relocation of US Patriot missile interceptors from West Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to northern Jordan opposite the Syrian border.

US Patriots were deployed on the Turkish-Syrian border last year.

The new Patriot deployment indicates that the Obama administration is now treating the peril to its allies from Syria as greater than the Iranian menace. Things are also on the move in the Turkish-Israeli arena. Advantage was taken of the Israeli delegation’s visit to Istanbul Monday, April 22, for negotiations on the amount of compensation to be paid out to the families of the nine Turks who died in a clash of arms with Israeli naval commandoes in May 2010, when their ship, the Mavi Marmara, was stopped from completing its mission to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. As first reported by the last DEBKA-Net-Weekly, the negotiating session was brief. Criteria for determining the amounts of the payouts were settled in less than an hour. A joint Israeli-Turkish group is to calculate the sums and refer their estimates back to the delegations for approval.

The two delegations then got down to the brass tacks of the most pressing issues of interest to them both


This horrific selling out of the Jews of Israel by the Jewish bourgois around Netanyahu is mirrored in this sentence which we repeat for careful consideration:


Exchanges will take place at the highest level between Mossad Director Tamir Pardo and Hakan Fidan, head of Turkey’s MIT


Now keep in mind that this is the same Turkish MIT that was directly behind the Jihadist Mavi Marmora on which so much Antisemitic propaganda was based around


George Galloway must be licking his lips in delight at these awful betrayals of the Jewish cause by these pro Obama rulers of Israel.


The key question is Assad. Assad is a secularist and must be defended against the Jihad which is backed by US Imperialism in the same way that the Jihad against the Christian Serbs in Bosnia was backed and promoted by Clinton.

At stake in this are the lives of millions of Alawites and Christians in Syria. If the Jihadists win over Assad millions will die at the hands of the Jihad. And the threat to Israel massive.

Iran is separate so keep it separate. Israel must go to war against the Iranian Fascists and also aid the Iranian people to overthrow these Fascists. That time is long past. It should have been done by Israel years ago. Who held them back. their own traitors did as well as the American Imperialists (held them back)


themarxistblog states most forcefully that Jews must defend Assad against the Jihad. Note that this does not and never will imply that Israel lowers for a single second its guard against Assad, and against the chemical weapons which Assad owns. But the defence against the Fascist Jihad backed by Imperialism is unconditional and is a position of total principle.



themarxistblog is very clear on the vital issue in relation to the Boston bombing. This is Jihadist activity. This is the same practice that led to the Nazis murdering 6 millions of Jews. This is the same practice that led the Arabs as a whole to join in with the Nazi Holocaust, and in the case of the main LEADER of the Arabs, the Muftí Husseini, close relative of Arafat, actually being a direct organiser of the Holocaust of the Jews.

Drawing from that experience of the Holocaust and the role of the Arabs and Islam in the Holocaust, then it is wrong to see Islam as just another religion, it is far different to a religion, it is a war ideology with Antisemitism at its heart.

There are now many people who are making excuses for the Jihadists. They are saying that these attacks on America are because of drones. But this leaves out the ideology of Islam as preached by the Jihadists all down through history.

What made Hitler murder 6 millions of Jews? the answer is Antisemitism, a very specific ideology. What makes Islam Jihadists attack America as in Boston. The reason again is Antisemitism, and they see America as being a Jewish country.

In this context the American GOVERNMENT is joining in with this Antisemitism. Kerry has just justified the Turkish Jihadists of the Mavi Marmora. Obama is backing the Jihadists of Syria against the secular Assad. Bush removed the secular Saddam and replaced him with Iran friendly Jihadist, Christian persecuting Iraq of today. The secular Gadhafi was murdered by Obama. Obama also is directly responsable for the secular Mubarak being overthrown and replaced by Morsi.

In the case of the Boston killers it is very likely indeed that the American GOVERNMENT was prepared to use these killers against Russia. As the CIA also used the Blind Sheikh.

Similarly the BBC is presently using the Jihadist Muslims in Burma against the Buddhists.

And so on. The fact is that the crisis in the capitalist system drives the capitalist class internationally (27 per cent unemployment in Spain announced today) to line up with the Fascism of Islam.

They did exactly this in the Holocaust to murder 6 millions of Jews.

It is quite sickening to hear on Talk Radio Europe this morning British people there on that station making continually excuses for these Jihadist Boston killers. Read the following:


Earlier I posted that the Boston Jihad Bomber’s “only American friend” had his throat slit. I said, “I think this case should be reopened in light of the Boston jihad. Throat slitting is a jihad speciality”

What I didn’t know was that all three vicitms were Jewish. We know that under Islam, slaughtering Jews is the most  desired of all kufar murder.“I killed my Jew!

Slain Boston Bomb Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev Eyed in Jewish Triple Murder The Forward, April 23, 2013, thanks to Nik  Best Friend Killed Along With Brandeis Grad and Devout Jew

Police in a Boston suburb are investigating whether slain Boston  Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was involved in the unsolved  murders of his close friend and two other men, one of whom was a  Brandeis University graduate and the other a devout Jew.

Tsarnaev, who was killed in a shootout with police, was a close friend of Brendan Mess, who was found murdered in an apartment in Waltham, Mass. on Sept. 12, 2011, along with Erik Weissman and Raphael Teken.

Weissman was a devoted member of his synagogue, according to WCVB in Boston and Teken had majored in history at predominantly Jewish Brandeis.