themarxistblog makes it very clear that we support albeit critically the action of the Egyptian Army in its attempt to put down the Fascist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. It is very noticeable that one of the main planks of the Muslim Brothers is that the Army carried out a coup d’état. If that was a coup d’état it must be the strangest one in history. Something like ten millions of Egyptians were on the streets demanding that the Army take over power from Morsi. In fact the Army leaders were only following the precedent set by Nasser when he executed the Muslim Fascist and refounder of the Muslim Brotherhood Sayeed Qutb. What a lot of bother that then saved the world from!


The most important issue in Egypt was to stop the Muslim Brotherhood from continuing in power. Remember that the faulty leaders of the Revolution more or less handed power to the Muslim Brotherhood on a platter. That leadership was so bad they hardly understood what they were doing or what was the real danger, which was always from the Muslim Brotherhood.


Obama is backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to the hilt and so is the EU.


But hey, wait  a minute, is the EU and the US also not backing the Muslim Brotherhood (Fatah/Hamas and the Palestinian State farce) in Israel, in that the term now used everywhere in the world “Palestinians” is just another name for the Jihad against Jews in the Middle East.


What are the “Palestinians” anyway? Up until 1948 if you said you were a Palestinian you would definitely have been taken for a Jew.


The “Palestinians” is a new phenomenon and those who have really studied history (but most haven’t) know that the “Palestinians” is not based on a nation but on opposition to the Jews getting a foothold in the lands of Islam.


In fact as we speak the Egyptians are showing the way to the Jews. The great masses of Egyptians who keep on fighting in Tahrir Square turning out in millions after millions are taking the fight to the Muslim Brothers.


But in contrast to that apart from a few the Jews in Israel have STOPPED FIGHTING and have done so long ago.


That is why the Jews in Israel have allowed the Fascist Antisemitic newspaper Haaretz go on publishing its Nazi type filth against the Jews.


Why does Gideon Levy and Amira Hass still have a job in Israel?


The reason is because the Jews of Israel have stopped fighting. If the Jews of Israel were fighting like the Egyptian people then Hass and Levy WOULD BE LONG GONE.


The Jews of Israel are led by a ruling class and a middle class which have grown fat and complacent. Above all they want the capitalist system to continue. They want the system of profit, which threatens the world, to continue, WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.


The brother of the PATRIOT who killed Rabin has learned to disavow Individual Terrorism, but these brothers now put their fingers on the problem in Israel.


These brothers have thrown down a challenge to the whole set-up in Israel. They maintain…


In Gaza there were too many of the settlers who were not prepared to fight. And they did not. They allowed the Rabbis to disarm them politically and it was the Rabbis and the leaders of the Settlers who persuaded the brave youth of Israel to give up, and allow the Police and IDF to expel the Jews from Gaza.


There is a link.


The Egyptians are fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood. The Jews of Israel are fighting against the Muslim Brotherhood too.


The reactionary Jewish leaders think that their struggle is unique. But it is not unique at all.


It is the very same struggle of the Egyptians against the Muslim Brotherhood.


This needs to be made conscious by building a new leadership to express this. To this concept of new leadership expect only hostility from the capitalist Jewish ruling class and most of its middle class. Only the poor Jews and youth will fight. They must learn and be inspired by the Egyptians fight against Morsi.



Themarxistblog is, of course, based on Trotskyism and proud to be so. We aim to provide a whole leadership in this historical crisis of capitalism, but we place especial importance on the defence of Israel.

The 2 state solution is no solution according to Sherman (The Jerusalem Post famous writer Martin Sherman)

The one state Jewish State with autonomy to Arabs in whatever form is no solution according to Sherman

What is sacrosanct for all of Jews is a Jewish state

The Marxist Blog will add a Jewish state in which Jews can live unmolested by Antisemitism.

I do not think that is too much to ask for given the lessons of especially the Nazi Holocaust.

The main lesson as I have repeated often for possibly 20 years is that Jews in Israel must be able to live alone, if necessary, and to have others in their country, their Jewish state, only as guests.

That necessitates getting the Arabs out. Arabs who are pro Jewish will readily accept status as guests. As indeed will anybody who has the true interests of the Jews at heart.

The Arabs are motivated by Islam and it is sad reality that Islam according to this famous writer of the 19th century, Alexis de Tocqueville informed the world way back then:

“”I studied the Kuran a great deal … I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammed. As far as I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the Muslim world, and, though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion infinitely more to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to paganism itself.”

So sadly that is what the Jews of Israel are up against today, and when you study the history from the very first days of Islam in Arabia, it was always thus

How to get them out?

That sounds almost cruel. But it is based on realism and on an understanding of what Islam actually is.

Sherman states the need to do that and also suggests methods such as the very precious method of placing pressure on Arab Governments to face up to their responsibilities towards these Arab Palestinians. One of his many precious suggestions. Sherman says many things and has many articles analysing the issue from many sides. We will help the reader to follow these arguments by Sherman.

Sherman goes part of the way, a very vital journey, but still only a part and Sherman does not finish the journey. No answer because how to carry out the method?

At the very least Martin Sherman will certainly accept that all of these suggestions necessitate great, even huge, changes inside the Israeli political body and leadership.

So huge that it is fair to say a new leadership is needed.

But Martin Sherman has bravely clarified that this issue cannot be put off, and that it is existential. He is really posing the issue boldly: Can Israel continue as a Jewish state?

Martin is certain that it can. We on themarxistblog and are certain too. But there really is a doubt. That is because we are talking here about the conscious action of men and women, in other words we are surely talking about leadership


This is an article by Rob Harris who is an Irish pro-Israel advocate on this issue of a major teachers union in Ireland taking a clear Antisemitic position towards Israel, which is a result of the way that Marxism in Ireland has been taken over by clear enemies of Marxism. This is the clearest evidence yet that the left in Ireland as presently presented to the public is clearly Antisemitic and is therefore anti-Karl Marx, because Marx fought against precisely that same Antisemitism of Bruno Bauer, in different conditions, different forms, but the same content… Continue reading