themarxistblog makes it very clear that we support albeit critically the action of the Egyptian Army in its attempt to put down the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It is very noticeable that one of the main planks of the Muslim Brothers is that the Army carried out a coup d’état. If that was a coup d’état it must be the strangest one in history. Something like ten millions of Egyptians were on the streets demanding that the Army take over power from Morsi. In fact the Army leaders were only following the precedent set by Nasser when he executed the Muslim Fascist and refounder of the Muslim Brotherhood Sayeed Qutb. What a lot of bother that then saved the world from!


The most important issue in Egypt was to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from continuing in power. Remember that the faulty leaders of the Revolution more or less handed power to the Muslim Brotherhood on a platter. That leadership was so bad they hardly understood what they were doing or what was the real danger, which was always from the Muslim Brotherhood.


Obama is backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the hilt and so is the EU.


But hey, wait  a minute, is the EU and the US also not backing the Muslim Brotherhood (Fatah/Hamas and the Palestinian State farce) in Israel, in that the term now used everywhere in the world “Palestinians” is just another name for the Jihad against Jews in the Middle East.


What are the “Palestinians” anyway? Up until 1948 if you said you were a Palestinian you would definitely have been taken for a Jew.


The “Palestinians” is a new phenomenon and those who have really studied history (but most haven’t) know that the “Palestinians” is not based on a nation but on opposition to the Jews getting a foothold in the lands of Islam.


In fact as we speak the Egyptians are showing the way to the Jews. The great masses of Egyptians who keep on fighting in Tahrir Square turning out in millions after millions are taking the fight to the Muslim Brothers.


But in contrast to that apart from a few the Jews in Israel have STOPPED FIGHTING and have done so long ago.


That is why the Jews in Israel have allowed the Fascist Antisemitic newspaper Haaretz go on publishing its Nazi type filth against the Jews.


Why does Gideon Levy and Amira Hass still have a job in Israel?


The reason is because the Jews of Israel have stopped fighting. If the Jews of Israel were fighting like the Egyptian people then Hass and Levy WOULD BE LONG GONE.


The Jews of Israel are led by a ruling class and a middle class which have grown fat and complacent. Above all they want the capitalist system to continue. They want the system of profit, which threatens the world, to continue, WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.


The brother of the PATRIOT who killed Rabin has learned to disavow Individual Terrorism, but these brothers now put their fingers on the problem in Israel.


These brothers have thrown down a challenge to the whole set-up in Israel. They maintain…


In Gaza there were too many of the settlers who were not prepared to fight. And they did not. They allowed the Rabbis to disarm them politically and it was the Rabbis and the leaders of the Settlers who persuaded the brave youth of Israel to give up, and allow the Police and IDF to expel the Jews from Gaza.


There is a link.


The Egyptians are fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood. The Jews of Israel are fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood too.


The reactionary Jewish leaders think that their struggle is unique. But it is not unique at all.


It is the very same struggle of the Egyptians against the Muslim Brotherhood.


This needs to be made conscious by building a new leadership to express this. To this concept of new leadership expect only hostility from the capitalist Jewish ruling class and most of its middle class. Only the poor Jews and youth will fight. They must learn and be inspired by the Egyptians fight against Morsi.



Italiano: Il presidente egiziano Hosni Mubarak...

Italiano: Il presidente egiziano Hosni Mubarak durante una visita al Quirinale, Roma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This high up Israeli leader in this interview disagrees with Yamit82 because Yamit argued that Israel should not under any condition defend Mubarak against Obama

Recently the Georgian freedom activist Joseph Zaalishvili interviewed the Israeli Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs, Knesset Member Mrs. Faina Kirshenbaum.

Joseph Zaalishvili: Do you think that the wave of protests that rose in Egypt could bring to power more extremist forces than came to the fore after the “Arab Spring,” or will the Egyptian military be able to keep the situation under control?

Faina Kirshenbaum: At first I can say that Israelis did not want to interfere in this situation. This is an internal affair of Egypt, a question of who will rule the country. As the saying goes, we are seeing the excitement of the processes that are taking place in that country.

We are very concerned about this situation because we have a long border with Egypt, we have for the last 25 years since the treaty was signed not a full-fledged accord, but there is silence and peace — a stable relationship. And for us that is very important.

We watch with excitement, for if more radical forces come to power in Egypt, they will not honor that agreement which was signed with Israel. And of course it is all connected with the axis of evil, which begins and ends with Iran in Syria. We see Hezbollah, which sided with Assad. And the number of people killed in Syria is over a hundred thousand. We are very concerned about why the international community does not take up this subject. Why not take measures to protect the civilian population? This week in Israel a 13-year-old girl who was wounded in Syria received treatment. Israel is helping the wounded, because it is humane.

Interview with Faina Kirshenbaum

This explains many things. One is that Israel cannot sit on the fence in these massive struggles around her as is advocated by Yamit and mates on Israpundit. That is the total bankruptcy of Yamit proved time and time again.

He leads Jews continually into traps.. BEWARE!

There was only ONE policy in Egypt and that was to defend Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood backed by Cameron and Obama from MINUTE ONE.

Bankrupt and useless for the Jewish people! These kind of people like Yamit talk big but at crucial points of crisis run like startled rabbits.

The only correct policy was a true Trotskyist policy and held only by our blogs and

Of course we have disagreements with MUBARAK but in that situation he had to be defended.

In fact the group also refused to defend Mubarak. On the left we were totally alone in defending Mubarak.

There is no sitting on the fence as this top Israeli politician NOW realizes. But Yamit and others still do not get it. They never will.


At first I can say that Israelis did not want to interfere in this situation.

Of course not! She wanted life to be pleasant.

But there are times when you have no option. Because now the situation wants to interfere with her and with Israel.

You could say that did not want to defend Mubarak either but it was not a matter of likes and dislikes, but a matter of necessity, and it was surely necessary to defend Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood, and it would have been the same all those years ago…we would have defended Nasser in his decisión to hang Qutb, that leader of the Muslim Brotherhood whose ideas led on to Bin Laden.

Yamit covered up his political bankruptcy by making childish and ignorant attacks on “Trotskyism” but time always proves the truth.

We win! Trotskyism wins! Yamit loses!


Yesterday I rang the radio station Talk Radio Europe as it was live on air. It was 5past8 and it had begun transmission for the day. The Egyptian Revolution was in the air all over the world. But not in the studios of Talk Radio Europe. I asked Hannah Murray the presenter and Rob Humphries (son of BBC John Humphries) were they ignoring the Revolutionary Events in Egypt. They said they were ignoring it. Hannah Murray explained on air that the reason they were ignoring it was because her programme was “Entertainment”. Does this not sum up where we are at with the Media and with the discussion of what is happening in this sad and truly dangerous world. If you are an intelligent person male of female why listen to Talk Radio Europe? Why would you listen to the likes of Murray?


Themarxistblog makes these points about the revolutionary events in Egypt over the past few days. We will cover these issues:


  1. Obama promotes the Muslim Brotherhood
  2. What Hosni Mubarak represented in relation to the Muslim Brotherhood
  3. The role of Obama in the overthrow of Mubarak and thereby the promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt
  4. The trap of parliamentary democracy
  5. The connection with Iran, Antisemitism and the Nuclear Bomb aimed at murdering all Jews
  6. The grave weakness and mistake of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller in relation to these events in Egypt
  7. The reactionary use of the word “left” to describe groups like the wsws, SWP, Stalinist Communist Parties etc. since a better word is simply “groups claiming to be left but are in reality pro-fascist Islam”, Ken Livingstone also comes to mind
  8. The power of the Revolution among workers, youth and young women
  9. Build themarxistblog as the Trotskyist Alternative


No 1…Obama


It was Obama who set this in motion in a big way. But a word first about Clinton aiding the Fascist Islam in Bosnia, and Bush removing the secular Saddam Hussein in Iraq thus greatly strengthening the Iranian Mullah Fascists. But Obama was qualitatively worse even. Obama travelled to Cairo University the very centre of Sunni Islam in June 2009, and insisted that the BANNED Muslim Brotherhood attend with all rights. Obama was the Muslim Brotherhood man. Obama was the Morsi sponsor. No doubt! The youth and women of Egypt know it now!


No 2…Mubarak and Nasser

Mubarak stood in the same tradition as Nasser, both Army. OK they were a dictatorship but also a dictatorship aimed against Fundamentalist Islam. In that aspect of their politics despite being dictators THEY HAD TO BE DEFENDED AND SUPPORTED BY SOCIALISTS. Nasser tried to talk to Qutb, realised eventually after much discussion and cups of teas that he was really talking to Allah, and bravely executed Qutb the Fascist Ideologue.


No. 3 The dominant role of the US in field of utter reaction

These revolutionary events in Egypt come exactly at the same time as a plane carrying the PRESIDENT of Bolivia is turned back from flying over France and Spain. Why? Because the French and Spanish are now the slaves of the US Empire in their hateful and ruthless pursuit of freedom fighter American youth (only 29) Ed Snowden.

These events in Egypt and the utter devotion and courage of young Egyptian youth and women have meant that the Saudis and Arab Emirates are breaking with Obama and Qatar.

The Israeli leaders meanwhile are weighed down by the ideology of Judaism, Francisco Gil White notwithstanding, and are unable to do a simple dammed thing in a situation where they should be acting along with the youth in Egypt.


No. 4

This is the big lesson of parliamentary democracy (farce of). The Muslim Brotherhood won a majority because of US Imperialist backing, and because the Egypt countryside is backward, therefore pro-Sharia

Having won their majority, just, the Muslim Brothers Fascists were steaming ahead towards Sharia Law, and enslavement.

Lesson do not listen to those like the BBC who spout reactionary rubbish about democracy.

The only real democracy in Egypt comes from stopping Sharia


No 5

All the time Iran is building its Nuclear Bombs. Do not listen to the Pro Islamist WSWS and SWP. They are Antisemites who are supporting the Iranian Antisemites, simple as that!


No. 6

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

On the surface they seem or appear to be strongly anti-Jihad. Beware! Be careful!


Precisely here Spencer says he does not agree with the suppression of the parties of the Muslim Brotherhood behind Morsi. Oh what a wimp is Spencer! What an utter fool is Spencer! And what a trap for Egyptian youth and women!


No Spencer you utter utter fool. This is not a jolly old battle of ideas that is going on. This is a war a physical war.


In total opposition to Spencer themarxistblog says that it is vitally necessary to throw into prison all of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, and in America a major campaign be launched for the IMPEACHMENT and imprisonment of Obama for aiding these Fascists, who can cause  the murder of the flower of Egyptian youth and women.


I wish the army would do exactly that. Will they? That is doubtful but thus necessitating a leadership to be built urgently that will do just that.


No. 7…a Mighty blow to pro-Fascist Islam! A mighty blow to Obama and Cameron!

In short the world has had a fantastic and important lesson in Islam. This is a Fascist ideology which Imperialism in its death agony uses. It uses soft talk and soapy words to win an election just as the Hitlerian Nazis, when they win the election they move to dictatorship. The women and youth of Egypt has stopped them and Obama and Cameron temporarily through the most stirring events of all our lives. But listen if you dare my dear Egyptian friends to the liberal crap of Robert Spencer and you will be in the same situation again. Do not listen to Spencer. Arrest the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, throw them in jail and throw away the key. No discussion with Fascists my dear Egyptian friends. No discussion got that!!!


And No. 8

The power of the Revolution and to build themarxistblog

Do not ever be dismayed about our smallness. We face fierce enemies in the capitalists. But we stand on principle and we are the only true representatives of Trotsky in today´s world..


The anti-Marxist and anti-Trotskyist group called is telling its readers lies about what is happening in Egypt.

The lies are contained in the following paragraphs which we on themarxistblog cull from their very latest article


For its part, the US-funded Egyptian military does not yet feel itself strong enough to directly suppress the protests. It therefore prefers to play the role of a kingmaker and arbiter, working out its strategy in close coordination with the US. On Monday General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, reportedly spoke to his Egyptian counterpart, General Sedki Sobhi.

The very same day, the Egyptian Armed Forces issued a statement giving the political parties a 48-hour ultimatum “as a last chance to bear the historical burden that the nation is currently facing,” to “reconcile and end the current crisis.”

The all-party coalition envisioned by the military—bringing together the MB, the main liberal parties, former Mubarak officials and possibly some minor pseudo-left groups as a fig-leaf—would serve to delegitimize protests and give the military time to prepare a more violent crackdown.

These aims are shared by Washington. US imperialism is frightened by the prospect that the Egyptian working class will emerge in an open confrontation with the weakened Egyptian state, threatening to undermine the entire imperialist set-up of the Middle East—in which Egypt, with its deep ties to the US and to Israel, plays a crucial role.


Titled…The Egyptian Revolution and the crisis of revolutionary leadership

Perspectives, 2 July 2013

Now consider the contrast when you read what Pamela Geller who does not claim to be a socialist, or Marxist, or anything except freedom fighter,  wrote about this revolutionary situation in Egypt yesterday


And still the Muslim Brotherhood stooge in the White House plants his foot next to Morsi’s on the neck of the Egyptian people.

Obama cited Morsi ‘s 13 million votes for his unqualified support of these vicious thugs. But now a grass-roots opposition group called “Tamarod” – or “Rebel” — claims to have 22 million signatures on a petition demanding that Morsi step down  and allow new elections. 

Apparently, President Obama is unmoved. “The best President Obama could muster Monday was a tepid call for ‘restraint.'” There was no statement of support for the protesters, but Obama did  make a point of saying that Morsi had been democratically elected. “There’s  more work to be done to create the conditions in which everybody feels  that their voices are heard, and that the government is responsive and  truly representative,” he said.

The President of the United States has always been a champion of freedom; we must navigate through uncharted waters when the current President of the United States is an enemy of freedom.



There are many, that is more than one single lie in the first quote above by wsws.

But this one is key. When Dempsey rang Sobhi it was not to instruct Sobhi and the Egyptian Military TO DO ANYTHING, but it was to get Sobhi to draw back, to trim his sails.


Somehow in the most pernicious way the wsws has managed to turn everything on its head.

Obama is not opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Obama is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama went to Egypt in June 2009 as his very first trip abroad after being elected.

There Obama insisted on The Muslim Brotherhood attending his conference in Cairo University, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A MOVEMENT BANNED BY MUBARAK.

That was the open door being provided by Obama to The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Islam is a basket case and can solve nothing. It just becomes the Fascist Movement which sticks the crisis of capitalism onto the masses.

In the above extract from the wsws article we hear them saying about the army:

QUOTE…It therefore prefers to play the role of a kingmaker and arbiter, working out its strategy in close coordination with the US

The feeling you get from this is that the army is the danger, that the army is being backed by the US.

In fact it is the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood of Morsi which is the danger and it is the Fascists behind Morsi who were and are backed by Obama.

Thus Dempsey is not behind the Egyptian Army at all. Dempsey is behind Morsi and is telling the Egyptian Military to do nothing AGAINST the Muslim Brotherhood.

Dempsey is telling this Egyptian General

Lay off the Muslim Brotherhood. Work to defuse the situation. Help the Muslim Brotherhood to escape from the anger of the masses


As we keep repeating the US Imperialism and all the other Imperialisms in the world are in league with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The same is happening in England and London, where on Saturday the British State and London police arrest Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll of the EDL, in order to protect the Sharia Law set-up in Tower Hamlets

Once again

More on this as we go forward but themarxistblog is sure that the wsws, swp, workers liberty are not Marxist, not even left, groups at all.

They are Antisemitic (hate Israel) facilitators of Islam and Sharia.




A message from the brave people of Kafranbel, Syria, to the people of Boston.

This is the post by Harry´s Place on the Jihadist attack on Boston, placed there ( by “Gene” who is Gene Zitner, a pro Obama Jew who writes very often on Harry´s Place.

In the above Zitner by using same photo is making little of the Jihadist attack on Boston because he is leading with the statement above which is on the banner.

The banner is saying that the Boston bombings are a small affair in comparision with the attacks in Syria.

Here there is another twist because it is the Jihadists who are attacking Assad who are guilty of many of the suicide bombings in Syria. Zitner is totally against Assad just as he was against Mubarak and Gadhafi, thus enabling the Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood to take power and to put in place Sharia Rule and Sharia Dictatorship.

The purpose of this themarxistblog post is to put in place exactly what Zitner and the likes of Zitner are doing and saying. Zitner did the same to the Serbs during the 90s when he continually supported the Jihadist Izetbegovic.

The important seriousness of the Boston attacks is that the Jihadist killers really do come from America, have been educated in America, have associated with American students and with possibly American workers in the case of the older killer.


Mubarak was fighting against the Jihad. Gadhafi was fighting against the Jihad. Gaghbo definitely was. Obama and Cameron, even the whole west, took the side of the Muslim Brotherhood.

That is what essentially Harry´s Place and Gene Zitner are doing in this article.

So what then is to be done? What is the correct line?

If it was necessary to defend Mubarak against the Jihad, also Gaghbo, Ben Ali and Gadhafi, IT IS ALSO NECESSARY TO DEFEND ASSAD against the same Jihad, because the Jihad as Boston shows knows no boundaries

This does not imply that if Israel is threatened in any way by Assad that it should not immediately defend itself by whatever means are necessary.

Themarxistblog will continue on this line because we are the only group who takes this clear line, a line of principle.