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Karl Marx (1818-1883) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Woolwich Prison in London the man called Adebolajo who beheaded the English soldier Rigby had 2 of his teeth knocked out.

Would you not think that this is a total non event. But in Sharia pliant and ultra cautious Britain it is not a non event, but a very big event indeed, and the Tory Government and its prison service follows the rule that suspension of the prison warders is in order while an investigation of the incident takes place.

The warders have said that they were restraining the killer of Rigby.

The question which asks is why was that not enough for Cameron, and if they were restraining this maniacal killer (rather proven don’t you think!) then why were the 5 wardens not rewarded immediately by say a grant each of 1000 pounds sterling for service rendered.

“No guts Cameron” a new name for this political whore right!

The same really with George Zimmerman. George was a guy who was performing the very useful service to society of Neighbourhood Watch. Martin who he happened to encounter in the course of his duties was not only a member of what Marx called the LUMPEN proletariat, and was such a drug user that the drugs he was using had altered seriously his mind in a very violent direction. In Martin the drugs altered his mind and it also had altered his BRAIN according to the autopsy. George Zimmerman had the bad luck to meet an explosive cocktail of lumpen proletariat and very dangerous and violence inducing drugs.


Instead the cronies of Obama (with Obama prompting and very directly involved) put poor George Zimmerman on trial.


Yes indeed are indeed Marxists but we are not doctrinaires and we can see what is happening in the world.

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Kevin Carroll arrested outside Sharia run Tower Hamlets on Saturday last

The man above in the handcuffs generously supplied by the British pólice is an English man who is protesting against the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Rigby was beheaded. He is the well known Kevin Carroll, and Tommy Robinson leader of the EDL was also arrested. They did nothing but want to walk through an area of London.

But that area was Tower Hamlets, Sharia run Tower Hamlets.

Meanwhile there is a video on the net this weekend of a Syrian Christian priest who is having his head hacked from his body.

There is a video of this on the Atlas Shrug website, url below, and themarxistblog placed this comment there. It relates to who is actually responsible for these things happening. First of all is Islam. But to say that is not the full story as our comment explains:


The actual position is that McCain and Lieberman (Joseph) support this beheading of a priest in Syria. How do I know? How am I so sure? Because they supported the very same beheadings of harmless and innocent Serb farming boys in the 1990s. Some people commenting above seem to have illusions on what is happening in this world. There is nothing to challenge McCain and Lieberman about. We who followed Yugoslavia KNOW.

Those who are guilty of this are those in the leadership of ALL countries who say that Islam is a religión of peace and that some “extremists” have used Islam. That is basically the whole of the leadership of western capitalism.”



“EDL Leader Robinson Arrested Amid Tribute Bid,” from Sky News, June 29 (thanks to Alan of England):

Two English Defence League leaders have been arrested in London as they attempted to march to Woolwich, where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed in May.Tommy Robinson shouted, “You are enforcing Sharia law”, at officers who held him on suspicion of obstructing police as he tried to enter the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

The EDL had previously announced plans to walk through part of the capital before gathering outside Woolwich Barracks, near where Drummer Rigby was hacked to death in broad daylight.

But the Metropolitan Police put conditions on the march which demanded that it ended at Old Palace Yard, opposite the House of Lords.

As well as planning to lay flowers in memory of Drummer Rigby, Mr Robinson and EDL co-leader Kevin Carroll, who was also arrested, were walking to raise money for a young girl fighting cancer.

Sky Correspondent Tom Parmenter said: “They’d walked six miles when they were arrested outside Aldgate East underground station.

“Police had been tracking the walk across London and had regularly spoken to them about their route.

“The EDL leaders had been warned not to go past a large mosque in east London or enter the borough of Tower Hamlets.

“As they approached the boundary of the borough they were warned again by officers who told them they may be arrested.”

Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll repeatedly asked if they would actually be arrested before another man approached the pair and assaulted Mr Carroll.

Parmenter said: “As police officers tried to deal with the situation the EDL leaders continued to walk forward and then a senior policewoman placed the pair under arrest.”

The pair, who were wearing T-shirts bearing the words “support our troops”, were led into a police van in handcuffs while complaining about their treatment. Two other men were arrested over the assault.

At the start of the walk in Hyde Park, Mr Robinson had said: “There’s two of us doing a charity walk.

“They’re (police) saying it (Tower Hamlets) is a Muslim area but to me there is no Muslim area, there are just areas of my capital city that if I have to walk from A to B then you have to walk through.”

“Obviously I don’t want to get arrested and I don’t want to get in trouble so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” 

Scotland Yard said the conditions were imposed because of fears the march and the gathering would result in “serious public disorder” and it had warned that a breach would lead to arrest.

The Met said it had attempted to work with the EDL to facilitate the march and gathering and offered them two alternative routes that avoided the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which is home to the East London Mosque.

In a statement posted on the EDL’s Twitter feed, the group said: “Tommy Robinson & Kev Caroll arrested for obstructing the police and carted off.”

The statement claimed “negotiations” for their release were taking place and that the pair still hoped to walk to Woolwich to lay flowers.

Mr Robinson earlier replied to a tweet asking him what weather he was expecting for Saturday: “ill be in a cell by lunch time so won’t matter. Ha ha”

The EDL campaigns against what it says is the spread of radical Islam, but it has been accused of Islamophobia and previous rallies have ended in clashes with anti-fascist groups.

“Anti-fascist groups,” i.e., fascist thugs.

Earlier this week, two American political activists who founded an anti-Muslim group were banned by the Home Secretary from entering the UK following reports they were to attend this weekend’s march.

Calling us “anti-Muslim” is like calling foes of the Nazis “anti-German.”

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who set up Stop Islamisation of America and run the website Jihad Watch, have been forbidden from entering the country on the grounds their presence would “not be conducive to the public good”.


PJ Media has this fine analysis ( of the situation in Britain since the Woolwich beheading of the British soldier. It is by Mike McNally…

Even more so than with previous acts of Islamist terror, the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in London last week was intended to shock and outrage the British people, to provoke a backlash against Muslims the attackers hoped would start the inter-communal violence Islamists have fomented across the Middle East and elsewhere. As one of the killers told Cub Scout leader Ingrid Loyau-Kennett when she bravely confronted them: “We want to start a war in London tonight.”

So far, however, the backlash has been little more than a spasm. In the most serious incident, two former soldiers were charged with trying to firebomb a mosque. There have been several other acts of vandalism against mosques, reports of Muslims being harassed in the streets, and marches by the racist soccer hooligans of the English Defence League. Meanwhile, two war memorials in London were defaced with Islamist graffiti.

Listening to the politicians, community leaders, and certain media outlets, you’d think the threat posed by the Woolwich attack to “community cohesion” — an abstraction that Britain’s political elites spend much of their time fretting about these days — was of more concern to them than the attack itself.


Beyond the condemnation of Drummer Rigby’s murder, two themes have dominated the official response. The first: an insistence that the attack had little, if anything, to do with “real” or “true” Islam. Prime Minister David Cameron called the killing “a betrayal of Islam,” and added: “There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

The second theme: the ideology of the killers is shared by only a handful of extremists. To this end, politicians have been showering praise on moderate Muslim leaders for condemning the killings without reservation.

Both of these claims are dishonest and dangerous. That expressions of condemnation from British Muslims for the beheading of a British soldier have been greeted with a mixture of relief and gratitude tells much about the poverty of the debate over Islamic extremism here.

The greatest threat to “community cohesion” is the denial of the obvious: while most British Muslims were appalled by last week’s killing, the killing did in fact have a great deal to do with a particular ideology, one shared to some degree by many thousands of British Muslims and tens of millions of Muslims around the world.

Listening to Cameron and others, it was remarkable to see how many white, Christian, or atheist politicians fancy themselves scholars of Islam — they feel qualified to divine the “true” version of the religion from “perverted” forms.

As much as they might want to believe otherwise, there’s no objectively “true” interpretation of Islam, in Britain or anywhere else. As Douglas Murray writes in the Spectator: since Islam’s founding, a battle has raged “between those who read their religion literally and those who read it metaphorically.” The violent extremists make a plausible case that peace-loving co-religionists are perverting Islam.

In their eagerness to absolve Islam of any responsibility for the Woolwich atrocity, British Muslims, sympathetic media commentators, and nervous politicians have been quoting verse 5:32 of the Koran until they’re blue in the face.

The extract they like to cite:

Whosoever killeth a human being … it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.

Note the ellipsis after “ human being.” It’s there because the writer or speaker invariably removes this section of the verse — a rather important one.

The unabridged passage:

Whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind.

At his site Jihad Watch, PJ Media contributor Robert Spencer caught Mehdi Hasan, a left-wing journalist and a Muslim, trying this same ruse.

For a more detailed analysis of verse 5:32, see this post. The author notes that, far from being an injunction against murder, the verse “grants Muslims license to kill non-Muslims under a surprisingly broad range of circumstances.”

You don’t have to look far to find other Koranic exhortations to murder: the Verse of the Sword, depending on the translation, commands believers to “slay the infidels wherever you find them.”

Of course, most Muslims are not driven to kill by verse 5:32, any more than Christians feel the urge to pluck their eye out because it has caused them to sin. But you only have to look to the Middle East and to Pakistan and Afghanistan, where every month hundreds of Muslims are murdered by other Muslims for religious reasons. Or to Africa, where thousands of Christians have been killed by Muslims recent years. Or consult the latest Pew poll on Muslim attitudes which found large majorities in several Islamic countries favoring the death penalty for apostasy. And consider the thousands of ”honor” killings carried out by Muslims every year. Killing in the name of Islam is perfectly acceptable to a considerable minority of Muslims, at the very least. It’s hard to plausibly argue that the brutal killing in Woolwich runs counter to Islamic teachings.

And what, for that matter, of the millions more Muslims worldwide who might be sincerely opposed to violence, but who see nothing wrong with women being treated as second-class citizens? Or who practice or condone female genital mutilation or forced marriage? Have they too strayed from the “true” path of Islam?

As for that claim that terrorist attacks are supported by only a tiny minority of British Muslims: according to the intelligence service MI5, 312 people were convicted of offenses related to Islamist terrorism between September 11, 2001, and September 30, 2012; to that number you can add 24 Muslims who have been convicted this year in connection with four separate plots, among the dozens foiled in recent years. The security services say “thousands” of suspects are being monitored, and hundreds of British Muslims have gone to train in terrorist camps overseas, or to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Also, opinion polls have shown that more than a tiny minority of British Muslims are sympathetic to terror attacks in the UK.

Some commentators have pointed out that Islamist terrorism remains a rarity in the UK; Drummer Rigby’s killing was indeed the first jihadist murder in London since the 7/7 subway and bus bombings in 2005. However, if on other occasions the security services had dropped the ball as they did with the Woolwich killers (both men were known to MI5; one was arrested in Kenya in 2010 on suspicion of attempting to join Islamist fighters in Somalia), we could have been talking about several dozen more Britons killed in attacks in the past few years.

After the 7/7 attacks, the then-Labour government launched a series of initiatives to counter Islamic extremism and the radicalization of young Muslims in mosques, universities, and prisons. But little if any progress has been made. A mishmash of often contradictory programs has failed to distinguish between genuinely moderate Muslim organizations and those that are interested only in grievance-mongering, or are merely fronts for more radical groups.

Meanwhile, every proposal to introduce new anti-terrorism measures is met with resistance from left-wing and libertarian politicians, civil liberties groups, and human rights lawyers. Attempts to deport foreign-born hate preachers such as the notorious Abu Qatada and other terror suspects have been thwarted by judges sitting not in Britain, but in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. (The UK did manage to deport another extremist cleric, Abu Hamza, after a lengthy legal battle, and he’s now America’s problem.)

While attacks such as last week’s are the most visible and extreme manifestation of Islamism in Britain, focusing only on terrorism steers the debate away from more widespread and insidious problems with sections of the Muslim community.

Last year I wrote about the horrific case of young girls being raped and abused by gangs of Pakistani Muslim men. Several men have since been jailed over similar “grooming” cases, and more cases are being investigated. Earlier this year I wrote about Muslim gangs patrolling the streets of London to threaten homosexuals, to harass people for drinking alcohol, and to harass women for being “inappropriately” dressed. Several opinion polls have found large numbers of Muslims in favor of sharia law being introduced in Britain, and underground sharia courts are operating in several British cities.

So: we have a tiny minority of jihadists, another tiny minority of honor killers, another of thugs enforcing Islamic diktats on the streets, and so on. When you add all these tiny minorities together, you end up with a rather large minority. For every Islamist who wants to kill people, there are thousands more who display open contempt for British society and its values of equality and tolerance. If these everyday acts of extremism aren’t tackled, Muslims of all persuasions will become increasingly disconnected from the rest of society, allowing the most dangerous forms of radicalism to flourish.

If politicians, moderate Muslims, and other influential figures don’t loudly and repeatedly condemn every kind of extremism, the problems will only get worse. Britain’s Muslim population is approaching three million — or five percent of the kingdom. On current trends it’s expected to double within 20 years, with Islam expected to overtake Christianity as the UK’s dominant religion within ten. Around one in ten Britons under the age of 25 is Muslim, and extremist views are more prevalent among young Muslims than among Muslims as a whole.

But there’s no sign that things are about to change. For all the stirring words in the past week, you get the impression that as long as Islamist terror attacks remain a rarity, Britain’s political elites and the broader liberal-left establishment are happy to put up with a little extremism in order not to jeopardize the greater multicultural project.

After all, the sons of politicians don’t have to take their lives in their hands traveling on public transport through immigrant ghettos, and the daughters of well-off civil liberties campaigners and human rights lawyers are in no danger of being “groomed” by gangs of Muslim men.

Eventually, the killers will get through again. And, just as they did last week, the British public will lay flowers, and politicians will vow that the extremists will never win — and then we’ll go back to avoiding the issues. What the politicians don’t seem to understand is that the Islamists’ definition of winning is different than ours — in the absence of an outright victory over their enemies, they’ll settle for a few more decades of bloodshed and strife. It’s true that they won’t win, but there’s no sign of them losing.


themarxistblog is alone on the left. We are alone in condemning the Woolwich beheading for what it is…an action straight out of the belief and practice of Islam


This Muslim beheading of a British youth and soldier has thrown the whole of this SWP and WSWS/WRP type left into huge crisis.


Note this very well: Karl Marx who many of these groups claim to follow was very opposed to Islam in the most fundamental way possible.


Karl Marx did not write much about Islam but he did write enough. Only a very few intellectuals in the 19th century were writing about Islam and the Koran, one of those being of course Alexis de Tocqueville, who in preparation for a visit to Algeria made an important and time enduring critique of the Koran.


We have already printed what Marx wrote:


“German original:

„Der Islam ächtet die Nation der Ungläubigen und schafft einen Zustand permanenter Feindschaft zwischen Muselmanen und Ungläubigen.“

English translation:

“Islam ostracizes the nation of the unbelievers and creates a state of permanent enemyship between the moslems and the unbelievers.”

– Karl Marx (1818-1883)


(To find the source place the German in google)

(leads to

and to [“New-York Daily Tribune” Nr. 4054 vom 15. April 1854]



…although Marx did not write a lot about Islam, as we can see in the above, he wrote enough.


Marx had pinpointed the anti-humanitarian nature of Islam.


All the great recent studies of Islam by the likes of Spencer, Bat Ye’or and Andrew Bostom point to the deeply anti-humanitarian nature of Islam.



The great writer and opponent of Islam, from an Arab background, Raymond Ibrahim has added a very important addition to our understanding of the Woolwich beheading.


We will quote quite a long piece from this analysis of Raymond Ibrahim of Woolwich. It is of extreme importance for the left and for the future of Marxism. Raymond is not a socialist or Marxist, that matters not one jot, because Raymond like many of these anti-Jihadist writers of today are studying Islam, and their style of writing is TRUTH TO POWER. In other word truth trumps a label.


Why is this of such importance for us on themarxistblog. Answer is because one of the features of Islam in a country like Britain where it has a sizeable MINORITY (THAT IS ABOUT 10 PER CENT) is that it places all of its violence inside a campaign against its supposed victimization.




Still that is not the whole answer. Why is this of such extreme importance for us on themarxistblog? The answer here is that groups such as WSWS, SWP, Workers Liberty, Indymedia Ireland, the old WRP remnant of Torrance, the Stalinist Communist Party offshoots ALL ACT AS AGENTS FOR ISLAM and seek also to portray all of the violence of Islam and Muslim into that envelop of victimisation.


These poor “boys” you see are driven to carry out a beheading of an English youth in broad daylight in an English city because of what English soldiers are doing in Afghanistan.


(Kenny Jones of Talk Radio Europe kept talking on his show about “these lads” in referring to the Muslim beheading knife monsters.

The American journalist Nathan Thomas kept on repeating that Woolwich had nothing to do with Islam…just another crime he kept saying.

May be absurd but that is what is happening)


But it is not just those leftists. The situation complicates itself further because it is also the rulers of the various capitalist states today who carry water for Islam.


Thus Cameron insists day after Islamist peace, Boris Johnson says Islam is peace and the beheading insults Islam, Bush on the morning after 9-11 as he stood in the dust from 3000 plus human bodies stated Islam is peace.


How to break out of this?


This is where the analysis of Raymon Ibrahim helps greatly. Raymond is saying that the way that Islam works is related to how many there are in any particular country.


I once asked a Christian from Pakistan how did the Christians in Pakistan manage to exist in such a Sharia land. He answered me with one unforgettable word “Quietly!”



Here is an extract from Raymond Ibrahim on the indispensable Fox News:


QUOTE Last week in London, two Muslim men shouting jihad’s ancient war-cry, “Allahu Akbar” beheaded a British soldier with a cleaver—in a busy intersection and in broad daylight. They boasted in front of passersby and asked to be videotaped.

As surreal as this event may seem, Islamic beheadings are not uncommon in the West, including the U.S. In 2011, a Pakistani-American who helped develop “Bridges TV”—a station “designed to counter negative stereotypes of Muslims”—beheaded his wife. In Germany in 2012, another Muslim man beheaded his wife in front of their six children—again while hollering “Allahu Akbar.”

Beheading non-Muslim “infidels” in the Islamic world is especially commonplace: in Yemen a “sorceress” was beheaded by the “Supporters of Sharia”; in Indonesia, three Christian girls on their way to school were beheaded; in Syria last Christmas, U.S.-supported rebels beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to the dogs; in Africa—Somalia, Tanzania, Mali—Christians are regularly decapitated. (For a comprehensive picture of Christian suffering under Islam, see my new book, Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians.)

Most recently, a disturbing video surfaced from “liberated” Libya of a machete-wielding masked man hacking at the head of a captive—again, to cries of “Allahu Akbar!”

But the greater lesson of the London beheading concerns its audacity—done in broad daylight with the attackers boasting in front of cameras, as often happens in the Islamic world.

It reflects what I call “Islam’s Rule of Numbers,” a rule that expresses itself with remarkable consistency: The more Muslims grow in numbers, the more Islamic phenomena intrinsic to the Muslim world—in this case, brazen violence against “infidels”—appear.

In the U.S., where Muslims are less than 1% of the population, London-style attacks are uncommon. Islamic assertiveness is limited to political activism dedicated to portraying Islam as a “religion of peace,” and sporadic, but clandestine, acts of terror.

In Europe, where Muslims make for much larger minorities, open violence is common. But because they are still a vulnerable minority, Islamic violence is always placed in the context of “grievances,” a word that pacifies Westerners.

With an approximate 10% Muslim population, London’s butcherers acted brazenly, yes, but they still invoked grievances. Standing with bloodied hands, the murderer declared: “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone…. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying by British soldiers every day.”

Days later in Stockholm, which also has a large Muslim minority, masked rioters destroyed 100 cars and property. The grievance for this particular outbreak was that police earlier shot a(nother) machete-wielding “immigrant” in self-defense.

Grievances disappear when Muslims become at least 35-40% of a nation and feel capable of waging an all-out jihad, as in Nigeria, where the Muslim-majority north has been terrorizing Christians—bombing hundreds of churches and beheading hundreds of infidels.

Sudan was an earlier paradigm, when the Khartoum government slaughtered millions to cleanse Sudan of Christians and polytheists. Historically Christian-majority Lebanon plunged into a deadly civil war as the Muslim population grew….END QUOTE

In a later article we will try to show how the left of today, blackguards against Marx and Marxism all of them, are being thrown into such a crisis by the Woolwich Muslim Beheading…keep tuned into themarxistblog







The two Muslim terrorists are not yet identified

They were chanting Allahu Akbar

They hacked the victim with knives and a machete and eventually beheaded him

It happened in broad daylight yesterday Wednesday

They held up body parts and shouted “We swear by Allah never to stop killing you.”

They did not flee but wandered around, perhaps waiting for other soldiers to emerge from the barracks some 400 yards away

The London Police arrived after 20 minutes. The Jihadists ran towards them brandishing knives.

They were shot and injured and taken to separate hospitals and placed under heavy guard

This is the first such attack by Jihadists in a Western European capital city.

One journalist has listened very carefully to the video tape and has written down what the Jihadist said, which shows the action is rooted in the Koran. “He says, “Surat at-Tawba through…many, many ayat throughout the Qur’an that…we must fight them as they fight us…”

The Woolwich Jihadist clearly enough refers to “Surat at Tawba and that is precisely what has been left out by all of the capitalist press this morning. But it is significant.

Surat at-Tawba is the ninth chapter of the Qur’an, and according to Islamic scholars is the last one or one of the last ones to have been revealed that contain doctrinal content — which means that it takes precedence over the others. Some highlights:

“And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” — 9:5

“Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people and remove the fury in the believers’ hearts. And Allah turns in forgiveness to whom He wills; and Allah is Knowing and Wise.” — 9:14-15

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.” — 9:29

“O Prophet, fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the destination.” — 9:73

“O you who have believed, fight those adjacent to you of the disbelievers and let them find in you harshness. And know that Allah is with the righteous.” — 9:123


It is clear that this is a religious issue rooted in the religion of Islam, as Islam rapidly morphs into the Fascist ideology of today. It is inseparable from Antisemitism and inseparable from the campaign of all of the West behind the Fascist ideology of the “Palestinians” which has grown up since 1967 as a way to créate a new Holocaust.

It is not as the pro-Islamist Stalinist Leftist try to tell us, a “normal” reaction to the war in Iraq, or the war in Afghanistan. It comes straight out of the religion/`political ideology of Islam.

The very first reaction of Bush after the 9-11 atrocity was to say, as he stood in the ashes of that atrocity, that “Islam is a religion of peace”

That will also be the answer of Cameron and the Coalition to this latest atrocity.

The Stalinist Leftists who have been in bed now for a long time with Islam will take a position of arguing that this is just a normal reaction to the wars conducted abroad by Imperialism.

In fact the Stalinist Leftists will echo and back up what the Jihadist killer told the passers-by in Woolwich, that it was a reaction to the wars against “Muslims” abroad.

So far the revisionist fake-Trotskyist group wsws has not responded!!!

It will take a new party that stands in the tradition of Marx and Trotsky, and opposed to Stalinism, to be able to call Islam what exactly it is.

In the meantime the Stalinist Leftists will continue to draw water from the Stalinist well on behalf of Islam Jihad